A Thought Provoking Lunatic

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Welcome to the third adventure within the dark mind of the lunatic that has evolved into being a thought provoking lunatic hope you enjoy the ride.

Poetry / Drama
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Untitled chapter

Colour of skin.

Does it really matter the colour of a persons skin,

is it not more important to see what lies within,

should we really care about to which god they pray,

let us live as one human race and all have our say,

colour, religion, personally I simply do not care,

provided in their hearts people love can share.


As people pass you by give them a smile,

if it’s returned then life seems worthwhile,

remember a smile costs nothing to share,

but proves to the world that you really care.

Ponder time.

Time to ponder should i move or should i wait,

i cannot dwell within the darkness that i hate,

so again within my head confusion does reign,

i vowed never ever to allow back this pain,

so i will now ponder upon which choice i make,

thinking it will be the solitary journey i take.

Nature dance.

To the music of the world always dance,

for then nature itself you will enhance,

be at one with the world as you roam free,

overwhelmed at all of the beauty you see,

embrace the world and cherish each gift,

and your heart will grow your heart will lift,

embrace the changes within each season,

they are there for us with natures reason.

Rush and push.

We are all living in a world of ” i want it now “,

of i don’t care just go and get it somehow,

so now we have a world of rush, rush, rush,

also for what i want for me in life i will push,

a world of don’t mess with me or get in my way,

for i am going to the top and there i will stay,

so whatever happened to thank you, please,

or helping a fellow man who’s down on his knees,

some people i think need to pause to backtrack,

and refind the humility and compassion they lack.

Walking alone.

Seemingly once again i’m destined to walk alone,

a solitary figure within this lonely fall out zone,

i thought or hoped for a while there was another,

sadly i am returned to solitude i now discover,

i now must deal with the fall out others create,

as alone once again within my cold room i wait.


One day soon death will look me in the eye,

upon that chosen day i will smile i won’t be shy,

we shall walk and talk together into the sun,

and death shall explain as my new journeys begun,

as we walk i will not argue i will not cry or shout,

i will quietly listen to what my new journey is about.

The window.

At the window of life just looking out,

people passing each other by all about,

they never seem to smile never talk,

they just blindly stare as they walk,

do they suffer some paranoid delusion,

which to them causes even more confusion,

so let’s as we pass nod or maybe smile,

for if we do it makes easier our own mile.


Why waste your precious time on hate,

learn to love and all else will then wait,

with eyes and heart of love for all you see,

you experience the feeling of being free,

don’t focus on money focus on right,

with a smile on face and eyes so bright.

New dawn.

With a smile greet each morning sun,

a new day a new chapter of life begun,

your new dawn of life is about to start,

embrace each moment within your heart,

be good, be kind in all that you can do,

most important of all is always be you.

My arms.

Through all of your confusion stands my calm,

i will endeavour to keep you ever safe from harm,

my arms will always be open for you into them fall,

be it a cuddle, a kiss, a talk, then please just call,

if the hill you’re on is too steep for you to climb,

then this fellow soul is here for you at anytime.

Body v mind.

My body may sometimes feel, always look old,

but my mind is still young and often quite bold,

feeling outwardly old yet inwardly feeling young,

i know my life song to completion won’t be sung,

so thankful of each new dawn as i daily awake,

as a naughty school kid i look for liberties to take.

War and conflict.

If we stopped financing war and conflict,

it would be no more i quite boldly predict,

for no more innocent souls would it take,

for the investors no more money to make.

My almost daughter.

For you and yours i will forever be there,

for you and yours i will forever my love share,

when i was down, alone, you dried each tear,

you and yours know of all my hidden fear,

i can’t count the times you lifted me from the floor,

you alone know how i have cried behind my door,

and now with time passed and your help i’m good,

now living the life that you knew that i could,

so please accept a massive thank you from my heart,

and know that from you and yours i will never part.

His cell.

The autumn night draws in as he sits in his room,

his youthful summer gone and all far far to soon,

whether the light is on or off he doesn’t really care,

for all he wished for was anothers soul to share,

he had left a life a lie where he was nothing at all,

at times now it feels the same as he awaits a call,

outside of the room there are friends he knows well,

but then at the end of the day he returns to his cell,

his two loving arms still ready to hold to embrace,

but deep within his heart he knows it’s a no case,

and so with his solitude he no option but to cope,

but continues to dream of it all, all he has is hope.

Inner beauty.

We all have an inner beauty deep within,

why do we keep it locked up it’s no sin,

release your inner beauty allow it to shine,

letting the world to view that all is fine.

Empty dreams.

Never live within a broken empty dream,

for your life will not be all that you seem,

reach beyond the sky for the dream that’s you,

then live that dream in everything you do.

Death row.

Each and every one of us lives upon death row,

at any given time we can just get up and go,

so live each day like you are the immortal one,

and people will remember you when you’re gone.

Each tear.

Each and every tear that falls upon the ground,

is not silent for it will explode into a great sound,

each angel, each animal, each plant, will hear,

they will absorb your sorrow hold you so near,

for they possess compassion as a matter of fact,

surely this is how many of our race should act.

Empty skin.

His eyes appeared cold, empty, a blank uncaring stare,

the emptiness like a cancer grew but he didn’t care,

all that he had ever dreamt of was now stolen or gone,

hopes, dreams, replaced by the loneliness of one,

desperate thoughts in his head cicled all around,

and when he spoke there was silence not a sound,

he knew in his heart he could not allow this to grow,

that he had to return to himself and to the world show,

show the world the man he was the man deep within,

the man he rebuilt from beneath this empty skin.


Please no more war it has to stop,

no more blood spilt please not a drop,

let all people live let all people be free,

please for we all deserve peace, liberty.

A passion a desire.

Driven with a passion, driven by a desire,

looking for something to lift his soul higher,

not really knowing what he desired didn’t matter,

as he no longer wanted the purile inane chatter,

could it be a female he wanted within his life,

if it is yes then she could not become a wife,

it’s a rather confusing search he did agree,

he will know when he sees it saying that’s for me,

and so his search will continue going ever on,

hoping to find his little pot of gold is not gone.

Move on.

Do not waste your life on hatred move on,

it can eat away at you until you are gone,

in life focus on happiness focus on good,

focus on all positives on all you should,

forget all of the what ifs and but if only,

returning to them will make you lonely.

A comfortable shoe.

Let there be the purity of love in all you do,

let love fit you like a comfortable old shoe,

share love each day from the moment you wake,

give your love freely be true, be real, not fake,

to share your inner love is a beautiful gift,

and at least two souls will receive a lift.

Anothers eye.

Take a look at life through anothers eye,

view each twisted turn each low each high,

feel the joy that to life some do bring,

you can almost feel the heart sing,

record all the beauty delete the hate,

for life can be good death can wait,

keep it simple keep it real and true,

most of all live it ! and live it for you !

A lost past.

Kiss my mouth once more before you leave,

allow me that one moment of love to receive,

that one kiss will stay will stay with me forever,

and if i am ever asked to deny you i’ll say never,

our time was was short it was good but fleeting,

yet i for one feel it was such a beautiful meeting,

we had fun we had our time we had our love,

for a brief spell we were blessed from above,

so i ask again just one more kiss before you leave,

and i will forever dream i will forever believe.

The watson’s.

A beautiful family are about to leave the North East,

and upon Caspian cuisine they now shall feast,

when i first arrived here they gave me a start,

and not just work they took me into their heart,

so many thanks Gaffer and of course big lad,

we all went through a lot both good and bad,

so enjoy your new life beneath the Turkish sun,

for you’re a family that cared now enjoy the fun.

Cluttered head.

Upon the edge of insanity alone he does sit,

looking at a world into which he doesn’t fit,

inside his cluttered head thoughts all around,

he opens his mouth to speak there’s no sound,

his pen does twitch his thoughts poke and prod,

and blindly through life both allow him to plod,

he searches for something what he doesn’t know,

yet pen and thoughts insist he lets them flow.

Money v time.

He wondered where all the time went,

it was more important than money spent,

money he could get again time he could not,

so he just pondered on what was his lot.

Her loss.

She was missing his embrace missing his kiss,

when he whispered in her ear it was pure bliss,

the way he held her all through each warm night,

she knew that she was safe and that all was right,

and now he was gone and never ever to return,

to cope with each long empty day she must learn,

she knows with his smile he won’t walk in the door,

for she knows that he is lost to her forevermore.

My soldier boy.

Please lay down your weapons my soldier boy,

now it’s time to rebuild and not time to destroy,

step outside of the war take a good look around,

can you hear the peace isn’t it a beautiful sound,

ignore the faceless ones orders of shoot to kill,

lay down your weapon learn peace and freewill.

A scouse poet.

A scouse poet once said “give peace a chance “,

many ignored him and still to wars tune dance,

let us all as one make that special dream true,

sharing both love and peace in all that we do,

let us all take to the streets and for peace shout,

leaving the war mongering generals in no doubt,

give us all peace now peace is all that we need,

we no longer wish to see innocents bleed.

