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I want to write and write I shall. I have no reason to write besides that of free time and late night thoughts. Falling flat is better than falling short.

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One Last Bridge

“we’ll burn that bridge when we get there” is a malaphor that exists in two separate worlds. To believe that burning bridges is something good, it can be an accomplishment to get to the beginning of a bridge and have it burned down to the ground.

“I don’t know how I am able to go any farther, the soles of my feet are burning and my heart is on fire for you, but I can no longer live a life that disconnects me from everyone else.”

“We’ll burn that bridge when we get there” a flicker of sadness lives in his eye as he looks deeply aside. His eyes speak that of somber loneliness but his body only lives in excess.

He stops to sit with me on the side of bustling thoughts and speeding cars. There are no more words that could be spoken that would calm the pain both of us feel. There are no ways to get across the river besides to drown and the acknowledgement of either is suicide in each respect. To see the second that bridge on our way to paradise and wish to see it burnt down is bittersweet.

We walk farther to see the rickety old bridge that has not and now will never be used again.

We can walk to one side and see it dissolve from the other side knowing that the only bridge back across is smoldering behind us.

Or we can set fire now and see the only bridge across smolder in front of us.

In this, we choose if we deserve our paradise. To live alone on top of a hill is no way to live but to live alone with you may be heaven itself. Love surrounds each object that we touch and harbors life, but with nothing short of greatness there is no reason. Happiness bases itself on its surroundings and never lasts forever, nothing new is built and every built structure we live in falls down someday. Is this what we deserve?

To choose that we never deserve this paradise, is something I regret. Regret dwells inside each disappointed worker that had no raise, no promotion, and no parachute. Yet if I still live with you inside, nothing can be bad. Living life unknowingly, love not guaranteed but always promised is exciting in a horrible way. I can’t live without purpose but to find purpose is life in hell.

I choose the only logical choice.

“Okay, one last bridge”

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