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Remember Me?

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This is a story about a narrator who accidentally sees his school junior whom she admired him during his school days.

Other / Humor
G S Prasanth Kumar
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Remember Me?

Remember Me?

September 22, 2022,

Yet another scorching afternoon. Sun was so bright and sweat all over my face, walking for a while around the Market without a certain reason. Why should I come here? To eat? Already my stomach is full. To post something to someone whom I like the most? It’s not her birthday or Christmas or any special occasion. Then why? My head keeps spinning with these thoughts and I walk like something with some expectations of committing to something rather than roaming without a reason. A few minutes, “Anna?” a voice heard from a distance. I think she calls someone else, so I set to move on further. “Anna?” the same voice heard a little louder than the previous. So my eyes dared to see who she is. My eyes made a glance at her and the glance slowly became a stare. Words aren’t allowed for a few minutes, just the birds chirping I can hear from that very second when I saw her eyes behind the eyeglasses she wore. A young lady in black, but prettier than Cleopatra, wearing a simple purple floral nighty, and a high-up hair bun. The silence is broken when she says, “Remember Me?”

“Not exactly” I replied.

“But I remember you. You’re my school senior and I’m your junior. To be frank, I’m a big fan of you when I saw you playing the keys during school assemblies and major events.” She said.

“Big fan of mine? Well, thank you so much. Glad I met a fan of mine”. I replied. I felt unconditional happiness inside when she addressed me as my fan. Anyways I have never shown that outside.

“Would you like to come home? I’m alone and bored” she said.

My mind hesitated at first, but my heart says go on. It’s better to spend an hour with a person who admires you even though you never know her. So I went into the house. When I got in I saw some random Renaissance artworks hung around the walls. Wow! Our aesthetic taste is in Ecstasy. I saw a staircase inside the house leading to her study room and bedroom. Coincidentally, I found an art which my favourite rapper and singer Kim Namjoon posted on his Instagram handle. I still wonder how she wonders could buy this artwork. Anyways, she is lucky enough to buy this. I clicked that artwork and added it to my story tagging my rap monster in rapidly and kept my phone in my pocket. Then she came with a tumbler of water, I know it’s a bit of a common gesture to greet a guest at home, but for me, she read my mind and gave this. I drank that and the thirst I had is completely gone. Then she sat nearby me and started to reminisce about her school days and what made her be my fan. That’s a bit fascinating. After this conversation was done she exclaimed, “Wait! I have something for you” and rushed to her room above the staircase. Something for me? Does she know I am coming? What would be? What is the necessity to give those? Hope it should be chocolate and that’s quite enough for me. My mind fills out these thoughts and questions. I heard a notification ring in her phone which she kept on her table. I never notice what it is and I don’t want to. But I notice one thing she had a picture of Kim Namjoon as her wallpaper which I have on my phone. Coincidence? Again? Hmm. That’s pretty good for me. My phone gets a notification ring and sounds, “EMOTIONAL DAMAGE.” That’s one hell of a coincidence I get. After all that coincidental happenings come to an end, there’s a beginning of something which I never experienced. There she is. She came downstairs with a shoe box in his hand. Does she wanna gift a sports shoes for me? My mind quests for answers. She sat near me and opened that shoe box. What I saw, were three envelopes inside the box dated 09/06/2019, 09/06/2020, and 09/06/2021. “These three envelopes are to be sent to their rightful owner.” She said.

“Rightful owner? Who is it?” I asked.

“You, of course, my brother.” She replied.

Okay, there is someone who remembers me and has written all these for me for the last three years. But why? Who? What is it inside and how did these come into her hands? My mind was puzzled with excitement and I took one envelope without any inky pinky ponky kinds of stuff. 09/06/2019, I took this envelope first and opened the top. A birthday greeting card for me with my name wishing me a happy birthday and long life, and eventually ends with “Yours lovingly, Louis.”

“Louis? Who is Louis by the way?” I asked her.

“My brother,” she replied. So I came to know she has a brother. I wish I could see him once when I come back here again.

“Aww! That’s nice to have this. Convey my gratitude to your brother.” I said.

I still have two more envelopes to open. I took another one. 2020. The lockdown period. I opened the top as the same, yet again a birthday greeting card. But this is different from Louis. It is handwritten and crafted by the writer of this greeting card. It says, “Dear Anna, Today is your day, a star is born from the universe on this day. That is you. Many more happy returns of the day. Stay happy and stay safe. Yours lovingly Kanimozhi.” Well, that’s her name. It moved me into happy tears and I wonder how she remembered me all these days. I was stuck without any word and my mind rehearsed to thank her in a grandeur. But I can’t trim my whole happiness in a single sentence “THANK YOU.” Without a word, I opened the last envelope. 2021. A life-threatening year for me. I opened the envelope at the top. But there’s no greeting card. It’s a letter, a handwritten letter, and a ring. I opened that letter and that handwriting was so artistic.


Dear Anna,

Yet another year, thinking of you and writing this letter to you. I hope you and your family are safe and sound in this pandemic situation. Wishing you many more happy returns of the day. Since I didn’t know about your residence, I write this letter with your thoughts and preserve it till we meet each other after these things come to an end. Till then, waiting for you.

With love


Yet another one from her. How sweet it is. I think her mission to give these are accomplished. But, being speechless at reading these letters and greeting cards and still finding a word to thank her. Even an oxford dictionary doesn’t find a correct match for it. The only thing I could do is I gave a tight hug with tears and overloading happiness inside me.

“Kani this is unexpected. Where were you all these days? How do you still remember me? It’s a huge surprise. I won’t say thank you. Rather I will say, Love you.”

A little smile on her face and “My brother” from her rosy lips echoed around the house.


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