The Interlopers.

The interlopers still watch all i do and say,

why such an interest in my daily life’s play,

your lives must be empty to watch all i do,

why not ignore me and create a life for you,

leave me alone to live the life i have now built,

otherwise all that you have may just die, wilt,

i cause no threat to any one person alive,

for all i am ever doing is my best to survive.

More time.

Death called by tonight said it is your time,

i said chill man you want a beer or a wine,

i said more time please as i need to just write,

there is so much more i can do, more into the night,

please grant an hour, a day, even another year,

for to some people i need to make my life clear,

i need to explain i am not the one they need to fear,

and that they need to look ever ever so near,

all that i do all that i am is just a simple man i care,

and for those that i love i will ever pay the fare.

Him they see.

He moved around from town to town,

playing the usual role the peoples clown,

when people got close and looked in his eye,

that was the time he would move saying i’m shy,

he wasn’t the confident man that he painted,

he was lonely he was vunerable even tainted,

many people thought he was arrogant, brash,

try looking too close inside off he would dash,

he will never let you look at all that lay inside,

that particular side of him hurt so it did hide,

one day someone may wrestle from him the key,

i wonder what they will think when him they see.

Knowing me.

Can anyone actually say they know the real me,

i think not there is so much more than you see,

however so few people do i let see the me inside,

if you’re not honest, true, real, then i run and hide,

so few i have let inside because most can’t cope,

can’t cope with shattered dreams loss of all hope,

despite of all of this i rise each day and start again,

ignoring the ridicule, the scorn, the hurt, the pain.

Alcoholic oblivion.

Is it really alcoholic oblivion that i need,

will it dull the pain will it stem the bleed,

it cannot take me back to where i’ve been,

or erase some some of the things i’ve seen,

it does nothing but i know that i won’t stop,

and so i continue on until i finally do drop.

Earth lovers.

Every earth loving being let’s stand as one,

shouting boldly out war no more war be gone,

let us all as one stand together side by side,

and give all the warmongers nowhere to hide,

here and now today let us all demand peace,

we can win this and all war gladly will cease.

Your own heart.

True love and peace begin within your own heart,

within yourself is the only one place you can start,

if you dare to venture outside of you you will not see,

much more important you will be unable you to be,

keep within your own happiness and love zone,

for then my dear friend you will never be alone,

it will not matter at all if no one knows who you are,

because you will be content you will be a bright star,

immortality will beckon you because you love as one,

and within your heart and soul all of hatred is gone.

The real me.

I need to get back to the real me,

not the person i let everyone see,

just too much pain with which to feel,

too many emotions with which to deal,

a painful journey yet one i must make,

in all honesty my very sanity is at stake,

question is will i ever get myself back,

will i ever manage to get me back on track.

I choose.

Allow me to live the life that i alone choose,

i know some will be delighted if i then lose,

why i cannot understand others interest in me,

all i am is a spirit walking on happy and free,

i am no threat to anyone who walks the earth,

all i am is a simple man who values his worth,

those who watch say ” it’s time you moved on “,

it is those same ones that wish to see me gone.

Our soldier.

Can we allow the soldier to put down his gun,

let him go home spend family time having fun,

bring the child back home while he’s still young,

don’t allow on a foriegn field his song to be sung,

he swore his country to defend to the very last,

the lies he was told by his country were vast,

he thought he was fighting for freedom for all,

then he found out it was oil that had the call.

Random thought.

Is it really that hard to laugh and to smile,

as you stroll out upon your daily mile.

I don’t fit.

There are times when my body feels spent, old,

but my morals, principles i have never sold,

i am sorry if i do not fit in with your chosen style,

for i prefer honesty and reality all the while,

my life for no one will i change or will i alter,

and from my own chosen path i will not falter.

So fleeting.

Can you hear the sound of your heart beating,

look at the life you have it’s ever so fleeting,

listen to your music play it loud play it clear,

if you have a loved one hold them so near,

for our time is short enjoy your given lot,

you have only this moment to take a shot.

His mountain top.

The wizard looked around from his mountain top,

as he spoke out he wished the destruction to stop,

the people below sadly heard not a single word,

none of them knew it seemed none of them cared,

all they wanted were a stale and mundane thing,

not one wished for a heart that can dance, sing,

so the wizard thought should he make us change,

should he take charge and force us to rearrange.

Cut deep.

Shivering and cold the knife had cut deep,

wracked in pain so confused couldn’t sleep,

the wound festered within never to heal,

confusion clouded pain and how to feel,

struggling hard with little time to recover,

somehow though a miracle he did discover.


Distance can be measured in miles and in eyes,

also measure it among all the wheres and whys,

you can also measure it in what some people say,

and especially in the games they often will play,

it can be measured at best within lies and truth,

look into their eyes to see the naked proof.

Empty and cold.

His eyes were empty and cold no emotions there,

all that was left in them was his cold and empty stare,

everything he ever desired had been stolen taken away,

therefore no longer at life did he desire to partake, play,

and now the only words he would utter were goodbye,

and with each new dawn he would gaze at the sky,

he cried how he sobbed as his heart was torn apart,

and vowed that never again a new love could he start.

Random thought.

Always live your life through your own eyes,

and never ever through someone elses lies.

Pure love.

Hatred will melt when confronted by a true, pure love,

and tiny droplets of bliss will rain down from above,

a true, pure love will brighten the darkest black night,

and turn the mundane life into a bright beautiful sight,

a true pure love will embrace, protect you like a shield,

when faced with it hatred and wrongdoers will yield.

Random thought.

Search for the calm amongst the confusion,

search for the truth amongst the illusion.


A loving embrace on a cool autumn night,

warm both heart and soul making all right,

no need for words exchanged silence spoken,

the loving embrace alone is loves true token.

Her world.

She felt as if her whole world was turned inside out,

not knowing now who to trust and who to doubt,

she had offered her body, her heart, her very soul,

just when she thought all was good came her fall,

now she needed time to think maybe time to rebuild,

could she regain any of the happiness that had spilled.

Older and wiser ?

My story is a little tainted but my side’s not been told,

i have done many things but my principles never sold,

also i haved loved a few and yes some i have now lost,

and for the ones i have lost i have truely paid the cost,

now an older and i hope wiser man for all of you to see,

only now can i the man live with a heart that is so free,

within my heart i truely feel that i could love once again,

and given that chance perhaps relinquish this pen.

Give shelter.

Your enemy will always cast lies in your way,

telling one and all “see this is what they did say “,

if you’re pure of heart the liar you pity and ignore,

for an empty barren future all they have in store,

why they try to lie about you is really of no mind,

when you see them smile and always be kind,

the problems they have in life are not with you,

they are with themselves and all they can’t do,

so try to be patient with them offer your hand,

try to tell them that alone they need not stand,

your patience may unravel their torment, pain,

your heart may give shelter from their own rain.

Your light.

Allow your beautiful inner light to ever shine bright,

then you will peacefully win each and every fight,

no adversary can overcome your light of pure love,

for it is blessed by the sun, sky, moon, and stars above.

September twenty fifth.

My beautiful Mother it is your birthday once again,

with tears in my eyes once more i pick up my pen,

you stood by all four of us even when we were bad,

even loving our drunken foolish bad tempered Dad,

how did you ever manage on what little to you he gave,

but you did and for treats for us four you tried to save,

my eldest Daughter Mother is the double image of you,

and as long as i have my Daughter then i also have you,

September twenty fifth is my beautiful Mother Mary’s day,

i love you so much Mother there are no other words to say,

you were strict but loving and you were always right,

you always always kissed each one of us goodnight,

the four of us are so much poorer now you’re not here,

but our love for you we will hold close and never fear,

no one could ever fill the void you left in our heart,

but from our undying love for you we will not part.

Winters blanket.

Under my blanket of the cold winter snow,

all i wished for was a chance for love to show,

but beneath my blanket i still lie on my own,

like a hungry dog i continue to gnaw a bone,

so again i am all alone no loved one at my side,

but i will continue upon my life’s crazy ride.

Fading light.

Pretty soon now my light will start to fade,

i hope my past sins will have been paid,

knowing i have been what some say a bad man,

yet all i have done is live as best i possibly can,

not many asked for my side of my sordid story,

as i searched for my own truth and not for glory.

Lonely track.

a lonely man walking his lonely track,

no point looking forward or even back,

now seems he is destined to be alone,

he sits with thoughts in his comfort zone,

all he can enjoy in his life is his music,

apart from his four the world makes him sick.

Here and now.

All that anyone has is just the here and now,

so feel good within before you make the final bow,

enjoy all that you’re given enjoy all you’ve got,

whether you’re given a little or you’re given a lot,

there are ever so many who have nothing at all,

yet they still stand proud and walk ever so tall.

Broken promises.

