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Is that HER ?

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A girl is going to work , but on her first day she recognises her boss.

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Chapter 1

After graduating from Harvard , I was overly keen , because it was my first day at work . I dressed formally , put on red lipstick and headed to my car , a BMW .

I was stuck in traffic , so I started honking at sleepy drivers with a rage . People started assaulting me , which made me scream at them.

I rushed to my office , where I was supposed to meet my boss.

" Hello , Bo-"

I realised that my boss was Gracie , who is the girl I have bullied in Middle school and High school .

" I will just go , Ashley . Your life is gonna be a living hell , and you probably can't afford a meeting with me to complain . "

She left , leaving me shocked and embarrassed to talk , or move . I tried to forget about her , and started having conversations with other employees .

Next day , she spilled a cup of coffee on my hair in public , and started laughing .

" WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" , I screamed .

She followed me , saying " You're fired . You have exactly ten minutes to empty your office , and I don't want to see you , again . "

My cheeks were comprehensively soaked , as readily as I had just climbed from the sea

In the parking lot , I stared at her , and turned back to get in my car . I cried all the way back home .

The lady , who owned the apartment , told me I can pay off my debt next month. She saved my future from falling down .

A few months later , someone had to see me urgently in my company .

" I'm Gracie , and I'm so sorry for firing you ... My company went bankrupt . I just need a shelter , which is why I came here for an interview ... "

" I'm not that forgetful , but I can call you after a few months , maybe ...."

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