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Taekook x y/n oneshot " jungkook you said you loved me" "i never did" "HOW DARE YOU HURT MY SISTER YOU BA**TARD" Top kook Vottom Side charecter y/n (bottom)

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Introduction + chapter 1

Jeon jungkook

27 years old

Mafia + ceo

Married to Jeon y/n

Cold, heartless, merciless, will get what he wants at any cost

Jeon y/n

26 years old

House wife

Married to jungkook

Had a younger brother

Cute, childish, sweet, quite opposite to jungkook

Kim taehyung

17 years old

Y/n's younger brother

Cute, hot, naughty, trouble maker, hates jungkook for being cold to his sister

Present ~~

"jungkook can we go on date today?"

Y/n asked

"no y/n i am busy maybe next time"

Jungkook said and left to his company

His thoughts were filled with someone

He smiled alittle

He stopped his car by seeing a fimilar young boy eating ice cream on the road side

The ravenette smiled widely but he knows the male Hates him why can't he had a try?

He step out of his Mercedes Benz GT63S car and walked towards the male

The male rolled his eyes he was about to walk away

That's when the ravenette held his wrist pulls him back

"it's rude to behavior with your brother in law like this Jeon taehyung"

The ravenette said with his deep ass voice

"its Kim taehyung, only my sister's surname changed into yours, not mine"

Taehyung replied

"how about we go on a Friendly date"

Jungkook asked

The brunette looked at him with so done expression

"DATE WITH YOU!! NO WAY, take my sister to date instead atleast try to talk with her normally just like how you talk to me why it's so hard to you stop hurting her, you loved her right then why are you behaving like this after the marriage"

Taehyung asked as the brunette is serious af

"because you were already in my heart, she's not YOU why can't you understand i want YOU JUST YOU"

The ravenette mentally shouted inside

"i was just stressed by my work taehyung please don't hate me"

Jungkook said

"I'II try to make it better ok?"

Jungkook said trying to convince the brunette

"how can i believe you?"

Taehyung asked

"i will do whatever you say" the ravenette said "you have to take my sister to a romantic date will you?" the brunette said the ravenette is mad af he nodded and let out a ''fine'' the brunette smiles

Time skip~~

At night~

Jungkook and y/n were in date as jungkook eyes never left the brunette who was also present there as a stranger hiding himself in a hoodie so his sister won't caught him the younger couldn't trust the older that's why he came up like this

"kook where are you looking at? "

Y/n asked

"um it's nothing"

Jungkook said trying to act normal

Time skip ~~

Jungkook and y/n's date finished as they reach there mansion

"y/n i had important mission i will be right back"

Jungkook said left from there ignoring y/n's shouts

Soon he drives to taehyung's place with a wide smile in his face

He climbs up to taehyung's room balcony

He hides behind the wall he heard some smooching and kissing sounds

He slowly peaked

He caught the brunette and a blonde male eating eachother faces this made the older angry and mad, angry and sad tears were formed in his eyes he clenched his fist


Jungkook mentally shouts

He took a photo of the blonde

"ahh~~ minnie"

Taehyung moans triggering the revenette more

He calls his men

"i want him in my basement"

Jungkook ordered as they all replied with a "yes boss"

Jungkook smirked

He drives to his mansion

He entered as he was welcomed by a sudden hug by his wife

He didn't hug back she's not him...

"kook i was worried for you are you alright?"

She asked


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