You can always tell when a promise is broken,

just as the liars false empty words are spoken,

and as they speak a little of their heart will die,

for only in truth can your heart sing and fly.

Nothing at all.

Within my simple life i have nothing at all,

and yet it seems i have felt both rise and fall,

all i have left after discection is my old heart,

my heart, my truth, from which i won’t part,

only a very special few understand my game,

those special few know i hold absolutely no blame,

they accept me as the fragile being that i am,

with truth and love they care, they give a damn,

and to those special few i say a big thank you,

for each thing you say and each thing you do.


Loneliness and thoughts spilling from my pen,

it seems like forever and ever all over again,

so i try to hide a while in an alcoholic trance,

until i feel strong enough to let my heart dance,

will i ever be strong enough to try to do this,

and again allow my heart to feel true bliss,

at this chosen moment in time can i play again,

will i have the strength to throw away the pen.


People will walk in and walk out of your life,

some will bring joy and some will bring strife,

hold ever close the ones who choose to be there,

for they my friend are the ones who really care.

Seasons change.

And now both summer and autumn have had their fill,

we now prepare ourselves for winters dark cold chill,

many animals stock up dens and take a seasons sleep,

if only we humans could and all of our dreams keep,

but no by day we trudge along through rain and snow,

and by night we relax by a beautiful fire’s warm glow,

and we dream and dream of the dawn of a new spring,

when both our hearts and the birds once again sing.

Eyes of a child.

Look at the world through the eyes of a child,

there is purity, innocence, imagination runs wild,

all those imaginary friends with absurd crazy names,

the endless hours playing imaginary fun games,

please don’t let that end even as you grow older,

stay as that child and allow your life to be bolder.

Like a callous thief.

You promised that together we could have fun,

but you ended it before it had barely begun,

and before my tear stained eyes i did behold,

each and every lie that to me you had told,

i still have the love but not the trust the belief,

for you stole both from me like a callous thief.

Inside of me.

Even though my body is starting to tire,

i feel as if my very soul is lifting higher,

this feeling of contentement i feel inside,

is one that from the world i cannot hide,

some may feel anger because i feel joy,

i no longer care because i’m no ones toy,

so i shall remain happy as i go upon my way,

not caring what those others do or they say.

Birthday girl xx

From a child born she’s now a young lady grown,

many things she’s seen and even more she’s known,

she carries a beautiful smile and a kind loving heart,

from what i’m told so caring from the very start,

she holds in her mind the ability to travel so far,

this suave debonair young lady is a real star.

Soul stripped bare.

Sitting here alone listening to the music play,

so little time is left and so many things to say,

what so many call a gift i ignored for so long,

i was preoccupied with trying to simply belong,

now i no longer care for the norm or fitting in,

think of me as you will some call me life’s sin,

i may to some seem that way but i will continue,

and to my critics i choose to say i don’t need you,

they cannot comprehend all that i feel deep inside,

the feelings that to the world i try my best to hide,

each single life i have lived i have in full paid the toll,

i walked away with nothing leaving behind my all,

the only things i have left is one the music to play,

and two all of the things that i still need to say.

Passionate night.

The electric feeling of naked skin against skin,

a kiss, an embrace, the thought of committing sin,

that romantic yet naughty whisper into an ear,

lost within a naked embrace with nothing to fear,

a passionate night you hope will forever last,

is all too soon resigned to a memory that’s past.

Leave my heart.

Take my body use it as you and only you will,

then leave me in the morning alone and still,

just leave my heart, my mind, my soul, intact,

for in time to come against you i will react,

i shall rise up and rebel against being a toy,

and no more will you turn me by acting coy.

The velvet shroud.

Wrapped in the velvet shroud of the dark,

a cool night walking alone through a park,

head clearing as the thoughts begin to flow,

and the truth that is me well only i do know,

some think they know as they flirt on my edge,

they can’t gain entry they remain upon the ledge,

i shall stay a solitary soul until the time is right,

walking life by myself through my day my night.

Empty living.

He was a quiet, shy, unassuming sort of man,

living his simple life the best way that he can,

ever so few knew of the pain that he had felt,

no one knew of the empitness that in him dwelt,

his emptiness was often a self inflicted thing,

he learned to live with all the emptiness did bring.

His tomb.

An empty shop doorway was his front room,

he knew that one day it would become his tomb,

the blood in his veins was poisoned and ran cold,

he no longer felt he was part of the peoples fold,

tramping the streets in his poison induced state,

and for his final high he could no longer wait.

The governments gun.

Born a simple child of both the moon and sun,

raised to flatly refuse the governments gun,

to take anothers life for any cause is so wrong,

so i will stand proud singing peace in my song,

spreading vibes of love and peace to one and all,

praying one day soon the guns will finally fall,

and we can all walk a path of the moon and sun,

so no man, woman, or child will ever need a gun.

The chosen few.

I have reached a time in life for me where i don’t care,

but for my chosen few i will always and ever be there,

i will share my unworthy love without any doubt,

and for those that i love from the rooftops i’ll shout,

i will cry aloud my complete and undying love,

for by these ones i am blessed from high above,

i need not to mention them at all by their name,

for they are there for me they each know my name.

The sky fall.

What will we do on the day the sky does finally fall,

and there is nowhere left for us to stand, walk tall,

when we have poisoned the very air we breathe,

and there is nothing left to take nothing to leave,

there are ever so many lessons to be learned,

before we can receive all the thing we yearned,

without change we will have nothing to receive,

and each one of us must in Mother earth believe.

Random thought.

Enjoy the beauty of each bright new day,

smile at the world and kind words say.

Stolen dreams.

Each dream we had they tried to steal, take away,

conditioning us also in what we should hear or say,

a few did like me rebel saying this is not my game,

i choose to be unique i will pick my chosen name,

at this the faceless ones seemed shocked, confused,

why they asked do not want to be owned, abused,

the answer is simple i am free and shall remain,

i refuse to leap through hoops as you call my name.


Music tells it’s story to one and all,

it’s powerful enough to make walls fall,

music has no country no boundries made,

when we listen all our troubles will fade,

it spans centuries and touches your very soul,

without music i for one have nothing at all.

My place.

I will wait in that spot between time and space,

knowing i may be alone but in my special place,

here and here alone no one can do me harm,

this is the only place i feel i safe feel warm,

so here i stay until i have sung my song,

or until once again i feel good feel strong.

My story.

I do not know how my story of life to tell,

dare i actually emerge from within my shell,

will it matter to the world what i have to say,

i feel sure the world will just cointinue it’s day,

to some who hear my story they’ll say lie lie lie,

and i will laugh, carrying my truth until i die.

A precious memory.

A precious memory forever will stay burning deep,

they can’t take it away it’s yours forever to keep,

your money they can steal but not your mind,

keep your memories alive to all else be blind,

the faceless world will try to steal them away,

for your joy they will try hard to make you pay,

keep them safe locked away within your head,

hold them ever safe keep them even when dead.

The poverty bus.

Happiness they say i can no longer afford,

upon the poverty bus i’m told i must board,

i answered boldly and loud happiness is free,

it is there for all to enjoy there for all to see,

and it will remain an integral part of my life,

it will keep me sane and also free from strife.

Your mind.

Journey through the recesses of your mind awhile,

explore the abject beauty and admire your style,

for your mind is the only thing they cannot steal,

as much as they would like to tell you how to feel,

i often take a ramble through my cluttered mind,

and always rejoice at the wonders that i do find.

Against the world.

My skin is feeling cold, body now feeling old,

sick and tired of being told do as you’re told,

for far too long now against the world i’d rebel,

and not many understand my tale that i do tell,

so just leave me be to sail my life’s stormy sea,

please, please, just allow me to be the real me.


Trapped in a night that’s neither here nor gone,

imprisoned in blackness no moon no stars shone,

alone with nothing but the darkness all around,

shouting out yet not even making a single sound,

until my time is played out the darkness will stay,

still i pray for light or for words that i can say,

i sit in my dark prison that i myself had made,

for light, love, beauty, my soul i would trade.

That soldier.

The poor soldier uses his gun to protect a lie,

for that lie he did promise to lay down and die,

is it not time to reveal to him / her the truth,

to make our politicians provide the proof,

for it is that soldier who will shed the blood,

however misguided he thinks it’s for our good.


To provoke reaction is why thinkers write,

they dare to venture into the darkest night,

they tend to absorb other peoples pain,

and are often found walking in the rain,

don’t often laugh but alone they will cry,

always try to produce without asking why.

Eyes all empty and flat.

A million sunbeams flash before my eyes,

in my ears vibrate a million or more sighs,

and also countless children all alone sat,

all their faces cold, eyes all empty and flat,

each one used the same voice as they spoke,

why oh why did promises to earth get broke,

nothing to inherit for them we had taken it all,

and for our sins not theirs they take the fall.


