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The Lizard and The Bat

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It is based about a bat and a lizard who live in a cave. It is a Fable

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Chapter 1

In a rock crevice, somewhere in a cave, lived a ghost lizard named Lacertilia whose skin was pale as snow. In this cave, a population of lizards and bats lived there, and they all attended to their own things. A bat who also lived there was named Chiroptera. She was a dark color and mostly roamed during the night. The lizards who lived there started missing objects and items from their rock crevices. One night while Lacertilia was sleeping, she was awoken by a noise outside. She went out and took a peak. A shadow came swooping down and stealing things from outside. Lacertilia followed silently behind the shadow. Suddenly the moonlight glistened off a stalagmite onto the shadow that dove under. When the reflection hit the shadow Lacertilia noticed it was Chiroptera. When Chiroptera went out of sight, she hurried back to her home. She woke everyone up and told everyone that Chiroptera was the one that was stealing things from them. Quickly Chiroptera heard her name and swept down in front of Lacertilia saying that it was not her and that it must be Lacertilia stealing from them since she was accusing her. In a flash, all the lizards turned on Lacertilia demanding to see her crevice. “Let us check your crevice!” yelled a lizard from behind. “You probably have all of our things hidden away in there!” exclaimed another. She let them in and they investigated every corner until everything was seen while Chiroptera had a smirk on her face. They declared that both of them were innocent but Lacertilia knew the real culprit.

The next day an albino bat named Cielaga moved in. Her eyes were as red as blood and in the dark, her white fur seemed to glow. All of the lizards were mesmerized by such a rare bat. Soon after she moved in, Chiroptera’s things started to go missing. Chiroptera accused Lacertilia and told everyone that she must have taken all of these things as well. With anger, Chiroptera flew down, grabbed her, and swung her across the cave. Lacertilia grabbed a small stone from the floor and threw it with her tail. They fought around the cave, and as they tossed and turned they fell into a space between a rock and the wall. There they found all of Chiroptera’s missing things. They then found a few white hairs near the scene. They suspected it was Cielaga because of her white fur and confronted her. She confessed and the lizards kicked her out for betraying them so soon after she moved in. Chiroptera also then admits to stealing from the lizards, she returns everything she stole and learns a valuable lesson. In the end, Lacertilia and Chiroptera become good friends and stop any crime that happens in their cave.

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