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By Passers

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Explaining the pains I couldn't tell. An emotional poem from a true life story.

Poetry / Other
Pipi Yaa
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Chapter One

I can't breath

I can't frown

I can't smile

I can't quit

I can't stop

I can't continue

I'm just stuck

Stuck with shadows

Shadows of the by passers

By passers

Yeah by passers

Who can help me narrate this story

A story of confusion

A story that holds my story

A story that holds your story

A story that's holds our story

Let me try it one more time

Maybe this time you would understand

I lost myself

And I found me again

And then they got angry

An anger directed at my progress

A progress they never wanted to see

I know you don't understand

But I blame it on the by passers

The pain has refused to go

The fake smile won't wipe my tears

The bravery cannot stand my fears

And so here I am

Bruised and molested by them

Them is they that know nothing about me

Them that think I've to be like them

Them that don't want me to pass them

I passed out

I'm passing out

I just passed out until I felt I'm passing out

They are watching me

I don't like the eye they are using to watch me

My eye can't watch them

My eyes are watching the future

A future that has backfired

A future I'm not too sure about

Sure .......


Maybe telling them I'm fine will do

So help me God!

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