My name doesn’t matter i see your game,

my name is me doesn’t matter i am a name,

the name i have is spelt simply capital FREE,

this one name can only describe what’s me,

your existense is yours it is no more mine,

than yours is entwined with me that is fine,

my exsistence is mine it is silence all along,

my being here is simply a mistake in a song.


Time to forget doubt and also forget fear,

time to hold close what is precious, dear,

time to forget about colour of the skin,

time to look see what lies deep within,

time to open up your eyes time to see,

time to be yourself, time to live free.

The hippie.

The hippie will ever care for our earth,

the hippie always appreciates her worth,

the hippie will only good, kind, words speak,

the hippie happiness, love and peace seek.

Dance as one.

On the day that two hearts dance as one,

will be the day the fear is banished, gone,

when gazing into eyes seeing only truth,

then love is there so need to seek proof.

Self repair.

A shattered heart with time will itself repair,

allowing you to once more love and care,

but when it is trust that’s lost and broken,

nothing can be done words are a mere token.

A spark.

He felt lost on a dark uneven lonely track,

then he spied a light, he’s on his way back,

his road is long but not now quite as dark,

and within his heart he can feel loves spark,

he hopes this will grow and will take a chance,

oh how he wishes to allow his heart to dance.

Emptiness building.

Seems once again the emptiness does build,

flooding into the void i hoped that i had filled,

looking like i am destined to be alone again,

back to being me with just my book and pen.

Dream search.

A million dreams floating through my mind,

searching for the one i need quickly to find,

it is in my head somewhere hidden far away,

to find it each song and dream i shall play,

it’s a song and a dream of many days gone by,

i shall continue my search whist asking why.

My wish.

All i wish for is the life i feel i have earned,

also the love i have longed for even yearned,

is this actually far too much for me to ask,

have i set myself the ulitimate impossible task.

Media machine.

And still the media machine rolls on and on,

it’s mission is to eradicate truth till it’s gone,

we must stand together as one and shout,

for we need truth it’s what life is all about.

The light.

Within the light always lies the dream,

follow it no matter how bad life may seem,

others may say it’s wrong but your dream is right,

it holds you together through each dark night,

possibly the dream is all you have left in life,

it will help you to overcome the trouble, strife,

the dream if you believe will help you survive,

your dream will flourish keeping you alive.

Random thought.

The liar in life will always be insecure,

and will never understand truth is a cure.

The poison.

The pure poison is running in my vein,

the only thing that will keep me sane,

i want it i need it to help me be free,

it’s the only thing that is left of me,

far too much heartache, pain to endure,

the pure poison is my one and only cure.

Random thought.

Live life like tomorrow you will die,

laugh long and hard and never cry.


Do you believe your crucifix will gain you entry,

remember Peter is on the gate the eternal sentry,

he is the one who has your book knows your sin,

the one that at you will look ever so deep within,

i as a man of the earth choose not to believe,

and upon my chosen day will accept what i receive.


Alana Lowrie a lady who thrives upon truth,

give her truth pure truth, no need for proof,

she has a heart of twenty four carat pure gold,

a mere child at only twenty eight years old,

this is a young lady who hated me with a passion,

until one birthday night truth i did fashion,

i answered her question with truth, she did smile,

and since that night this young lady knows my mile,

she will always speak her mind to one and to all,

to her truth is all and all else will simply fall,

for far too long she has been sorely misunderstood,

i feel that now i know Alana, and her heart is good,

from an old hippie thank you i feel truly blessed,

you are an angel i feel honoured to have passed the test.

Concentrate on beauty.

Always try to live without jealousy, hatred, and greed,

in your life not one of those things do you really need,

try not to worry too much about material, financial gain,

for that worry can all too often lead to nothing but pain,

concentrate upon the beauty that there is all around,

watch the children at play listen to their joyous sound,

sit still in a forest watch trees grow hear the birds sing,

drink in all of the beauty that our world to us does bring.

Shadow of a life.

Wandering through the shadow of a life gone by,

would it have really worked out if harder he did try,

remembering many words said, many words spoken,

half of the conversation it seems was simply a token,

and so now in total solitude his heart shall ever dwell,

alone for infinity he is imprisoned within his dark cell,

yet outwardly to the world he smiles, plays the clown,

inside he feels empty, feels broken, wearing a frown,

there are no tears left to fall from his empty cold eye,

so he sits in solitude looking at the heavens asking why,

there is no answer, no solution, a life left with no reply,

is he destined to remain this way, yes he says with a sigh.

Life’s tide.

Feeling tired and low, i will lie back upon the tide,

and do nothing at all but enjoy watching as i ride,

seeing life float by, see people come, people go,

listening intensly at all that they think they know,

watch the hustle and bustle as they come and go,

real life is certainly the greatest ever live show.

One day soon.

One day soon i shall get my life back on track,

replace the sadness bringing happiness back,

and on that day once more my heart will sing,

i will look through new eyes at the joy they bring.

Yet another !

Yet another steel works is closing down,

the kiss of death to another fine old town,

those who worked there did graft and toil,

to be betrayed this way must make blood boil,

once more slave to machine no more required,

no thank you, no sorry, just goodbye you’re fired.

Random thought.

If we truely love then we truely care,

if we truely care then all we have we share.

Moment in time.

A moment in time when i miss holding you in my arms,

i miss the taste of your kiss, the taste of your charms,

those times when we often just shared a loving glance,

and times we were together both our hearts would dance,

that sensual feeling of my hand upon your soft skin,

the amazing feeling of warmth it gave me so deep within,

but now sadly you’re gone and we two are simply no more,

and no longer will i sing as i walk to knock upon your door,

although you’re no longer here your memory burns on,

now there is just an empty void where once you had shone.

Warm safe desks.

From behind warm safe desks orders do they bellow, shout,

and covered with mass protection when they venture out,

our soldiers with little protwction these orders do obey,

no questions can they even offer ” just do as we say “,

fighting an enemy we not only trained but did then arm,

telling our front line ” you’re keeping people from harm “,

if the truth is told then the desk men are really the infidel,

if the price is right there’s nothing they won’t buy or sell,

to us the men behind the desk will never share the truth,

for that will make them look foolish they hold no proof.

Free of hatred.

To the cross of life they crucified his body and skin,

his only crime was to be a man free of hatreds sin,

his enemy he could not hate, he pitied him yes,

and all the sins of the world he tried to address,

a man with a heart full of love for one and all,

he lived his way rejecting each time normality did call,

was he the last rebel who still lived the sixties creed,

the rebel who lived for desire, dreams, not for greed.

Solitary soul.

He shivered at the mere thought of falling in love,

simply shaking at the thought of dancing with love,

for he had resigned himself to being a solitary soul,

he knew deep inside that love would no more call,

that in truth should make his life simple and clean,

it didn’t though it left him feeling lost feeling mean.

I exist.

People ask me what do you actually do in life,

my reply is i exist which causes others strife,

it is not my intention in any way to do hurt,

other people have the problem and are so curt,

i have requested many many times just let me be,

so many times the words spoke let me be me, free.


For far far too long on your words i did wait,

and then i don’t know why they turned to hate,

the only true words uttered were i love you so,

and now upon ridicules treadmill i must go,

there are few that know just how i now feel,

even fewer know that my pain is ever so real.

Downs child.

Why was i born different the downs child did ask,

because child god has set you a very special task,

you are tasked with making the narrow minded see,

that each of gods children were born equal and free,

you are not different you’re no better or no worse,

it is only blinkered people who carry that curse,

so go out and live your life ever happy and free,

shouting aloud to the world ” hey world this is me “.

Shift and slide.

The sands of time will shift and slide,

you can run but you can never hide,

accept your new journey in a new time,

the challenge of the mountain to climb,

we all fear death, yes we all fear demise,

yet it’s only a journey to a new sunrise.

New day.

With the sunrise that each new day will bring,

once again my heart shall start to sing,

it will rejoice in the beauty of the new day,

hearing words a millions mouths will say,

and i shall prepare myself to walk your street,

smiling, chatting, with all the people i meet.

Journey of life.

The journey of life begins deep within yourself,

however arduous, it is better than sitting on the shelf,

unveil your inner self for all of the world to see,

as you take the first step to becoming totally free,

peace, serenity, contentement, will then follow,

and your life will then never feel empty or hollow,

your world will then feel complete feel whole,

and no longer will you worry when the bell does toll.


Autumn when leaves turn brown and gold,

letting us know that summers story is told,

an October breeze carrying winters chill,

shorter days, longer nights, all feels still,

no dawn chorus from summer birds choir,

folk happy to stay home around a warm fire.


Young Owen Boddy puppy dog eyes and blonde hair,

a heart the size of a giant, he really truly does care,

plus a razor sharp wit for one that’s ever so young,

this boy has been here before, an ever sharp tongue,

and such an extensive memory of our national game,

ask him a football question, any player he will name,

I have for quite a few years watched him develop, grow,

into this handsome young man that we all do know,

and one day soon Owen your mams heart you’ll break,

when steps into the big wild world you will then take,

but both your mam and dad will be proud of who you are,

a lovely caring young man who certainly will go ever so far,

I myself feel honoured, blessed to say I know this young man,

who when he matures will have life set within his own plan,

please stay the loving caring one that we love and we know,

you could own the world if you allow Owen Boddy to glow.


