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It takes someone's mistake to open brandnew doors for you. Hayden Anderson,19. Soon to be Alpha King. He never let the royal life get to his head,he is keen on finding his mate. But it seems like his destiny is controlled by somebody else. Aspen Carson,17. Has been through hell and back. It takes her found mate's choices to find her true self. He's manipulated. She's freed. He becomes his own downfall. She becomes everyone's freedom. "Your mistakes lead to your own downfall but earned me a kingdom." Aspen claimed Started: March 2021 Completion: 11 December 2022 Can be read as a Stand-alone Book 1 of Beauty in Brokenness Series © Copyright StormiiWinter 2021

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Chapter 1: Eccedentesiat

Eccedentesiat: (n.) Someone who fakes a smile,when all they want to do is cry, disappear and/or die

Story of my life - one direction

Aspen's POV:

Oceania, Illinois has been nothing short of home for me, but for the rest of my family, it's been their entire life wrapped up in this town, as I am the last born, well, technically the first of my father's, but then again who cares...?

The minute I was brought into this world, I envisioned my life would be something similar to a fairytale but it seems destiny had other plans, like making my life miserable day by day. Starting with nobody liking me then realising I don't have a wolf or it hasn't surfaced yet. Being born into a werewolf family and a pack and having no wolf isn't easy LIKE FAR AWAY from being EASY!! Since "someone" (presumably my family) publicized my secret of being wolfless to the entire pack, Crescent Eclipse has treated me like an outsider. I'm treated like a human or Omega thanks to "this individual" (still suspecting my family).

Being one of 3 children of the Alpha's Beta, it's quite unusual don't you think?

This treatment can range from getting nasty looks or comments from everyone, to working long hours in the packhouse kitchen only to return home late at night to finish my homework and quietly clean the house while everyone is sleeping, to being used as a punching bag by the men, and occasionally the Alpha as well, oh! Let's not forget the insufficient care for which I "think" I should be grateful. I can't complain to anyone about it, especially to my family, because "my voice is simply far too annoying for them," and I doubt that telling this to especially those people I considered my friends will make a difference because it will...you know, make it worse than it already is, because when someone dares to say something about my "fair deserved treatment," it makes it worse. While cleaning the last piece of dirt in the pack kitchen, I sighed as my thoughts invaded my mind, and I left the sad facility to tiredly stroll across the field towards the location I'm not desired by every single alive wolf in that vast but symbolic "claustrophobic" double-story mansion.

It was around 10 p.m. when I quietly crept into the house, making my way to the cleaning closet to begin cleaning this massive home. Having done this for a long time, I've developed a method for cleaning everything in under an hour. Heading up to my "extremely captivating appealing jaw-dropping brilliant drop dead magnificent inadequate room" (note the sarcasm), I pack the goods back into their closet, to complete the remaining of my assignments.

As I set my 05:00 alarm for tomorrow morning, I let out a yawn. Resting my tired body on my squalid makeshift bed and wrapping myself with a filthy, worn-out duvet cover

And letting sleep take over my body, lulling me into a deep slumber....not wanting tomorrow to arrive since in darkness and slumber I was truly at peace.

I'm Aspen Emberlynn Khelani Carson,a.k.a the wolfless girl and welcome to my life

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