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Seasons Change

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An original short story/poem.

Poetry / Other
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Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall

Seasons change when I’m not with you. When I found you it was spring, when I lost you it was winter. When I heard of you it was fall, when I ignored you most it was summer. The seasons changed. They will forever continuously change, since I am not with you. Seasons change. Spring reminds me of your happy smile, summer reminds me of your dazzling, fun ideas. Fall reminds me of the scares you gave, winter reminds me of you freezing in my arms. Seasons change.

The spring reminds me of your Azalea color eyes, the summer reminds me of your dark brown hair. The fall reminds me of your favorite orange dress, the winter reminds me of your pearly white teeth. Seasons change when I am not with you.

I repeat these words in my head each season. Each season I am to reminisce about you. My friends call me sad, pathetic and annoying. But I miss you, with each passing season. I don’t care if you do not get this, I’d rather it be known. Seasons change when you are not within sight. Seasons change when you are not within my grasp. Seasons change when I am not with you.

Your name, May, reminds me of spring. I love songs with your name so I can yell and sing. I cling to your name, like you are right beside me. Embracing me. Seasons change, and spring is when I missed you dearly. You say my name with great praise. “Nick, Nick, come see this!” you’d say. I know you miss calling my name. You should miss calling my name. I miss calling yours, so why don’t you do the same?

As seasons change, so do people. I no longer wish to be beside you. I love another, as you do too. She is much fairer and lovelier than you. Her voice reminds me of a warm spring breeze. Her hair flowing in the wind, as white as snow, like winter snowstorms. Her eyes, the same color as a bright orange pumpkin. And finally her clothing, reminding me of summer, wearing bright, cheerful colors. Seasons change when I am not with you. Seasons change when I am with her. Would I rather have her or you? I’ve given you plenty of clues. I choose her over you.

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