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D- Days ( WW2)

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August, a german boy fighting for his country in ww2 gets set to a small town were he goes into the forest where he is soon caught Ray an air born Allies soldier drops from the sky where he finds himself in the woods and that's where he finds a not so bad nazi soilder

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Chapter 1 - August-

¨ Thanks!¨

¨” Go get dressed. Next!´´

The boy walked away glazing down at the fine green & gray button-up shirt and pants. He smirks as a hint of relief hits him.

I have finally gotten in! He thought as he started to slip his old dirty cloth off.

August( the boy) had only been 15 when he tried to join the war, in 1941. But now he had been old enough to join the German army.

August was 17 now and able to volunteer for WW2.

Buttoning up the shirt now, he heads to the main room where more than 100 men dressed in grayish-green uniforms- waiting for the general to talk. August joined the crowd, just in time for the general to begin his speech.

´´ All my fellow Germans,...´´ the general started in English with a thick German accent which August could barely understand.

´´ you have all gathered & volunteered to fight for your country and the nazis!´´’that time he said it in German, & everyone clapped & cheered- including August.

´´ all of you brave souls, fighting for the safety of Germany´´ Again, everyone cheered & clapped. But in all of the chaos, August had been pushed around. August wasn’t bothered. He was always very short compared to all the other kids. ´´ Those pesky Allies are joining the war, and you are to defeat them´´ this time not a lot of cheering, everybody is astonished. Only the ones cheering were the men in the back. They looked like they’d been through more than August & the other boys.

The Americans. August had been told, that they were reckless monsters searching to kill anyone they’d come in contact with. And the British & Candens take your moms & sisters and sell them for loads of money.

August was scared. So horrified that he stood transfixed, just like the other boys.

When did they declare war?! August stood surprised like the others.

´´’ I know it’s a lot to take in but I promise you’ll make it. And if you die- you’ll die a hero.

Those words hit August like a train, it reminded him why he had volunteered.

“You all are dismissed. Return to the main yard, & wait for your truck to take you to where you need to be.” the general said proudly as he turned, and walked away.

When the general left, everyone started to shove their way through the crowd, having August crushed by arms and chest.

After most of the people got out to the main yard, August made his way through the hallways that had held German trophies and such. August still hoped that he and the other boys would survive the war. Even against the Allis.

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