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Hi! I"m just trying to get by. I hope you enjoy it. This is my first story so please tell me if I could improve on anything. Charles is a 15-year-old trying to get by. Will his dad ever stop? Will he find love or will he be lonely? How will Charles's life change after his 15th birthday? Read and find out.

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Run away pt 1

Chapter 1 Run away

Today’s my birthday, and I’m turning 15. Mom said she might be able to drop a cake off. She also said she might be able to stay for a few minutes! RING RING “Hey Charles, open the door,” Mom shouted from the … back door? “Mom, why are you calling from the back door?” Someone began to knock on the front door. “ Charles opened the door for mommy! NOW” I ran to the back door as fast as I could. Mom snatched me up and began to run. After a few minutes of running, mom threw me in the car and began to drive. Mom handed me some water and some pills. “ Happy Birthday baby. I’m going to take you to your Aunts because there’s a surprise waiting for you. Take these they’ll help you sleep on the long drive” mom shoved the water and pills at me and after I took them I began to feel weird. The last thing I remember is my mom on the phone talking some sense about “He’s back”.

When I woke up I was in an all-white room and there were people walking around and talking. I hear a foggy voice scream ¨He’s awake! Mom, mom.” An older woman, I think mid-thirties, runs to my bedside. ¨Hi, I´m your Auntie Willis. Cindy! Cindy!” a little girl runs up with an older boy my age. “This is your cousin Cindy and your cousin Coby. Wendy’s around here somewhere.¨ ¨When can we go to dad’s

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