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Short Stories

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This short stories may be from writing exercises I did and also past short stories and just stories I come up with or am inspired with.

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Chapter 1

Life used to be normal with wolves targeting pigs and the pigs vulnerable as they succumbed to it. But then the pigs evolved in technology and weapons and they started attacking the wolves with it and since then the wolves and the pigs were at war with pigs gaining the upper hand and cooking and eating every wolf. For generations, each tribe of wolves has made it a goal to slaughter and feast on a pig as revenge for what the pigs have done.

Here we have our protagonist, Wolf who has no idea about any of these things. He was raised in a family that loved and coddled him. His mama would always teach him peace and love towards his enemies while his papa would teach him the opposite. His mama was a well-known sorcerer in the wolf race and the only known one.

Though he knew sorcery, Mama would tell him not to tell anyone unless necessary.

As a wolf cub, he would always listen to mama Wolf and eat rabbits instead of pigs as it was more healthy. His papa would always reprimand him and tell him to eat pigs. His papa would complain that everyday they eat rabbits instead of pigs and he wants to eat the dream meal of all wolves, the pigs.

As a wolf cub, wolf had no idea why his papa would be so obsessed with wanting to eat pigs and just thought that it was merely a wolf’s desire.

His mama and papa would always hide the newspapers from him so he was always curious on what they were hiding.

It was normal with mama and papa everyday. He would hunt rabbits with mama and also be taught sorcery and listen to his papa’s drivel about pigs being the best meal in existence. But all that changed one day when as he was walking back to his home, he saw two pigs with scars on their faces and well-toned muscles carrying two sacks. He suddenly had a bad feeling. He came back to an empty house in a mess and only saw blood on the floor.

He felt devastated. He was in denial that his parents died. So he waited without sleeping until the next day but his parents weren’t there. While he was sitting down on the dining table, he spotted a newspaper stained with blood. He saw that it was his Dad’s and read it and the other newspapers he could find and shocked with what he read.

It was the news of how two pigs at the helm of the army went and slaughtered wolves indiscriminately and rummaged their houses. It looked exactly like the pigs he saw towards his house that day. He found out about the war on pigs and wolves and decided he would get revenge and kill and eat the pigs who caused this.

He rummaged his mom’s belongings in a hidden compartment and found a single piece of potion recipe which had strange ingredients written in it.

A Golden flower on a peak of the Urdu hill of the Urdu wolf tribe

The blood of a sorcerer

Spring water from a magical spring

1,000 year old ginseng

Note: Drink this once a year and it’ll grant you one wish when you’re desperate.

PS. It may affect other targets as well depending on your wish.

He didn’t know what the words in the PS meant but disregarded it.

He went on a long journey and trained himself very hard while on that journey and gathered these ingredients. While doing so, he gathered subordinates to work under him and they formed a terrorist group.

Afterwards, the wolf trained them in magic and they became an unstoppable force that slaughters pigs.

It reached to the point where he was able to have the heads of the two pigs who caused his parent’s death thanks to the noble sacrifice of his subordinates. He enjoyed eating the two pig’s cooked flesh.

It filled him with satisfaction. In fact, he was so satisfied that he wished to eat more pigs and he did so until there was none left or so he thought. He found out that there were three little pigs hiding deep in the forest and he chuckled finding out that they were the kids of those two merciless pigs.

He drank the potion from his mama’s recipe then went to visit the forest and went to the first house filled with straws.

He was about to burn the straws down and trap the pig in ice but he suddenly felt very weak. It seems to be a barrier which nullifies magic.

So he decided to do it the traditional way and asked the first pig to let him in but the first pig refused. So he huffed and puffed and blew the house down. The first pig carrying with him an amulet with a violet glow ran to the house made of sticks.

When the wolf arrived to the house made of sticks. He felt the barrier doubled in effect so he huffed and puffed and blew the house down. The two little pigs escaped to the brick house.

He huffed and puffed and tried to blew it down but failed. He couldn’t do any magic but he wasn’t foolish enough to go to the chimney.

So he decided to give up.

Because his instincts told him that if he were to do so then he would die a slow death and end up served in a silver platter.

But those little pigs, man those little pigs came and ruined his life. He was just coming out of his parent’s house one day stuck in his thoughts when he felt a sharp pain on his legs and shouted in pain. He was bleeding in his legs and he looked on and spotted no one. He kept being shot and he repelled with his barrier. He shot fireballs in that direction but it seemed to nullify so he knew the pigs were near.

He decided to go near and choke the pigs to death when he stepped on a hole and fell down into spikes laced with poison. In the end, all he saw as he squirm in pain was the first and second pig’s laughing, saying that it serves him right for burning their houses down and third pig smirking at him saying if you hadn’t done such a thing, then nothing would have happened to you and that’s what you get for eating our parents. Beasts surrounded him and ate him alive.

