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Memory Fragments

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Adam meets the two siblings Melody and Isaac who change his life in December 1993 by simply throwing a snowball. He remembers some of the moments when he spent time with them, especially Melody, reminiscing the hardships of life. But what exactly happens that makes him look back, remembering the painful, yet beautiful memories?

Other / Romance
Krisha Grim
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1993, December

I packed my little backpack with all the important things I owned. Especially my little plane that one of my female supervisors gave me. She knew that I wanted to become a pilot in the future. After I had packed everything, I closed my bag made out of leather and carried it on my back. Due to the snow, I wore my black beanie with my black gloves. I tied my bootlaces myself - without the help of my supervisors.

Carefully, I opened the door and peeked, checking if someone was standing in the hallway. Nobody seemed to be there. Apparently, the adults were occupied with looking after the younger orphans. This was my chance. Now I could leave the Blueberry Orphanage without being noticed.

Quietly, I snuck out the backdoor. Upon arriving outside, the wind blew, so some snowflakes were stuck on my face. They were cold. Sneezing, I wiped them off my face and proceeded to stomp through the snow, leaving little footprints behind that would be covered in snow in at least two hours. Until then, I would be back again. Or maybe not. I still couldn’t decide. Actually, my plan was to go to my favorite place in order to watch the passing planes. Although, I wasn’t quite sure whether they would fly today due to the snow.

When I arrived at the street, I put on a grim face, so that bypassers wouldn’t bother me by asking why a young boy was alone on the streets. Or where my parents were. Determined, I held my bag in my hands. Looking like I knew where I was going, I kept looking straight.

As soon as I passed a house at the end of the village, I was hit by a snowball. Right in my face. The snowball already began to melt, the water already dripping down my neck.

“Isaac, you hit someone,“ a female voice beyond the yard of the house said. She chuckled shortly.

“What? But I aimed at you!”

“You didn’t hit me.”

A boy about at my age looked over the hedge. His light blonde hair was covered by his dark green beanie, while his dark blue eyes looked at me in surprise. Amused, his lips formed a grin. Behind him hid the girl I heard before - with hair similar to her brother’s, or at least I assumed it was her brother. Only her eyes shined light blue - like her bobble cap that covered her long straight hair. Unlike the boy, she held a white plush toy rabbit while avoiding eye contact.

Just when the boy wanted to say something - presumably, to apologize. I turned around, ready to just go. I had better things to do. My planes were waiting for me.

“Hey, wait!”

It was the boy who called for me but I didn’t turn around. He was following me, I heard him stomping through the snow. Then, he put his hand on my shoulder, turning me around, so I had to pause. He began to apologize:

“I am sorry about the snowball. I really didn’t mean to hit you.”

Slowly, I shook my head.

“No problem.”

Again, I turned to go but he continued:

“My name is Isaac.”

He grinned broadly and pointed with his finger at the girl on the sidewalk behind him.

“That’s my sister Melody.”

Confused, I tilted my head to the side. Honestly, I didn’t really want to know their names.

“What is your name?“ he asked curiously, after I didn’t react.


It is ironic how a single snowball changed my future. If I hadn’t decided to go out this day, maybe I never would have met Isaac and Melody. Looking back on it, I am glad to have met them. These two changed my life.

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