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One of many short stories I will write. This one is of a lonely person.

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Chapter 1


It’s a nice morning, not too chilly. The clouds are overcast, the day seems gray. As I got up it started to lightly rain outside, nice touch. I went ahead and entered the kitchen, my cat Vanilla dashed by me in a hurry to get ahead of me. I remember the day I got her, I had been walking back from the nearby convenience store. I heard a very high pitched cry come from the alleyway that I was passing by, I was always fond of cats. As I got closer, I expected a mother with her litter. It was a singular small kitten, next to its mother who was on its side, dead. Vanilla was truly as alone as I was. So I took her in and raised her. I’m glad she grew up nice and healthy like any cat should. That was 8 months ago.

I walked into the kitchen and got some coffee going. At this point I’ve been living alone for over a year. I miss living at home, the coffee would be ready by the time I got up. I never asked mom how she made my coffee, she made it not taste so bitter but not so sweet. She never failed to make any morning great, I wish I could tell her that I love her.

After I finish making my coffee, I take it into my office. Before dad passed he left me his business. He always managed it from home, so he could make time for me and mom. Dad would sometimes call me into his office to show me how stocks worked, I would always be excited when it went up and turned green, I would then know my dad made a lot of money. “Buy low, sell high” he would always tell me.

I put my coffee down and look at my screen. I’m not feeling it today, I don’t want to do anything. I instead take my coffee and roll over to the window and I just look outside. Vanilla perches up right next to me. The streets of New York are so packed with people, there’s never a time when it’s empty. Families, couples, kids, they come in and out of the park across the street. I like the idea of going out, the loneliness can be a lot from time to time, but I find comfort in it. Vanilla keeps me company, so really I’m not so alone.

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