He made a desperate wish before he died. To go back to before he died and have his revenge.

He was back. To a week before he died. The first thing he did was try to find a magic which can nullify the nullification barrier and then attack the pigs and instead of eating them, poison them and throw them in a den of lions to be ripped apart and eaten alive.

He did find a spell after days of searching and experimenting.

He tried to remember the recipe and found that he could not remember it for some reason and his mom’s recipe became a blank sheet of paper. He concluded that his mama casted a spell on the paper and those who have used up a wish would forget about it so he concluded that he only had one last chance.

He prepared his magic bow with arrows laced with poison to hunt down those pigs.

He found it strange as he was walking how a lump of leaves were scattered down in masses. He had an unsettling feeling in his stomach but he decided to ignore it.

Surely those pigs were not up to something, right?

He tried to search for the pigs as he saw three houses in close distance to each other but he could not find them anywhere.

He went around and walked stepping on the lumps of leaves till he felt something on his feet and he felt himself lifted up and trapped in a net.

“Target acquired”

He heard a voice. He could tell it was from the third little pig with glasses.

The third pig appeared before him and smiled.

“I’m astonished with your foolishness. To think you’d go to enemy territory without gathering anyone else.”

The other pigs appeared behind the third pig laughing.

“All this wolf could think about was revenge that he didn’t even thought of the possibility that we also went back to the past.”, the first pig said.

“Hahaha. Isn’t that right?”, the second pig said.

Now that he saw it clearly, he could see three purple amulets on the little pigs.

The wolf was confused. He was wondering if he heard things clearly.

He tried to rip apart the net with his claws or even cast magic but he couldn’t. He casted an anti-nullification spell but it didn’t work.

“That won’t work. You see, I also learned magic as I was studying science and made sure it won’t be ripped apart so easily.”

The wolf glared at the third little pig.

“What do you mean?”, he growled.

“What I mean is your anti-nullification won’t work against my nullification that I modified a dozen times.”

The wolf knew this would be the end of him and so he awaited his death but the three little pigs had better plans. They decided it would be better to make use of him, more specifically the third pig as he was tired of having to clean his and his brothers’ houses and cook all their meals because his brothers were lazy.

The wolf tried to attack the pigs once he was set free but the third pig electrocuted him with thunder magic and forced him to sign the master-servant magic contract with his blood and the three little pigs’ blood. The condition was that the wolf would do everything that the pigs orders him to do in exchange for keeping him alive. But his freedom is restricted.

The wolf complains that this is a slave contract not a servant contract but the little pigs turned a deaf ear to his complaints.

Since then, the wolf had to clean up all the little pigs’ houses. He would feel immeasurable pain in his body if he didn’t comply. He would grumble every now and then leaking out bloodlust repeating the words ‘Kill’ over and over again. In his head, he was wondering why the three little pigs didn’t just clean their own houses since they were adults but had to rely on him. Not only that he would have to hunt for their meals and cook for them. The first pig and the second pig would just play games and read novels in their iPads all day.

The only one doing something useful is the third pig who would engage in magical and scientific experiments.

He didn’t have any time to search for a way out of this situation. A thought occurred to him one day as he reflected on the past. Just how did those pigs regressed?

So he decided to ask the first pig in his house.

“Hey first little pig. Just how did you guys went back to the past?”

The first little pig only looked at him and said before he left to go walking.

“My floor is dirty. Sweep it.”

The wolf’s hand gripped the broom as he swept against his will and gnashed his teeth.

He decided to focus on the second pig and asked him the same question.

“I want fried chicken. Hunt it.”

Was the answer he got.

That evening, the pigs enjoyed fried chicken for dinner. The wolf used that opportunity to ask the third pig and the third pig said,

“Remember to wash the dishes after we’re done.”


The wolf went to rest inside a spare room in the third little pig’s brick house. He felt so frustrated that he couldn’t get an answer out of those pigs that he couldn’t sleep so he decided to go on a walk outside. He walked around the forest and heard the pigs’ voices. He hid behind a tree and listened on.

The three little pigs were sitting on a log.

“Hey, I think the Wolf is kind of pitiful. Shouldn’t our youngest help him out?”, The first pig said.

“Do you have any right to ask me that when you yourself don’t give him a helping hand? I got my hands full with my experiments in case the wolves come by to attack us”, the third pig replied.

“But I’m preoccupied with dealing with the last boss that I don’t have time for that.”, the first pig said.

“But considering his past, he’s been through a lot. Shouldn’t we be more understanding?”

The second pig seemed to have a face full of sympathy.

