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Russian Language in Ukraine

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It's about the Russian Language in today's Ukraine, that is in war for its Liberty, Independence, Territorial Integrity and Peace.

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Russian Language Today

The Russian language used to have Ukrainian local variants.

We are to add today:

1. a language is a political and, even, a military tool at the times of military hostilities;

2. the policies and military hostilities of Russia have put the Russian language and their culture in an awkward position: many previously Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine having seen Russians bombing and killing Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens, which Russia claimed to be “a liberation” appeared to be a “liberation from their lives” - a coward-like, mean and outrageous, and treacherous act of a war against a Slavic nation trying to protect their terrains from invaders and defending the peaceful life of Europe at the cost of their lives;

3. the Russian language became the language of an enemy, the Russians themselves, and to support the Russian language now for many citizens of Ukraine means to support and to defend the enemy, the Russians from Russia.

The historical Nurenberg Process put it clearly, what the fascism is, what it means and who is to be accused of fascism and why;

4. Russia turned its back to the Slavs and to the Europeans having transferred the Russian language into the “historical family” of Asian languages rather than into European ones, having broken laws, having betrayed the values of the Classical Russian Culture and Literature. Russia became different, close to the Russia of the Stalinism, the Russian language became a language of a betraying conquest and genocide. Ivan Petryshyn

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