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Cool afternoon

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The beauty of nature.

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Chapter 1

Paushali cold.

The supremacy of fog all around.

Sometimes ilshegundi rain (Drizzle) with stormy wind.

It is like to pour water on a drowned mouse.

Disturbed public life, helpless people.

A heartache!

Many people lend a helping hand.

Despite that, there is no infraction at characteristic of nature.

Blood circulation in the body is disrupted by nippy cold.

Reddish tip of nose and the fingers of the hand and feet are insensible.

Unconscious bluish ear-creeper.

Accumulated dewdrops on the eyelids fall out.

But what, tears stream of joy?

Maybe God’s grace.

Or the blessing of nature.

Or revenge, who knows?

Cool afternoon.

Waiting for the love of the beloved, the elegant gentle touch and warmth.

Here have heavenly bliss and a divine power.

A piece smile of the sun of the fog gap.

I am sitting speechless.

Ask hundred to own soul?

Complex calculation.

The seeds of dream and expectation germinate in this mind.

The future is beckoning.

But impatience, despair and misfortune are their rivals.

The position of side and opponent in two different poles.

Intense competition of getting and non-getting.

An invisible-visible adversity.

Nevertheless, they are descended in affair of honor (Conflict).

Who will be established?

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