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Every Beginning Starts With An Ending

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Let's back up...

Heavy breathing, Alexa had just finished her workout at the gym. She has been frustrated so she had went to the gym and by the time is was over it had been 2 hours. Alexa's parents were thinking of divorce these last few weeks. Her phone suddenly started ringing, she looked at the phone to see her mom calling.

She picked up the phone and said in a calm tone still trying to catch her breath, " Hey mom! What's up?" There was silence on the other end of the phone. Then Alexa said in a scared tone, " Mom, you there?" Then she heard her mother take a deep breath and she spoke shaking, " Alexa, I'm picking you up in five minutes. Be ready, I dont have all day. I brought you some nice cloths and you need to change in the car. Be quick, this is important." Alexa said calmly, " Yes ma'am."

She started to panic while she gets everything together. She was packing up her water bottle, sweat towel, gym cloths, and her weights when her phone rings. This time it is her dad...... she didnt pick up the phone. She didnt want to get crap for her life from her father. Alexa let the phone ring when she put it in the waistband of her gym shorts.

She walks outside and her mom had pulled into the parking lot as soon as she had walked out. Her bag felt heavy so she opened the back door and put her heavy bag in. She puts her jacket on to cover the slits on her arms, she cant let her mom see. She closes the back door and gets in the front on the passenger side. She gasped when you looked to see her mom. Her mom had looked like she had been beaten, bad..........

"What the hell???!!!!!" Alexa said with panic in her voice

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