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the nightingale's song

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some emo poetry ig

Luka With a K
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two birds,

one stone.

kill one, take one out

shall the other stay?

i say,

no chance of it belonging

to the dead body of its comrade.

it shall flee

of course.

what difference shall it make to prevent the other’s death?

none, as humans are.

they shall flee the scene of the crime

without so much as a turn of the head.

back to the befallen

you left me

forsaken me.

gone when i need you most.

they need you

They need you.

yet you’re gone.

fly away into the despairing sky

the stars are black as the tears

of fallen angels,

as well as my heart

broken by your betrayal and clumsiness.

can’t you see the harm he has done,

yet you blame me for the sin he committed.

he may be younger and weaker,

but he has a consciousness.

i told him no,

yet he refused to listen.

i’m writing this to you to express my pain.

i have forgiven you and him,

you are my family.

i have not forgiven the fact

that all through the sliver of the fact

i may have lied

you didn’t protect them.

they are younger than me, and

he could have easily taken advantage.

i thank every type of god there is that it didn’t happen.

but it could’ve.

two birds,

one stone.

kill one, take one out.

now answer me yourself,

shall the other stay?

-two birds

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