Sophie Boddy a lovely young lady with bright eyes,

and also a smile that will light up the darkest skies,

both Mother and Father feel blessed from above,

to have a beautiful child that is so full of pure love,

such a beautiful face and an amazing radiant smile,

and those close to you love you and will walk any mile,

all those who know you know you are a special girl,

and we watch in awe as you’re radiance does unfurl,

we watch as tou draw, sketch, please please carry on,

cause your sketches are akin to the sun that shone,

one day very very soon out into the world you will go,

and all those who meet you will be happy and know,

know that you are truthful,sincere, and also kind,

a beautiful young lady with a bright intelligent mind,

all those who know you feel honoured your life to share,

such a beautiful young woman who truly does care.


When you have nothing at all there is always truth,

and when you have truth you have no need of proof,

wear your truth on show, wear it with total pride,

for then in life there is no reason for you to hide.

Hole in heart.

There is a hole in my heart where you used to be,

you sadly walked away before we could be free,

leaving me with just a cold and empty heart,

and a memory of something that didn’t start,

i now walk alone, my eyes so empty so cold,

just awaiting death as i’m growing ever old,

most who look see a life that seems so full,

i see the emptiness, the pain, the ache is dull,

the damage long done, and none can me repair,

for i am devoid of feeling, for nothing do i care.

My tide.

Maybe one day quite soon my tide may turn,

and the one that used to be me will return,

is it possible for me to return to me i ask,

or have i set myself an utterly impossible task,

only time will tell if myself i can really change,

i feel the need my old self to try to rearrange.

Refusing defeat.

To all those ( like me ) who have loved and lost,

we know better for we have paid the ultimate cost,

yes we were beaten down, with time we again rose,

we refused your defeat we had our own cause,

we sat awhile gained the strenght for our return,

in the end you lose we win this you will soon learn,

we moved forward, it took time yes we moved on,

and now you are a faded memory, you are gone.

Sands of time.

The sands of time run long, and run so deep,

as they drift by they remind you of all you should keep,

the sands of time see all the sins you hold within,

they see the you now, and also where you did begin,

seeing your torture, pain, they call out your name,

the sands of time can set your empty heart aflame.

Search within.

A distant light on the very edge of time,

a frozen mountain top you need to climb,

a thousand more words you desire to speak,

a hidden dream for which you seek and seek,

all of theses things you do yearn for, desire,

these very things you think will set you on fire,

yet these things are already at your beck and call,

simply look within yourself and you’ll see them all.

Hippie creed.

Follow the clouds, follows the breeze,

be kind to the animals, and the trees,

arise each day a smile upon your face,

love each single member of the human race,

your time here may be short or may be long,

so celebrate each day with a joyous song.

I changed.

So many thought that they knew my name,

they all did say I will remain the same,

yet I changed myself from deep within,

no more to be challenged by your sin,

i can now ramble so free and so wild,

regaining connection with my inner child.

Random thought.

Accept in your heart all of earth’s fellow man,

be compassionate, kind, as often as you can.

Love ourselves.

So many fail to recognise their inner light,

even though it burns so blindingly bright,

they refuse to accept self love from within,

this they somehow catagorised as a sin,

we must accept and love ourselves as one,

or we cannot love others and all life is gone,

for all we have left then is the demon seed,

nothing at all positive just sefishness, greed.

One more sunrise.

The gift of eternal life we all truly desire,

we long to bathe in immoratalaties fire,

why do we fear death, why fear our demise,

desperatly praying for just one more sunrise,

death is merely a jaunt from one world to another,

an amazing journey with wonders to discover,

it matters not if we believe in heaven or hell,

for only in our demise will we hear a new bell.

Allow peace.

Look at the world and see all of the love,

share the love, feel blessed from above,

embrace your fellow woman, fellow man,

spread words of love, kindness where you can,

allow peace, love to flow through all you do,

let the world see that you love all that you do,

for our world needs your loving caring tide,

upon your feelings our world will gladly ride,

whether you’re here forever or for a short while,

the memory that is you shall remain upon file.

Mill Hill Blackburn.

I hail from Mill Hill, Blackburn, in Lancashire,

from my very humble roots i will never ever tire,

my red rose town was once cottons king,

a mill on each corner, prosperity did sing,

the red rose had cotton the white had wool,

Pendle separated us yet both had life ever full,

sadly industry died both counties wept, cried,

our Lancashire folk however did not hide,

for we are each one of us blessed with pride,

you may smack us down but we can’t be beat,

for Lancashire, Blackburn folk are the best you’ll meet.

Wintery sun.

After a November wintery sun had burned bright,

we descend into a misty, murky, foggy night,

where lost souls wander lonely, afraid, cold,

feeling uncared for as their stories are untold,

only the feeling folk will be able to see them,

and only those folk, will their acute pain stem,

seek the lost souls and please offer a helping hand,

to allow lost souls an escape into a peaceful land.


It is only when we listen with an open heart,

can the music we love to hear instantly start,

music is the universal language for one and all,

it can help us survive, music can pay life’s toll.


The main things in all our lives are share and care,

for those people you hold close, always be there,

if you are, all your past sin is cancelled it’s gone,

and your life’s sun will for eternity shine brightly on,

i hope that my life’s sun will shine on forevermore,

even when they pass me through that exit door.

Her spell.

Upon a dark black night the witch cast her spell,

and deep under that spell without choice I fell,

my life now was totally out of my own control,

it was there for me yet it meant nothing at all,

I did all that was ordered, requested of me,

knowing in my heart no more will I be free.

Deep within.

Your peace and happiness starts from deep within,

find it and then you’ll live happily within your own skin,

you will wake each morning with a beautiful smile,

instead of a dreary trudge you’ll skip your mile,

all of lifes detractors will fade away like the mist,

for nothing at all but positivity will be upon your list,

also your peace and happiness becomes contagious,

life will be joyous, fun, crazy, and totally outrageous.

Side by side.

Thinking of days and times that are forever gone,

walking beneath the moon and stars shining on,

with good friends we’d often laugh and drink,

sharing kind words or in silence we’d think,

through good and bad times always side by side,

this was our journey, and how we rode the tide.

Judy Rose.

Her name is Judy Rose, she’s such a beautiful girl,

who unwittingly can put many a guys heart in a whirl,

no matter what she’ll wear a big smile upon her face,

personally i think she’s such a credit to the human race,

i know that sometimes she feels lost and ever so alone,

all who know her will gladly walk with her in her dark zone,

i feel priviledged to know Judy Rose she is a true star,

who genuinely cares for people whether near or far,

she is a shining example to us all going through life,

as she always tries to smile amid all of lifes strife.


There are so many people that i have never met,

yet i love them all, upon that you can surely bet,

for we all share a great love for our mother earth,

we stand in awe of her beauty, and value her worth.

The fallen.

They carved all their names into a large stone wall,

the fallen ones who for us had freely given their all,

for king and country they gladly marched off to fight,

with the knowledge they were justified and so right,

we enjoy freedom thanks to these women and men,

who with no regard for self would do it all over again,

to all of the fallen we say a big massive thank you,

for these courageous souls did what they had to do.

A house, A home.

A house is just a building where people do live,

until into that building love we spread and give,

and then that building transforms into a home,

that will remain with you wherever you may roam.

No longer.

I sacrificed comfort, security, and I found joy,

now I am free I am no longer someones toy,

in peace I listen to music and quite often write,

blanket covered contentment both day and night,

no finances yet I feel I am such a wealthy man,

at long last my life is revolving to my own plan,

I refuse to apologise for what is now my past,

looking forward to a future i hope will last.

Troubles falling.

Like Autumn leaves let your troubles fall to the ground,

sweep them all together in a small or a large mound,

then see how much happier, relaxed you now do feel,

now that no others happiness you need to covet, steal,

for now you are as free as a summers soft white cloud,

trouble free you can walk the path so strong so proud.

Life sentence .

These cold dirty streets are my prison,

amid all the troubles and worry arisen,

a life sentence handed out with no parole,

no longer now do I attend the daily roll call,

in my mind I wander far far from the street,

exchanging smiles with the faces i meet,

with death I will gain freedom, my release,

within my demise I shall achieve my peace.


I looked deep into the vacuum of your eyes,

seeing nothing other than your empty lies,

so many words you said were all untrue,

I feel grateful you left i saw the real you,

people stood by me, repaired my heart,

and of my old heart you could have been part.

Remember them all.

The eleventh hour, the eleventh day, we salute them all,

every single brave soldier who answered a nations call,

each single one of us owes them such a massive debt

we offer you our thanks even though many we never met,

you gave all for the nation so that the people can be free,

without this sacrifice our freedom would never ever be,

our humble thanks are sadly all that we can offer to you,

for all that you gave for us, and all that you continue to do.


