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Those random thoughts that come to my head are written here. I've been so afraid for so long to share these feelings. these are a collection of thoughts that I tried to turn into poetry. I hope you like it :)

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Another day running around

tired of being pushed around

living in the background

wanting to burn the whole world down

I don't want to be here

I'm lost in a maze of doubt

trying to find my way out

of this black cloud

without a doubt

won't black out

I guess I got to check out

But I don't want to loose myself

Loose hope and rope myself

Cuz I'm doing great by myself

at least that's what I tell myself

I think I've had enough

done with the distrust

But I've got to be tough

I guess I've had enough

I don't want to loose myself

I just want to be myself

as the light fades away

as the world decays

I just want to be ok

and fly away

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