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Dawn is about the routine of the animals

Mandyz Ttraxtion
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The first peek of sunlight

Announced he awakening of the sun.

The rays of moonlight

Had long been gone.

The dew on the grasses began to dry up

As the lion awakens the jungle.

The birds screech to the top

And the monkeys wiggle.

The bees begin to buzz

As they leave their hives.

The porcupines begin to curse

As it raises it's armor like knives.

The woodpecker chisels the tree

And the beavers begin looking for sticks.

The bats had flee

And the owls rest their beaks.

The ants begin to work

And the termites chip away bits wood.

The hyenas begin to lurk

Predators and preys hunt for food.

The birds begin looking for worm

And the mother duck leads her ducklings.

Predators begin to swarm

And preys protect their younglings.

Vultures begin to scavenge

As the Pit Viper rattles it's horny segments.

In corners, danger

Is lurking in all environments.

Survival is the order of the new dawn

And until the sun goesdown

The preys are to be hunted

And the predators the hunter.

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