“Why are you suddenly acting like this all of a sudden? Didn’t you laugh at the wolf’s misfortune a lot of times even when he had to work for us?”, the first pig said mockingly.

“To be fair, you also laughed.”, the second pig harrumphed pointing his trotter at the first pig.

The wolf wondered just why the little pigs were speaking in this manner about him. He thought about their words carefully. Did the second pig just say ‘his past’?

Just what do they know?

Could it be that despite knowing his past they came to bother him and left him dying in a hole being eaten alive by beasts?

Such were the thoughts of the wolf. His animosity towards the pigs only increased further.

“Okay. Okay. That’s enough. We only just found out about his past after we regressed. We decided to give him a chance and keep him alive despite what he has done.”

The third pig said.

“Well, our parents did kill his parents and ate them for dinner.”

The first pig remarked straightforwardly.

“Don’t even get me started on that. I still remember that evening when we were still just kids, mama pig cooked us an overcooked wolves’ meat for dinner-“

“Oh, you’re talking about that time. After that time, that was the first and last time mama pig cooked. Didn’t you see their faces when mama pig and papa pig had to eat throughout the meal? Glad we skipped out of it and just ate bread.”

The first pig interrupted the second pig to give his own comments.

The wolf wanted to ask why the mama pig and papa pig even bothered to eat the meal and not eat something else but held it in.

The wolf felt relieved to know that the little pigs knew about his past after regression and it was good to know that they didn’t eat his parent’s flesh but that didn’t mean he could easily forgive them for what they did to him.

He had his suspicions but when the wolf found out that the mama pig and papa pig ate his parents, he wanted to revive them and make them go through a time loop where he tears their flesh apart and eat them raw dozen and dozen of times. But he knew what he was thinking was impossible and nonsensical so he dismissed those thoughts entirely.

“I remembered that that they talked about this sorceress wolf in detail and said that she got this wish granting recipe with her hidden somewhere in her house.”, The second pig recalled.

The wolf thought back to the time of coming back to seeing his house in a messy state. The books were scattered on the floor. The cupboards were open and even the trash was out of the trash can and concluded that the mama pig and papa pig were searching for the recipe.

“Ah. I remember after that our youngest suddenly stood up and said “I am going to study magic!” while standing on top of the table mumbling blabber about creating a magical device that can make air into food and feeding the family with it for their entire lifetime with an excited face.”, The first pig said as he mimicked the third pigs’ excited expression and childish voice.

“Of course they thought it was just a phase that he will get over with and just expressed support.”, the second pig clapped.

The third pig covered his face in embarrassment. The next conversations were the first pig and second pig just teasing the third pig.

Words that go “Aw~, our youngest’s face looks as red as a tomato.” and “You don’t have to be so embarrassed. You were just a child back then.”

The wolf was getting bored with the small talk that he was about to go back to his room but he stopped on his tracks when he heard the melancholic voice of the third pig.

“I remember when I was young, Mama pig would often chide me for blathering on and on about my theories of magic and science which would frequently be subjected to our parents and you my brothers.”

The two little pigs attentively listened to the third pig speak his experiences.

“When I did something foolish like lighting up all the flares there that I found in the house thinking it was fireworks just to calculate the height and distance it can reach as part of my school work in a day when our parents were mourning the loss of their friend and was giving a speech in front of a crowd. I still remember a group of armed pigs came and asked our parents what happened and the crowd having bewildered faces.”

“I still remember that time. It was so ridiculous that I took photos of it and posted it in my school group chat and told my friends all about it.”, The first pig said while grinning which earned him a light smack on the shoulder by the third pig.

“Weren’t you severely scolded and spanked with a hanger by Mama pig that day?”, the second pig said.

“I don’t even want to remember it.”, the third pig said with a grimace.

As if caught by the moment, the second pig also shared his experience,

“When I was young, Mama pig and Papa pig would always sing songs to me and we would dance to the tune. I would work hard in school and chores just to get that cinnamon bread from them. Man, those were the times. Even now, eating cinnamon bread makes me remember those times.”

“You were the goody two shoes back then, weren’t you?”, The first pig said.

“Yeah. I guess I was.”, the second pig said with a wide smile in his face.

“When I was a kid, I always liked to play sports. Mama pig and Papa pig would run around and play with me and you guys would just do your own thing not interested at all at what I do.”

The first pig recounted.

“But they are no longer here.”

The third pig said with tears in his eyes.

“All those good times we shared. I still remember it even when they paid less attention to us as they started focusing on eliminating the wolves.”

The second pig patted the third pig’s shoulder and shared his sentiments.

“At least now we know they are in a better place.”

“We weren’t even able to tell them how we were finally able to build a house and live independently.”, the first pig said in tears.