Today a lovely family said goodbye to a good lad,

Pete was a good man, good husband, a good dad,

a hard working man, who for his family he did care,

who of him now have so many memories to share,

he will now look down on you all from high above,

and send you one and all his eternal perpetual love.

Together dance.

When finally all our nations together shall dance,

then we’ll know peace will at last have a chance,

when nations sit down smile, to each other talk,

and side by side across this world calmly walk,

then and only then are all past lessons learned,

and we can rejoice in the peace we have earned.

A grey world.

Can anyone please tell me where the grass has gone,

or even when it was that the sun last brightly shone,

i walk out of my door, and the world looks so grey,

faceless people walk by, with nothing at all to say,

this world looks so grey and ever so empty and cold,

or is it just me growing cynical as i’m growing old,

no ! because i remember all the fields of green,

i know and remember each place i’ve ever been,

but now I look, and I walk streets dark and grey,

without change from us here we’re destined to stay,

we need to return back to the days of the sun,

take our world back to where it had all begun,

to when people laughed and walked side by side,

to when only hatred was the only thing to hide.

A free world ?

none of us really live within a free world anymore,

we are merely puppets ypon the controllers floor,

do as you are told or we will take your ground,

complain all you wish, we won’t hear a sound,

life is easier when you do as we tell you to do,

eat what we tell you to, oh and your colour is blue,

we shall tell you which opinions you must believe,

you will believe in us or we will force you to leave.

Our sister and our brother.

In the name of a religion let us no more kill another,

for every person alive is our sister and our brother,

it matters not your choice of god, or colour of skin,

what does count is seeing the person that is within,

when we get cut, it’s red blood that we all do bleed,

when we’re hungry isn’t it food that we all do need,

time to stand together, each child, woman, and man,

and peacefully eradicate each war mongers plan.

Love forlone.

A love is lost, a love is forlone,

leaving a heart broken, and torn,

and not till that heart can again care,

will that heart be able to self repair.

The fragile man.

Feel caught between death and the final mile,

sort of hoping the final decision takes a while,

can’t say whether i’m ready to simply check out,

always thought i’d fight, scream, and shout,

but now I ponder upon what I will leave behind,

why do I care if people think i’ve been good, kind,

kind of feel I have done all that I possibly can,

remember world all that I am is a fragile man,

I know that once it seemed that I had it all,

and yet all that was there was a private fall,

now though apart from intimate love i have a lot,

some good people who untie my sadness knot,

they will sit, listen, just be there to help, advise,

these people showed me how to compromise,

and also how to appreciate each new suns dawn,

so I guess I have been lucky with the lot i’ve drawn.

Untold past.

A past that’s been lived and yet remains untold,

it was a bittersweet past that never will unfold,

at times it was cold, hard at times warm, easy,

certain times it was clinical other times sleazy,

however he said it was a past he loved to live,

if only others had been as prepared to give.

A life.

A life almost over, a life that’s almost spent,

a life that appears to have been up for rent,

a private life that’s full of sadness full of grief,

a life that to my beau doesn’t matter anymore,

a life that for me now is totally devoid of score,

a life from which I can no longer live as free,

a life from which I can no longer just be me.

What matters ?

It matters not whether you are right or wrong,

what matters is being happy where you belong,

for some take a lifetime knowing where to be,

a lucky few are happy with what they first see,

some like myself have travelled hard and long,

thankfully I have always carried a happy song,

I think where I am now is where I longed to be,

it has taken me sixty two years to say I am free.

In all but name.

I talk to a special person if i’m feeling down,

she is guaranteed to take away my frown,

yet every now and then she needs help herself,

someone to sit with her on her “your fault” shelf,

for this person i for one will always be there,

and she knows for her and hers i’ll always care,

i will not simply rant, and rave, and constantly shout,

like some self opinionated and pompous ogreous lout,

I will listen, support, and my honest opinion speak,

and promise to be there even when all seems bleak,

for I know that for me she will do exactly the same,

because we are family in everything except name.

Our Blackburn.

Blackburn oh Blackburn, my once beautiful hometown,

in hard times the people would always smile not frown,

hard working folk often fed upon tripe and black pud,

times were often cruel and yet they seemed so good,

town centre market stood proud by our great town hall,

as a child our market to me seemed huge, it had it all,

I was brought up in the great place named Mill Hill,

ever so bustling by day,and by night it seemed so still,

in our Blackburn gradely folk always spoke their mind,

yet never ever hurtful but always truthful and always kind,

then sadly planner man tore our once proud town apart,

so thank you planner man for you broke Blackburns heart.


Looking back at my life each and every twist and turn,

but even now I have ever so many things left to learn,

I have done many things some good and some bad,

so so many times I have been happy and then been sad,

from my humble origins of twenty three Moorgate Street,

I have wandered far and so many good people i did meet,

many nights spent neath a warm blanket of moon and star,

many a day of friendship and of travelling on ever so far,

feel older now I feel I should tame my reckless wandering,

time to settle down rest a while and allow my heart to sing,

maybe it’s time I sat to reflect upon all that I have ever seen,

and with tearstained eye think of all of the places I have been,

I often shed a tear when I think of those I loved and then lost,

James, Jesse, Annie, Rita, Finny, Knoz, and more i paid cost,

one day soon we shall all of us again play, dance, and sing,

drink a while smoke a while hell we will love and do everything.

Our reason.

Each one of us is here for a special reason,

be it for a lifetime, or be it for a season,

myself if I can make just one person smile,

then I will have surely completed my mile.

Franny ( my brother ).

Franny, my little baby brother why did you have to die,

our great family didn’t even allow to say a last goodbye,

I never even got the chance to say I loved you my man,

I always loved just how your life went according to plan,

you always had calm, while i lived amid my own chaos,

but if i needed you then you would always carry my cross,

so I thank you little brother for you were always for me there,

and thank you for each single moment we both did share.

What the world sees.

The world sees a confident, happy, and positive man,

thinking that he is sure and always knew his own plan,

no one knew the man sat all alone with just the night,

he had hid all his tears, all his confusion, all his fright,

for he in all reality was ever so scared, and so fragile,

he felt he needed someone if only for just a little while,

yet he truly knew he must simply accept his solitude,

so he browsed through all the memories he’d accrued,

and each single day he rose and started again his life,

feeling ousted, separated from all the trouble and strife,

he often wonders would he be missed when he’s no more,

will even one person shed a tear for him at the exit door.

To fly.

Should I wait in the place where I have been told,

just sitting and waiting for my rainbow to unfold,

I can no longer be the person you want me to be,

for I have to move on I have all the world to see,

so I no longer in life have a desire to compete,

for I have my agenda, I have my life to complete,

that statement doesn’t mean I am going to die,

it simply means that I am about to learn to fly.

My lament.

My shoes are old, split, and heavily worn,

my jeans like me are all creased and torn,

this once youthful face resembles a prune,

I feel my life has passed by far far too soon,

whatever happened to the once cheeky lad,

forever gone but never looking, feeling sad,

I look back at my life, hell man I had a blast,

and chuckle as many disapprove of my past.

Tick tock.

Each one of us over time shall surely evolve,

and around so many other people we revolve,

we pass many people with each brand new day,

often not hearing or ignoring what they do say,

for we all seem too wrapped up in what we’ve got,

or struggle and strive for all that as yet we have not,

but sadly we cannot cheat or avoid lifes last trick,

because for us all rich and poor the clock does tick.

Random thought.

Shed all your worries as through life you go,

and seeds of kindness and love you will sow.


The true warriors of the earth do not fight,

they stand together for all that is just, right,

knowing fully that the battle shall be long,

yet they march on daily heart full of song.

A liars web.

Like the spider a liars web can entrap us all,

and like the spider the liar sits to await the fall,

yet if we stand tall and only the truth we give,

then the liar is powerless and has no reason to live.

The mocking ones.

From each nook and cranny the mocking ones crawl,

impatiently sitting and waiting, watching for your fall,

they will laugh, mock, and scoff at all that you do,

don’t allow them to knock you down, make you blue,

rise above their scorn, speak your words out loud,

use your truth as a shield against them standing proud.

Live your own way.

Never ever apologise for the person you are,

for you alone are the one who has come so far,

when others tell you how to live each single day,

simply say no thank you I shall live my own way.

A human cog.

I am a mere human cog within lifes wheel,

afraid and unsure of how I should truly feel,

I know all that I felt ever so many years ago,

but now do I want all of that back on show,

or should I in virtual privacy just walk alone,

into what is my own world my privacy zone,

and then discuss with me where i need to be,

possibly rearranging the things I need to see.

My special place.

