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An Influencer Life #1 (gxg)

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Melissa, a sweet influencer girl, and Phoebe, a lazy but good at acting girl, get together. But Melissa's life isn't as happy as Phoebe thought it was, it was horrible. Awful.Wanna know why? Read this damn book :D

Other / Romance
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Chapter 1 / / It's hard

“Phoebe Thorn!” shouted mom. I groan. I didn’t want to go to school.

“But mom!” I groan. “Just get ready! Leora is waiting!” she yelled. I got up from bed, but only for Leora. I decided on a checkered hoodie, some short jeans, and some white tennis shoes.

I quickly rush down with my backpack, not even both straps on my shoulders, and grabbed a piece of bread. I then said a muffled ‘Goodbye!’

I catch Leora at the bus, and just in time. We get on the bus in silence, and as we sit Leora breaks the dreaded silence. “So, you got a crush?” she asks teasingly. Heat rises to my cheeks as I stutter “N-N-No!“.

The rest of the way was complete, utter, boring, silence.

Once we got to school, we parted ways.

I had Spanish. And I, HATED, Spanish class.

“Hola señor Adams" I said sarcastically as I sat. "Hola Phoebe!". Yes, I was a teacher's pet. I keep up an act at school, but it causes me trouble. Such as Dezzy, a bully at school.

Just then Melissa came by. She was a popular girl, but not like some cliche popular girl bully.

"Hi." She said. I laugh sheepishly, keeping up my act. Well, it's not really an act. I don't even know...making out. "Hi. Aren't you like popular? I'm a nerd. A teacher's pet." I say.


"It's hard" she says


This is my first story on Inkitt, but I have WAYYY more on Wattpad, @HedgeyMosaics, so follow me there!! (and yes, this will soon be a book series on this account

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