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" Yes! Chillax is the best, he his just perfect in so many ways and I will make sure I meet him." Happiness, number one fan of the most popular and talented musician Chillax. Praying and wishing to be his lover. Well, her dreams came true but it turns out to be the other way round. " No! I would never be a fan to any artist in my life. Cause one artist has ruined me and he is still there singing without any sadness. "Happiness said " Well. That your problem, cause I would always love music and musicians. Simply because I am a top fan. "

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Chapter 1 Bad influencers

" Aaaaaaaah!!! "

" What happened? " Zainab rushed in after hearing a noise from the room.

" Christy, what happened? " She asked again, still confused.

Christy was smiling at her phone when Zainab rushed in, she stared at Zainab back in confusion.

" What are you say? Nothing is happening " Christy said while sitting on the bed.

" But why did you shout like that? "

" Oh! I was just happy admiring davido latest picture, can't help but shout. Oh my God, I really can explain how am feeling right now " she said giggling and staring at the picture again.

Zainab gazed at Christy, anger can be seen in her face as she felt like slapping Christy right now.

She was sitting in the living room, reading one of her notes and had to rush inside the room after hearing the noise.

" I can see that you are crazy, idiot and mad! I almost l had heart attack because of your noise! " Zainab said pointing her index finger at Christy.

" Hey! Hey! Child of holy. I don't think there is something wrong in appreciating handsome artists, so don't insult me, don't you dare...... " Christy was interrupted by Happiness presence.

" What going on? " Happiness asked, walking closer to them.

" You can believe this, I was admiring Davido's picture on facebook and just had shout a little, expressing my excitement and this ugly girl was insulting me just because I shouted. "

" You shouldn't be bothered, everybody know Zainab is a........ You know what I mean "

" Yeah! I shouldn't waste my time on her " Christy said pointing her index finger at her.

" Show me that picture and leave Zainab alone " Happiness said as she move closer to Christy and sit on the bed.

Zainab was speechless as she keeps staring at Christy and Happiness. Is it a crime to be worried about her roommate? Or is it not madness to shout like that? Just because of an artist that did not even know about your existence. Never in her entire life will she be worried just because if this senseless girls.

Unfortunately, she had said that so many but here she is worried about her roommates.

Zainab hissed at them and walked back to the living room and sat down on the couch.she tossed the book on the table, she doesn't feel like reading anymore. she took her phone and start playing game.

The game seems to be very challenging because Zainab failed to notice cecelia that came in few minutes ago.Cecelia sat down on the second couch opposite to Zainab, she was also busy with her phone but couldn't help but glance at Zainab.

" What could get Zainab's attention like this? " She wondered within herself. she shrugged and focus on her phone.

______ ROOM

Christy and Happiness sitting side by side on the bed drooling over Davido's picture.

Davido is one of the popular and talented musician. His amazing voice and face called most of the ladies attention although most ladies drooled for all amazing and handsome artist but Davido is one the best Nigerian artist. Female like Christy and Happiness are always wishing and praying day and night to be his wife or even his mistress.

" Wow! the black jean really suit him and that sneakers, it one of the lastest brands" Happiness said pointing at the sneakers.

" Really? "

" Yes! I don't know about the price but am certain it must be hyper expensive..... like high level. "

" I will be the most happiest lady in the world if I could become Davido's wife or baby mama. it gonna be super amazing. " Christy said hugging the pillow tightly.

" Hey! hey! don't praise Davido like he his the only best artist. Chillax is also amazing, he handsome,cute and he also has six packs, hefty, a little tall and too slim. He is just perfect! "

" Sorry chillax fan, you keep praising chillax everytime when there are other talented handsome and cute artist like kiss Daniel,wizkid, falz, mayorkun.......

" Shut up!!!" Happiness interrupted Christy before she could finish listing her handsome artists.

" What!" christy hollered.

" Yes! Chillax is the best, he his perfect in so many ways and I will make sure I meet him. unlike you every artist is your type and you are always drooling like a idiot but for me chillax is and will always be the guy I will drool for and also love but that doesn't mean I will not appreciate other artists like Zainab."

" Whatever! Am sure he does not even know about your existence"

Happiness hissed and stand up from the bed to the second bed that is not far from christy's bed.

" What happening? " Cecelia came in after hearing their argument form the living room

" You can believe this! Happiness is obsessed with Chillax, she thinks Chillax is the best. Really! Davido is one of the top ten artists in Nigeria even in africa and the entire world. So why would she say Chillax is the best " Christy said with rage facing Cecelia even Cecilia had move back. it more like Christy is about to hit her.

" So you guys are stressing your self out because of this? " Cecilia said using her hand to gesture at them.

" Are you trying to say Davido or any other artists is not worthy of this argument."

Christy said with a fit of a rage, having a fair complexion allows people to see through her emotions especially when she is angry. Her face is as red as a tomato. Cecilia change the topic immediately, the number one thing she would like to avoid is Christy outburst.

" Hmmmm. Are we cooking tonight? "

" Let cook " Happiness suggested.

" A... and you Christy? "

" Whatever! Do what you want "

" Okay, I will take that as a yes "

____ Living room

" What the noise about?" Zainab asked.

When Cecilia came out. Paying attention to the game was a waste of time because she was defeated, she dropped her phone on the table and noticed the noise from the room in front of her. Cecilia came out at the right time to shut down her curiosity.

" As usual about the artists thing " said Cecilia while sitting in the couch beside Zainab.

" But seriously, when will these girls use their brain? These artists are always on drugs and they do a lot of bad things that are beyond description"

" Zainab! How do you know that they are doing things beyond description? am starting to suspect you "

Zainab was astonished, seriously why would cecilia to think like that? she is from a muslim family. A family that doesn't believe in musician like Chillax, Davido or any other artists. They think it a sin rather it is a very big sin and shameful thing in her family although they listen to music but it must be islamic music even movies must be islamic.

Getting along with this roommates of hers is almost impossible. She had no choice but to get along with this girls.

It just happened that four of them from different places wanted to get a room self from the building in front of their current apartment. Unfortunately, they all arrived at the same time to find the room not vacant even the landlady was thankful that that the the room wasn't vacant.

How will she rent the room to one of them when they all arrived at the same time?

Hearing their difficulties in getting a suitable apartment without any flooding during the rainy season. She suggested an idea about the two bedroom flat in front of her house, they could contribute their money together to rent the apartment and become roommates.

Here she is with these bad influencers.

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