I have my very own special place betwen time and space,

it’s where for many awhile I can hide from the human race,

when i retreat there I can nurse my wounds and then heal,

often pondering a while upon how i should actually feel,

many times I think I should be full of resentement, hate,

then the voice of reason does call simply saying to me wait,

so then cool, calm, reasoned, back into life I then walk,

listening, watching, and with my renewed energy I talk.

My mask ?

Is there a mask behind the what I show as my face,

or has my life just simply vanished without a trace,

now i feel I am just far too old to restart, to rebuild,

but still want all of my dreams and desires filled.

Spare time ?

Seems these days no one at all has any spare time,

we’re too busy, on the ladder of success we climb,

yet we don’t look at life and ask do I need this,

me, myself, wants only happiness and bliss,

I don’t desire fame, and I don’t desire money,

but thus aint gonna be, so I am alone with my pain,

and I look like the fool, throwing roses in the rain.


These days so many of us have forgotten how to dream,

sitting alone with the night and amid all the silence scream,

for ever so many people the dreams of youth are no more,

they assume there will be no admittance at dreams door,

to dare to dream is to dare to stay forever and ever young,

making your statement to the world of ” my songs not sung “,

this world of ours needs more people who dare to dream,

to help to eradicate those people who hate and scream.

Random thought.

Love of this world is a gift to share,

love of this world is proof we care.

What happens ?

Does anyone wonder what happens after our death,

is there really a bright light as we draw our last breath,

or is there nothing at all there apart from deaths bell,

not knowing is why many believe in heaven and hell,

and that alone gives one and all the choice to repent,

while we ponder upon which place we will be sent,

I myself believe i shall return to Mother Earths arms,

to hopefully enhance our beautiful planets charms.

Our working class hero.

Thirty five years ago we lost a great, wonderful guy,

who spoke of love, peace, and of Lucy in the sky,

New Yorks Dakota has long since become a shrine,

for myself in his beautiful words, music, I find mine,

his songs of peace soon spread across the globe,

as if he was our chosen prophet without the robe,

his past, his family, while young was ripped apart,

but from this he grew with a great dreamers heart,

many mocked when he sang give peace a chance,

yet that song made every single dreamer dance,

his life quickly taken by five bullets to his chest,

with wife at his side as the world laid him to rest.

People of peace.

With people of peace I will forever and ever stay,

and games of both love and freedom we’ll play,

the people of peace love and care for our earth,

and people of peace always appreciate her worth.

Your rumour mill, My truth.

To the world I shall live my own life my own way,

I have no desire to be part of the games you play,

my life I shall live true, honest, right, and also real,

I alone shall decide myself which life cards I deal,

so feel free to fill your rumour mill with all your lies,

from this moment with you I shall officially cut all ties,

your vicious poisoned tongue can no longer harm me,

because I know the truth, and with that I can live free,

and we shall never engage in conversation ever again,

and my frustrations will build and flow freely from my pen,

glad no one believed the lies you tried your best to churn,

and I pity you as it is you alone that people will now spurn,

may I thank the ones who sheltered me from your storm,

for it is you not I who cannot live within a truthful form,

so continue to lie, for that is all that you can ever do,

myself to mine I shall continue to be loyal and ever true.

What if.

What if there’s no future at all, no past at all, only the now,

and each moment in time we could show the world how,

how to love each other and how to how to in us believe,

and how to persuade negativety and hatred to leave,

then we can focus on simply kindness, love, and right,

only then will our world live totally free withouth any fight.

A candle of peace.

Where were you stood upon the day that the love died,

were you like me, one of those who openly wept, cried,

for upon that day hatred crept in against our fellow man,

with the suggestion of crucify him as soon as you can,

seems that we have all leap back over a thousand years,

as we watch the pure hatred from behind a veil of tears,

we need as a world, a family, a candle of peace to burn,

and from each violent action a lesson for peace learn.

Mass genocide.

Britain, Usa, Russia, France, all guilty of mass genocide,

and the people at home in the governments paranoia hide,

once again blood of the innocents is spilt on foreign soil,

and all in the name of the profitable god by the name of oil,

why is it so many innocent people need to bleed and die,

and why is it that we all still accept our governments lie.


So many broken toughts that won’t go back,

ever so much confidence within me I do lack,

only my music could understand who I am,

for to the watching world my life is a sham,

but all I have ever done is to be good, right,

which explains why I lay alone each night.

Aggression will eat away.

I have no time for those people with an aggressive attitude,

only for those people that love, kindness, and humility exude,

aggression will eat away your soul piece by piece ever so slow,

and the person that once was you will no longer be on show,

for all that anyone will see is an unhappy and empty shell,

because only the aggression will grow, like a tumour swell,

so please try to be loving, humble, and always try to be kind,

because then it is the positive and loving ones you will find.

Her night shift.

She worked the streets each night for what she had to pay,

with old men, young men, sometimes women she’d play,

ever so many often promised to keep her safe and warm,

yet ever so many lied and instead caused her much harm,

and so each cold dark night she would wander the street,

hoping that one day soon her shining knight she would meet.

Street folk.

The people of the streets now shiver and feel cold,

no one seems to care for either the young or the old,

thet see them huddled in doorways as they pass by,

it appears it’s just more convenient to turn a blind eye,

let’s make eye contact, sit, and maybe have a chat,

believe me the street people will thank you for that,

and if you possibly can provide not money but food,

for then in their memories of life you they’ll include.

Random thought.

Put down your phone, talk to each other,

go out into the world, her beauty discover.


Homeless, displaced, lost, and Christmas drawing so near,

faceless statistics on the street shiver with both cold and fear,

dreaming only of a warm bed and maybe just maybe a hot meal,

but the hard reality is scraps of old food they beg for or steal,

they know that their life certainly did not start out this way,

but then something unforseen happened so now they pay,

and ever so many of us tend to shun them as we pass by,

even fewer of us will stop to simply ask them how or why,

if we speak to these people we may learn, understand,

most are not after freebies just an ear a helping hand.

Only shadows.

His thoughts were tainted from all of his pain,

memories permanently stained by all his rain,

each day he walks within a lifetime of shadows,

the world watches him, yet no one really knows,

for he holds all of his privacy deep down inside,

and he has a special place where he can hide,

yhis world cannot comprehend what he’s about,

which is why each night to the world he does shout.

Blurred life.

Has anyone ever wondered what they’ve left behind,

all of your joys, sorrows, for all of your past to find,

and each single moment you played the life fool,

they laughed, and you sat upon the naughty stool,

yet happily in the end they cared, and they shared,

yet your video of life was ever so hazy and blurred.

Random thought .

It doesn’t matter to whose god you pray,

what does matter are the words you say.

Random thought.

Our thoughts our dreams keep us alive,

think and dream of peace help us survive.

The night.

I don’t know why but i still love the call of the night,

the dark night, the moon, the stars, shining bright,

the mystery, the romance, can hold you in a trance,

and so into it all I walk and sometimes I even dance,

within the night there are many magical sights to see,

so as often as I possibly can into the night i’ll flee.

I am the tide.

I will stare wide eyed into the heart of the sun,

for it is only now that my life adventures begun,

now I am fully enjoying life, enjoying the ride,

I no longer go with the flow, now I am the tide,

into the fields of passion and desire I will walk,

of togetherness,humility,kindness,love,I talk,

and if the day ever comes when I am not here,

my words i’ll leave behind, speak them loud,clear.

Spent love.

Touch my heart and soul, fall into my arms,

kiss my mouth, allow me to taste your charms,

the words I spoke, and those words I meant,

however it was decided that my love was spent,

so now I live, or should I say I barely survive,

just kind of waiting for my demise to arrive.

Random thought.

All that there is between life and death,

is the taste of a kiss it is the life breath.

A childs eyes.

Always look at the world through the eyes of a child,

travel back in your mind to when imagination was wild,

remember the times before you saw the colour of skin,

to when the fun mattered and that secret friend within,

back to when the outside world was our playground,

to when happiness, acceptance, laughter did abound,

we need to listen to children to remember to re learn,

to find again what we’ve lost, for what we secretly yearn,

children never ever judge they just quite happily play,

never really bothering about what grown ups will say,

they have it all innocence, equality, and purity of heart,

and enough imagination for a brand new world to start.

Mans story.

So many a mans story needs to be told,

ever so many lives have been bought, sold,

oh so many times in secret we have cried,

and ever so many times for you we tried,

but all we got was anger, rage, in our face,

seems what we had died without a trace,

yet each day so many try just once more,

knowing full well exactly what lies in store.

Desires/wishes for the world.

I have no desire to date a beautiful female dancer,

i’d much rather that someone found a cure for cancer,

although i’m old I don’t wish that I could be younger,

but I do wish we could eradicate poverty and hunger,

I don’t want to own the latest new fast big sports car,

however I would love to see an end to each single war,

don’t really care how long for a love that I must wait,

if once and for all time we can finally abolish all hate,

I would gladly give up my place where I am safe, warm,

if we could keep all children of the world safe from harm,

are any of these things simply just far too outragious to ask,

let us one and all starting now make this our mission our task.


