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Demon & Dog (original)

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Chapter 1

The year was 1298, the year Demon the III was born. He was a good kid who learned fast and played with the other kids well. Little did he know that he and his parents come from a long line of witches, warlocks, and assassins. His mom Anna was a witch and his dad Demon the II was an assassin. The name Demon came from his great grandfather Hummingbird; he was the best master assassin. So good they called him Demon Slayer so he passed the name Demon down to his children. When Demon the III was 13 his mom and dad let him choose to be either an assassin or a warlock. He chose to be an assassin. When he was 15 he was known by the people of Kingstone, The Slayer in The Dark. One day he had a mission that his father gave: “there’s a horrible man, a killer, a traitor to the assassin clan named Duke Albrecht von Habsburg. He goes by the name of Duke. He has just been crowned king of Germany. Your job…kill him.″ His dad said, so that’s what he did and to his dad’s surprise he succeeded. For his reward he was given the two katanas that were passed down from generation to generation forged from the scarce metal known as the indestructible steel or Indysteel. The only thing that could pierce it was the metal itself or fire which is how it was forged. It is so sharp it can cut through anything and it had something magical to it, it could heal. If it was cut somehow, it will come back good as new. The metal also has memory so if it is forged into armor then cut in half it will regrow back into the armor that it was. Demon the III also received an indestructible dog with wings, the demon dog of the overworld, the sun of Cerberus, born the day the earth was born, with the name of Dog. One day when Demon was 17 he was caught and arrested for his crimes. As punishment his parents were killed. Before his mother died she gave him immortality and little did she know she also made him immune to time powers. In 1350 when he was 52 years old his friend who was also a master assassin and him were assigned to kill the king of Kingstone where they lived. As they were walking down the alleyway Walter his friend looked at Demon “so who’s gonna kill him” he said, Demon looked at the ground and said “my dog.”

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