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Be mine, Continued

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when you go in too deep, do you know you are?

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Chapter 1

Gade’s POV:

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got out of the shower. What is Austin doing here? He must have been worried when I didn’t answer my phone. The expression on his face is priceless, he looked... speechless. He is never speechless. When I heard him apologize for just walking in, I wanted to tell him that he should feel free to walk in on me, doesn’t matter what I’ll be doing or wearing. But I can’t possibly tell him that now, can I? And I don’t know why I told him that he should not go. Only God knows what will happen if I let this man stay in here any longer. He walked to the door and stopped on his tracks, he returned the phone and didn’t even look at me.

“Wait, don’t go.”

Why the hell would I say that I am clearly no longer in control, no longer thinking with my logical mind.

“If I don’t go, I might... and I don’t think we should, I mean we can’t.”

I wanted to let him go, to avoid any possible thing that might happen, but I didn’t really want that. His voice is deep and husky, refusing for me to even think about letting him get away. I walked up close, stood behind him as he still didn’t want to face me. I brushed his arm; his skin is so cold, and I feel like I might even burn him with the way my hands are so warm against his skin. This is also influencing me as well, my hands shaking lightly. When he held my hand, I froze from the reaction my body had from just his touch. I gasped at his touch, God this man will be my death. He grabbed me and brought me forward, pushing me against the wall, not roughly though. He was so close; his breath was fresh and addictive. I tried to keep my eyes on his, but they would travel down to his lips. His one hand was on my waist, holding it so tightly, pressing against his body. His other, travelled from my cheek to my neck then my breath became a bit heavier at the touch of soft cold hands. I saw him smirk a bit as he leaned closer to my ear where his breath was hot against my body, sending shivers all over my body.

“God, what are you doing to me.”

His voice was so deep. He kissed just below my ear then bit my earlobe softly, making me moan softly.

“You like that huh?”

Fuck, he’s teasing me, and I can’t do a damn thing. He’s got me weak in my knees. He kissed just under ear down to neck then to my collarbone. I try to think of ways to retaliate but it’s like my body is paralyzed. He came back to look at me and he kissed me softly, so sweet and so torturous. My hands were in his hair, and we were lost in the kiss. It felt like I would run out of breath, but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me. Both his hands were on my waist until one of them went down to my thighs. Everything he does is simply just to torture me. Why doesn’t he just take me right here and right now. His hand was now inside of my thighs, and I moaned in his mouth at not only the pleasure but the torture. He chuckled a bit but never stopped kissing me. He kept on brushing but never got to my core, just stopping at it, killing me each time. he just got me addicted and wanting more each time, with both our breaths getting heavier by the second.... till we stopped. He looked at me smiled, not the genuine kind. I don’t know how to describe it yet, but I have a feeling it’s good.

“I think I should leave now; we’re still meeting later on today, right? I’ll take you home since you said no one will be home tonight.”

I just nodded since I doubt anything that makes sense would come out of my mouth right now. He was near my ear when he spoke. His breath feels great in my ear. And then he left.

I tried my best to think of many ways to get this to make sense, but it did not. I didn’t even know how to feel about all of this. Am I happy that something has happened or was something not supposed to happen? Great, now I am overeating, more than I normally do because I am stressed, and no solution comes to mind. Why today out of all days did I have to have a lot of homework and why did my parents have to be out of town today? Great, this is just great. I finished eating and just waited for the last periods and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to get away. If only my mind would corporate and not replay what happened in my mind so much. {bell}. I got up quickly to go get my books from my locker and headed for my class. I didn’t hear anything that either of the lecturers said, although I was able to get the homework and the chapters that were being done so I could go over them later at home. {final school bell}. I got out so quick I couldn’t believe I was the one who did that. None of that mattered though, there were so many people it was hard to get to my locker and it was down the hallway on the first floor. And I was on the third floor. I went to the bathroom to wait for there to be less people so that I can leave peacefully and hopefully without Austin seeing me. After fifteen minutes, which seemed like forever, I got out and indeed there were lesser people around, hopefully Austin was out of sight. I went down the stairs as I realized the few voices, I heard fade slowly and by the time I got to the hallway I was the only one there. Okay, in and out of the locker and head straight for the door which is not that far from my locker. As soon as I finished packing my books, I closed the locker, and my phone rang. Fuck! It’s Austin.


My voice was barely a whisper, why am I thinking about his touch right now.

“Where are you, we have to start now if we want to finish early.”

Now is the time to think of a little white lie, it won’t hurt anything right? ‘His voice is so deep right now’ thought to me.

“Well, I do think your voice is sweet too, but I think we should think about schoolwork first unless you wanna get straight to it.”

He was so close to my neck, his breath hot on my skin. He bit my earlobe which made me moan softly and my knees were damn weak. If he didn’t have his hands on me, I would have fallen. We proceeded to the library in comfortable silence and started on with our work. When it was time to leave, nothing happened, we talked about many things like his childhood, dreams, it was honestly very nice to hear him talk like that. We finally got to my house and the lights were not on, they had not come back yet. He got out and got to my side to open the door for me. Okay we all gotta admit that he can be a gentleman when he wants to. He gave me his hand to help me get off and pulled me close to him as soon as my feet hit the ground. Fuck, how is it possible for my body to react so quick to his touch? He looked at me for a while as if he was staring straight into my heart then hugged me. His head rested in between my neck and shoulder, and he was taking me in which sent shivers to my spine.


He brushed against my neck. It was barely a graze, torturing me intentionally.

“Be mine!”

I froze for a good second there, thinking he’ll say that it’s a joke or maybe I might even wake up because this is a fucking dream. He just kissed my forehead and accompanied me to the door. It looked as if he was not expecting an answer today, more like at all. I got inside and watched him through the window as he went back to his car and drove off. I went upstairs and took a shower as I took in today’s events from morning until a few minutes ago. The hot shower felt good because of the memories of Austin. I laid on the bed as I tried to let things sink in. Fucking Austin wants me. I was disturbed by a buzz on my phone. It was a message, from an unknown number. Can we talk tomorrow at lunch at gym class? Its Tyron by the way. Now I don’t what is better, although I’m nervous because Tryon wants to speak to me, but I am so happy because he must have gone through so much to get my numbers, that means he cares enough. This day just keeps on getting better.

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