At some point they all started crying and the wolf who saw that felt as if daggers were piercing his heart. He could empathize with their loss. He then thought back to how much he enjoyed eating these little pig’s parents and wanted to barf.

The wolf left the place and went back to his room.

He couldn’t sleep that night.

The next day, the wolf tried his best at work but couldn’t concentrate. His thoughts would drift back to the little pig’s conversations and what he did wrong that he felt his stomach churn. The little pigs looked at him in concern as he did his task and asked if he was okay. He nodded as he continued on until he collapsed.

He opened his eyes to find himself in a bed. He realized it was his room. The 3 little pigs near his bed were closing their eyes with their hands together as they muttered words in what seemed to be a prayer.

The wolf felt moved by the act and pulled them into a hug. They felt surprised by this but didn’t pull back. He looked at their faces again and said,

“You’ve done well to have endured the pain.”

The pigs were confused at what the wolf meant.

“What do you mean by that?”, the second pig asked.

“Aren’t you the one in pain?”, the first pig asked.

The wolf nodded.

“I lived my life in pain but looking back maybe I should’ve followed mama’s advice.”

Seeing the wolf’s penitent behavior different from his usual grumbling self was an unusual sight for the little pigs. However they liked it.

“Do you feel well?”, the second pig asked while touching the wolf’s head.

“Yes. I feel okay.”

The wolf smiled while patting the second pig’s head.

“Hey little pigs, I’ve heard everything you said last night.”

The wolf said frankly. Those words surprised the little pigs.

“Could that be the reason why you didn’t sleep?”

The third pig asked looking at him sternly.

“How did you know?”, the wolf asked in embarrassment.

“No sleep plus stress could lead to fainting.”, the third pig replied.

“Well you got me. Now I think I deserve to know how you regressed.”

The little pigs looked at each other and the third little pig spoke.

“About that, After some research we found out that it probably has to do with the wish granting recipe. After you died in particular, we went back to the past. After checking your activities with the magic orb and connecting the dots, we figured out that you regressed and it seems your regression pulled us along as well.”

“In other words, it was a group regression?”

The third little pig nodded.

The wolf took his time to breathe.

“Was revenge futile in the first place?”, the wolf asked as he looked at the distance.

“We’re just that OP.”, the first pig said in a boastful tone.

“Well, I’m starting to feel bad for you. Is there something we can do for you to feel better?”, the second pig asked.

The wolf gave it some thought and then said,

“First, free me of this master-servant contract.”

After being freed of the master-servant contract, the wolf made the little pigs clean their houses and take turns helping him hunt. He would help the third little pig in his magic experiments inputting his ideas and developing magical weapons including further improvements on the gun adding a magical touch.

The wolf helped the little pigs make the brick houses for the other two little pigs.

Occasionally, wolves would come by to eat the pigs but they would come back to their houses all battered after falling in holes and being made to subject to all kinds of humiliation like dancing with red hot shoes while wearing a frilly dress and a clown faced make-up and being tied up to a tree and being made a target practice to improve the wolf’s and the little pigs’ shooting skills. With the apple on top of the poor victim’s head of course. The bullets had flames on them so the victims suffered from burns.

Days past by with all kinds of fun and then days turned to years until they were wrinkly and old in age. They sat on a picnic mat with rabbit meat and vegetables and fruits gathered.

“Man, Looking back at all those years. I’ve had the most fun.”, the first pig said.

“Yeah. Those were meaningful experiences.”, the second pig said munching on an apple.

“Yes. Remembering all those times we humiliated all those wolves that tried to eat us makes me burst with joy.”, the first pig said grinning happily.

“If I can name an experience I enjoy the most, it was when the wolves gathered in groups and tried to attack us but we did a mass capture then manipulated them into performing a play where two groups are in opposition with each other and the MC wolf painted red faced the death of his parents then went to have revenge by finishing the perpetrators off. Later on he tries to kill off the perpetrator’s children but end up killed off by them-“

“And so on and on the perpetrator’s children and the wolf got along in the end and went to humiliate all the wolves that tried to attack them. The End. I know. I know. You’ve been repeating that dozens and dozens of times already. I’ve grown tired of it.”

The first pig glared at the third pig in exasperation interrupting him.

The wolf looked at the little pigs who did not look so little anymore and shed a tear.

“What’s wrong?”, the second pig asked.

“It’s nothing. Just seeing us together and talking makes me happy. It makes me glad I met you guys.”

“We are also glad we met you.”, the third pig said with the other pigs nodding along.

In the background, there is a screeching wolf tied up in a tree crying in pain from the burns on his body but don’t focus on that. Just focus on the touching moment between these four friends.

The End

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