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The Brave & The Broken

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While far too many people see horror as a lowbrow form of entertainment, there's so much more to the genre than what lies at the surface. Horror is an exploration of darkness, of human suffering, and of collective anxiety and terror. Without deep, insightful emotion, horror would nothing. For all the feeling the genre conjures, it's no surprise that there is a wealth of remarkable horror poetry collections. These poems dive into the heart of fear, carving out pain and loss with artful form and nuanced imagery. Who said there's no art in inducing nightmares? Here are eight horror poetry books to freshen up your bookshelf.

Poetry / Horror
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Xmas The New Holiday Boss

"Dashing through blood covered snow

Mr. Thanksgiving, like Russian sanctions-he is Europe played like a ho',

"Along with his partner in crime Jack Frost

Because he forgot who is the holiday boss,

"They invaded Santa's home

Now the shit is Northern lights 24/7 on,

"So, fuck the fun and children's games

Now its Taliban terrorist living without any shame,

      "A white Christmas that will turn into war torn red

But one thing for certain they will be dead,

"On the Pot-Pie Palace where Mr. Thanksgiving resides

Feathers and flesh begin to fly,

      "The elves are toy gun popping with deadly effect

Headless horseman to the rest-now they are bleeding with no neck,

      "Death to over five-hundred of his goober-gobber family members

A massacre in the middle of ice-cold December,

"Santa then let in the winter wolf for Mr. Thanksgiving to meet

Now cannibalistic teeth and claws is making him scream so sweet,

      "On the way back Santa sleigh was hit on target

By a suicide drone probably bought on the Iranian market,

      "Burning elves fell to their pointy-eared death

Jingle bells ringing until their last breath,

"Santa crashed into the side of Grinch mountain-yelling oh shit

Before him, his sleigh and eight reindeer went over a cliff,

"In the darkness grinned the evil known as the 'mean one'

Calling on his cell he wickedly laughed 'the fat fucker is done',

"Twerking with glee his maggot-infested green fur shook

As he headed out to gather dead elves to be gumbo cooked,

"Back at Santa's village elves were forced to fuck Misses Clause

Or feel the permanent effect of frozen balls,

"Once done Jack Frost dragged her into the village's town hall

And ice nailed her naked body against the naughty list wall,

"He had the Yeti ass fuck Rudolph until his nose begin to glow

Then ice sickles to the head and left Rudolph dead in the snow,

"Those that survived swore forever fealty to the king Jack Frost

Recognizing him as the new holiday boss".

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