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Werewolf in the shadow

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WEREWOLF IN THE SHADOW (A VAMPIRE AMD A WEREWOLF TALE) WARNING: DO NOT COPY OR REPOST ‼️‼️❗❕❌🚫‼️‼️‼️‼️❗ BLURB Mara, an 18 years old vampire who resides in a small town known as Vamville. Everybody In Vamville are vampires and they all live happily together. Mara attends a high school for young vampires trying to get to know more about their inner powers. She is a very quiet girl while in school. Because of her quietness, she isn't famous in school. Conri, the wolf king, who is19 years old and one of the youngest king in the history of the werewolves. He acquired the throne from the late Alpha, his father. He was desperately in search of a mate so he pretended to be a vampire and lived in Vamville in order to find his mate. Join me in the interesting story Get your popcorn ready.

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Chapter 1






❌DO NOT COPY OR REPOST ‼️‼️❗❕🚫‼️❗❌


"Ouch"A little voice can be heard as she tries to lift herself up from the ground. She stands up slowly, holding her waist. She looked dirty and pale. Her face could show the result of poor nutrition. Her long an unkept hair laid on her back. She was trying to clean the kitchen when she slipped and fell.

The thudding sound woke the whole of Balcoin coven (consisting of Amber Balcoin, Joshua Balcoin and their children, Dawn and Katherine Balcoin) up. They rushed out of their comfort zones into the kitchen.

The girl stood holding the broom in her hand. Her pale face could show how sick she is. She knew the kind of trouble she has gotten into.

"Am sorry. I didn't mean to disturb the coven"She apologized before anyone could say anything. Her fingers begin to shake.

"How many times have I warned you never to apologise while looking straight at our faces?"Amber said. Her face could show how irritated she is when looking at the girl. The girl immediately bowed her head with her lips trembling.

Jacob walked up to her and gave her a resounding hit on the face.

"Ouch!"The girl cried in pain.

"You daughter from the de vil. How dare you disturb the peace of the Balcoin coven?"He asked her while spitting on her face.

"Am sorry dad"The girl said and went down on her knees. Tears trickled down her cheeks.

"How dare you call me dad. I never want to hear that from your mouth"Joshua barked at her. He looks at her with anger.

Her name is Mara Balcoin. She is also part of the coven. But she was a result of an affair between her father, Joshua, and a shewolf. At least that's what she was told.

She as been the weakest in the family. She has been weak right from birth so her family seemed ashamed of her.

"Very soon, you'll be out in the street where those stronger vampires can eat your d a m n flesh"He said.

"That's right dad"Katherine said with that tiny little voice of hers. She giggled loudly. She's a sixteen years old vampire. She had always wanted Mara out of the house. She read a lot about veawolves and they seems more powerful than normal vampires. So she has considered Mara a threat.

"Dad please. Her her go. As you can see she's hurt too"Dawn, the thirteen years old son said, referring to the deep cut on Mara's left arm. Mara immediately hid the cut with her clothes. She didn't realize that it was opened and visible all these while.

Dawn is always in support with Mara. He always feel bad whenever his father, mother or sister tortures her for every little mistake she makes.

"Hmm..."Joshua sneered at Dawn. He doesn't want to look like a bad person in front of his son.

"Take this"He handed an ointment to Mara, "it will replenish your health and make your wound heal faster, get a quick bath and you all should get ready for school"

Mara quickly collects the ointment and pi her face down. Joshua cleared his throat and walked out with his hands crossed at his back.

Amber who stood quietly at the door hissed and walked out. Seeing Mara everyday makes her remember the past affairs of her husband. She gave out a sigh and walked out.

Katherine followed her mother still giggling. Joshua gave Dawn a warning with his eyes and walked out behind Katherine.

"Are you okay?"Dawn rushed to Mara. He helps her up.

"Am okay. Don't worry about me"Mara said with a smile.

"You have to do better with that lie"Dawn said. He dust the dirt off her clothes and hair.

"What do you mean by that?"Mara asked as she apply the ointment on her wounds.

"You should drink it instead"Dawn said, "what I mean is that, the pain is visible in your eyes. Anyone can easily figure out that you are in pain."

Mara let out a long and loud sigh.

"Dawn, I know you feel pity for me. But I don't want you to go against your father cos he'll h a t e you too"

"I don't mind going against my father if that will make my big sister happy."Dawn said trying to put a smile on her face.

"I feel bad for you Dawn. You should stop dreaming. I am not your big sister and besides nothing can make me happy. Even what you are doing right now doesn't make me happy"Mara said, "I have to go to school"

"Dawn!"Amber's voice shook the building.

