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Lol, I literally just post my test and stuff that I did here.

Mirage <3
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Chapter 1

1. List 10 things you see in the image above:

A ship, clouds, birds, a person, the ocean, a label that says “Carribian Sea”, A stick in the person's hand, another label that says “A big stick in the caribbean sea”, Another caption that says “Santo Domingo”, and a ship that says “debt collection”

2. What is the cartoon’s caption?

“A Big Ship In The Carribian Sea”

3. Write down three words or phrases you see in the cartoon:

“Carribian sea” “Big Stick” and “Debt collection”

4. Which of the words and phrases in the cartoon do you think are most significant and why?

The big stick and the labels on all of the boats because they are the things that don’t fit in.

5. Describe the action taking place in the cartoon:

Roosevelt is stomping on Santo Domingo while carrying a fleet of ships that are all labeled.

6. What point is the cartoonist trying to make?

That Roosevelt is taking over this place with his ships.

7. How does this political cartoon relate to your study of U.S Imperialism?

It relates to the study of U.S imperialism by showing that we are taking over this place.

Analyze the political cartoon and then answer the following questions:

1. Who is hosting this Thanksgiving dinner and who are the guests?

In the caption, it says that “Uncle sam and the little sisters” So that's who I think they are.

2. Define Imperialism.

(Try to also put the definition in your own words.)

Imperialism is the belief that a country should try to take over other countries and expand itself.

3. Why did the United States demonstrate a growing interest in the Pacific and in Latin America?

So that we could increase trade and get more control and land.

A.N Enjoy this crappy thing that I wrote ten minutes before it was due for social studies.

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