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A Small Group of Change.

By ChelseaEBooks All Rights Reserved ©



This book focuses on the American 2016 election, although names have been changed to protect the innocent... mainly the author. Please enjoy this author's take on the election, both the candidates and the system entirely.

Setting the Scene

The 2016 election cycle has been heating up. This will be one of the most interesting elections in awhile, and a lot of that has to do with the increase in social media in the election process. The other reason that the this election will be fascinating is because of the candidates themselves, and least the candidates that are worth mentioning. They are big personalities and with big ideas and some want to make some serious changes to America, this is certainly different. Instead of having four candidates that are basically all the same and interchangeable, they are more than a little big unique.

The first candidate is Ronald Card. He is a businessman and a billionaire. He is well known as never saying sorry and being brutally honest. Many people will call him racist and a cheater. Others will call him a scam artist and rude. He is running for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States.

The second candidate is Ulysses Sail. Sail is running against Card and therefore is also running for the Republican nomination. He is much more center than Card, and is a much smaller name, and a smaller personality. One would argue that his personality is much more presidential, but what everyone can agree on is that he is a quieter personality than Card. There have been questions about whether or not Sail is even eligible to be president because he held dual citizenship up until he decided to run for the nomination.

The third candidate is Brittany Bunker. Bunker has had an entire lifetime in politics, from being First Lady, to being Secretary of State and things in between. She is the establishments choice for democratic nominee and front runner. There are many people who do not trust her due to a number of scandals that have occurred over the past number of years. She is known to be a career politician through and through, and that makes some people think she is qualified, and others believe it means she is too dirty and should not be allowed to be president.

The fourth candidate is Moses Schwartz. He is the most surprising candidate because he is a self proclaimed socialist. This is beyond shocking because that is the most dirty word in politics and the fact that he is doing so well with that brand is shocking. He also is a Jew which is shocking because while America might be multi-cultural, it is unusual for the candidate to be Jewish. Schwartz is the opponent of Bunker and is giving her a fight that nobody saw coming.

Those are the four candidates to keep an eye on during this election season, they are the four candidates that are going to keep this fight interesting and to be honest one of those four will be the president, barring something crazy happening. Keep your eyes on the news, and on the internet because there will be a lot of interesting events occurring on the internet, if these candidates have anything to say about it.

This election cycle is the first one that we here at this blog are paying close attention to, but we continue to research old election cycles to try and reconcile the differences between the old elections and these elections. If you have a perspective that we have not brought up, we urge you to email us, or tweet us because we want to give as many different opinions as possible. We want to give all the sides of an argument that we are capable of giving the American people. We are not trying to force our views on anyone, we are just trying to get people interested in what is going on in this country.

Keep an eye on twitter if you want to see things truly heat up, because Card is going to say some interesting things there, if prior experience is anything to go by.

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1. Setting the Scene
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