"Answer your mum Dawn"Mara said as she walks out of the kitchen


"How can that cursed wolf be our king?"Dolophus, one of the Elderly werewolves said. The elders sat around in circles. The three of them are against Conri becoming the next king o the pack. They insist on making his younger brother Conall instead.

"Conall is free. He isn't cursed like Conri."Farkas said in a high pitched tone.

"Let's take him off the throne. Lets give him an impossible mission"Lupus, the oldest wolf in the pack said.

"Yes I agree with you"The other wolves said in unison. The king of the pack died just six hours ago and Conri was to ascend the throne.

"How about we send him to find his mate"Dolophus said.

"Very correct"Farkas said, "how can a grown wolf not have a mate. Even conall his younger brother has found his mate."

"Why are you all having a meeting without your king"Conall said as he walked in. A smile that meet seems to leave his face stood firmly on his lips. He sat among the three elders, looking at each one of them with an inquisitive look on his face. His face became straight.

"We want you to become king of the wolf pack"Lupus said with firmness.

"You do not have any fear to talk against your new king, Lupus"Conall said as the smile on his face returned to his face.

He seemed satisfied that the three elders of the wolf pack was against his brother.

"Yes, letting a cursed king rule over us means we are cursed. Other wolf pack will laugh at us"Farkas said.

"So you are all ready to fight against him cos it is going to be tough"Conall said with a serious look on his face.

"Yes"They answered In unison.

"We are going to help him find his mate, the veawolf I'm Vamville"Dolphus said.

🏵️ 🌺 🌼

Conri sat on the throne comfortably. He head his hands to admire the smoothness of the sit. The three elders sat in front of him. His brother, Conall sat besides him with his mate next to him.

"Wow, I never imagined the throne to be this smooth"Conri said almost laughing.

"You need to find your mate my king"Lupus said.

"Why do you all look so serious. Are you not happy for me to be king?"Conri asked. He didn't suspect anything.

"If you all want me to look for my mate then I shall find my mate soon."Conri said.

"Your mate is not in the wolf pack"Dolphus announced.

"Where's she?"Conri asked "and why do you think she's not in the wolf pack"

"If she's among the wolf, you would have found her already."Farkas said.

"Yes brother, you will need to go to Vamville to find your mate"Conall said.

"Vamville?, Are you all thinking right? How do you expect me to go to Vamville and come back alive. You all know that our pack and vampires aren't in good terms"Conri said as he st up straight on his throne.

"Yes you are right. Vampires can smell werewolves and k I ll them on the spot. You are going to go through a ritual so you won't be caught"Lupus said.

"What ritual is that?"Conri asked.

"Your wolf spirit will be removed. You will have the blood of vamparina running through your veins."Dolphus said.

"What?, The last wolf who tried that died on the spot."Conri said.

"You have no other option because you need to find your mate in order to fully ascend the throne."Farkas said.

"Are you guys writing me a death wish or something. How are you all so sure that my mate is in Vamville?"

"Get the mate book."Lupus whispered into Farkas' ear.

Farkas walked out and return with a big old book in his hands. He placed the book on a chair. Dust flew around that air. He blows out the remaining dust from the book.

"Open to conri's page "Lupus ordered. Farkas opened a page on the book. It was empty.

"It's empty"Conri said mockingly.

"We just need a drop of your blood."Conall said as he walks over to Conri and pierce his flesh with a pen k ni fe.

"Ouch"Conri let out a shrilling cry.

Conall dropped Conri's blood on the book and it came to life.

Words and images begin to form on the page. A picture of a young lady appeared with the name "MARA BALCOIN" inscribed under the image.

"What is happening?"Conri asked as he stands up slowly from the throne.

"This is your mate. Mara Balcoin. She is a veawolf. Her existence was a mistake of her father's affair with one of the member of our neighbouring pack."Lupus explained.

"Why is she looking so pale and sad."Conri said with irritation, "I don't want her as a mate."

"She is going through a lot. And she's one of the reason why you have sleepless night often. You both are connected"Lupus said trying to lure Conri into the trap made for him.

"I can't go to Vamville"Conri said with firmness.

"Save me. I need your help"The image's voice stopped their discussion. Everyone fixed their eyes on the book.

"I don't have much time to live anymore before my father k i l l s me. Please save me"The image said as tears flow down her eyes.

Conri felt pity for her, "I'll go to Vamville. When is the ritual?"

"Lats do it today"Conall said with a broad smile on his face. He had actually manipulated the image and made it come alive in order to make Conri go to Vamville and d i e.

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