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Shaped & Severed

By Lymrik All Rights Reserved ©



Do you remember those toys we had as kids? The ones with all the holes and shapes? The star, the circle, the square. How we used to sit there, beating the square in the circle hole, wondering why it didn't fit. We kept trying to push it in, twist in around. Some of us do that in life too. Maybe all of us do. We're these shapes, but not the shapes we're fed, not the ones we see. We see circles, so we try to fit in. We're squares, trying to twist ourselves, tearing apart, shaving off pieces of what we are, just so that we might be able to squeeze through that gap.

And then there are some of us who realize terrible things. We come to realize that no matter what we do, we will never fit in the circle hole. We can never take that shape, because we're just a square no matter what we do. But people will say it's okay. That we can find our own square hole. Our own niche. So we start looking, we keep going. Some give up. Realizing that there was never a square hole to begin with.

And some make their own. They carve out their own place, their own square. But they were never meant to do that. The question was never meant to be answered. The encouragement? A lie. When the squares finally carve out their place, they don't find a heaven on the other side. Just a pit full of a circles, telling them a simple truth, as they turn on the squares and devour them whole. A simple truth, the answer that was never meant to be found.

A square was never meant to succeed.
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