Once again the festive season is now here,

and we are all happy and full of festive cheer,

for two weeks we’ll all love our fellow man,

handshakes,hugs,kisses,doing all that we can,

then it will end it will be just as it was before,

and people will be alone once again on the shore.

My insanity.

Feel chaos, confusion, is my insanity to return,

thought I was rid of it thought I had left it to learn,

but then you hit me hard by becoming ever so ill,

I was dragged back to swallow a really hard pill,

and even now you don’t care that for you I feel,

you don’t care that I care about your lifes deal,

the two of us could have had the worldand it all,

yet you were too afraid to even try to make a call.


It’s not money or things but people that we need,

time we all said farewell to all the senseless greed,

if we all made time to show people that we care,

then just think how much love we could all share,

let us all stand together in usison on mass as one,

until every single scrap of senseless greed is gone.

Naomi Ruth.

My beautiful,beautiful girl my firstborn Naomi Ruth,

if you disbelive in angels then my girl is the proof,

on the eighth of June, Sunday,nineteen seventy five,

a gorgeous princess made my heart feel truly alive,

she was,and still is,such a wonderful caring child,

with such beautiful eyes that can drive you wild,

she cares about so many,and is loved by more,

my beautiful firstborn Naomi Ruth I simply adore,

your Granma Mary will look down from heaven above,

knowing in your heart lies an abundance of love,

I love you my beautiful daughter more than I can say,

and I love you always and more each single day.

They said.

Vicious lies and rumours about him they spread,

he refuted them and laughed at all they had said,

for he and he alone knew of his own life and truth,

and not one single friend did ask him for proof,

the lies stopped yet hatred of him did remain,

and all because his character they couldn’t stain,

he was never ever an angel yet he had belief,

who often felt so used by a loving heart thief.

Our decision.

He would reach to the sun,the moon,each star,

all he wished for was an end to every war,

he wanted each child of the world to be safe,fed,

each mother happy,and not living in dread,

our world is far too precious for us to lose,

and so it is peace that we all must choose,

this is reality not a possible chance to take,

it is the only conscious we need to make.

Random thought.

My life feels almost over and yet it’s just begun,

and so I shall gaze into the heart of the sun.

Her loss her regret.

She pondered her life and she gave a large sigh,

a tear of regret built up within the corner of her eye,

if only,what if,all of the things now she couldn’;t change,

those certain points in life she’d love to rearrange,

if only she had the courage if only she was brave,

then and only then her former love she’d save,

she knew his love was pure and oh so true,

yet through bad choice she was left feeling blue,

a choice she will regret until the day she’ll die,

and then all alone in the cold ground she’ll lie.

Lancashire’s dark days.

Her name was Old Mother Demdyke of Malkin Tower,

she held the people of Pendle deep within her power,

there was also Mother Chattox such a wizened old hag,

who kept many a Pendle soul captive within her bag,

and not forgetting Alice Nutter the lady of Roughlee,

a lady of much substance, this all Pendle could see,

yet Roger Nowell did these and nine more arrest,

one by one the Lancashire witches were put to test,

and at Lancaster Assizes on mass they were tried,

then upon Gallows Hill all were hung and died.

My demons of the night.

Within the quiet darkness of yet another night,

my demons return to once again resume the fight,

carving holes, stabbing hatred deep into my soul,

their desire is my heart into the pit of despair to fall,

alone I fight against my evil demons of the night,

a shield of truth will help put my demons to flight,

the demons will continue to tease and to torment,

these are the demons my own dark past has sent,

night after night this battle will once again resume,

until my heart, my soul, the demons devour, consume.


A sincere smile, a kiss, a loving embrace, is all I desire,

I know that of your tender loving arms I shall never tire,

to lie beside you through each dark winter, summer night,

and to gaze into your loving eyes will make all wrongs right,

to walk hand in hand together and talk of days long gone by,

not only will warm my heart but also allow it to fly so high,

from you the only thing I wish for is truth, loyalty, in return,

because from each others hearts we both have much to learn.

The Lunatic .

I shall remain the lunatic who roms free,

refusing all your labels remaing boldly me,

you tied me down for many years too long,

now I wander free with a heart full of song.

“Civilised world”

The “civilised world” called by the other day,

it still had the same mundane things to say,

talk of destruction instead of let’s peace build,

as I listened with great sorrow my heart filled,

so part of your “civilised” world I refuse to be,

until the path of love, peace, equality, you see.

From mind to pen.

From mind to pen simple words I write,

sitting alone once again sharing the night,

this solitary life I certainly did not ever plan,

however I shall live it the best way that I can,

I shall live with truth, I shall live with honesty,

but first and foremost I shall live to be free,

I say free, yet I feel as a slave to mind and pen,

with thoughts pouring out over and over again,

for no one knows the abject pain that I feel,

or how with my own life I struggle to deal.

Another year.

Another year has almost come to it’s close,

another chance to think, to ponder, plan, propose,

a night for meditation, a night to make a new deal,

my night of deciding exactly how I should really feel.

Corridors of time.

Through special corridors in time tonight I ride,

remembering times when we’d play, run, hide,

days when the green tasted good, tasted pure,

times when we knew it all, of that we were sure,

of long summer days when we would sit and talk,

or along a warm beach we would simply walk,

those days now seem oh so distant, far away,

now we’ve grown older no one wants to play,

as we are in the autumn of life our leaves fall,

all we can do is wait for our final winters call.

The pen / the book.

Still alone with the pen and also the book,

upon my past life time to take a quick look,

looking at when I was foolish I was young,

hoping it’s a while before my song is sung,

ever so many people have long since gone,

yet within my humble thoughts they live on.

My road.

Upon my own road of life I shall walk,

with smiling people I will always talk,

around each corner, around each bend,

upon my own road of life until the end.

By my rules.

This is my life, and by my rules I choose to play,

I will decide which words I alone shall say,

it matters not to me whether or not you agree,

for I am far too busy simply being just me,

I have lost far too much to care what others think,

and into despair I flatly refuse to drown or sink.

Spaces to fill.

From my pen so many thoughts still spill,

within my heart so many spaces left to fill,

there are ever so many things I want to say,

so many scenarios left for me to play,

yet I will sit quietly reserved in my game,

and simply request the world forgets my name.

Time for us all.

There are so many memories for us all to steal,

time for us all to say just exactly how we feel,

it is the time for us all to open a new door,

time we all recognised each single score.

Propaganda machine.

Government spends billions on the propaganda machine,

so that to the watching world they will look squeaky clean,

but the dirt of those broken promises lies firmly in their hand,

poverty and devastation is now where our nation did stand,

for they have sold integrity, they have sold hope, sold truth,

so I ask just what is there left for all our upcoming youth ?

Our legacy.

As you wander through life always radiate love,

let your inner beauty shine as the sun high above,

ignore negativity, ignore hatred, ignore scorn,

live in the innocence and beauty that your were born,

be brave enough to love, be brave enough to dream,

keeping well clear of the establishments machine,

we no longer need to march, or wear flowers in our hair,

just love and show all in our world that we truly do care.

My one desire.

At times the words that I write don’t always rhyme,

and I feel caught between both space and time,

I do however hope my humble words sound sincere,

for as ” the thinker ” I hold you all ever so so near,

hoping that to one and to all happiness I do bring,

my one desire in life is to make your hearts sing.

Distractions / diversions.

Walking a cold wet street alone almost midnight,

knowing, admitting he could have done more right,

yet distractions, diversions, sadly took their toll,

he started out wanting everything wanting it all,

and now so many do this sad dreamer ignore,

because he relates realities truthful score,

as he wanders this world chooses to see him blind,

when all that he wanted was to be good, pure, kind.

A dream.

The soft sensual feeling of skin against skin,

the warm tender taste of a kiss deep within,

the safe secure feeling of a loved ones embrace,

just a few things that will make your heart race,

to gaze long and deep into your loved ones eyes,

and to spend a night wrapped within her thighs,

will I ever spend another night so beautiful, fine,

or is this merely a memory, a dream of what was mine.


Floating, drifting, wandering aimlessly upon high,

with the feeling that I am at one with both earth and sky,

observing busy rushing folk as they rush on their way,

but me i’ll just drift along with nothing at all to say.

. It has to be now !

Surely it is time to put a stop to innocents blood that’s shed,

it has to be now that we all ensure each child is clothed, fed,

time that all people of this world can live in safety, free of harm,

so each parent can tuck their child in bed at night cosy, warm,

time the generals of war were educated the road of peace to see,

let it be now that all people on our planet walk tall and walk free.

The thin white duke.

The thin white duke has now shed his mortal coil,

no longer will this icon this legend struggle, toil,

Major Tom,Ziggy,Alladin Sane,in us will live on,

the man,the icon,the legend,will never ever be gone.

Alana Balana .

You have a heart of pure gold and a wonderful smile,

and for truthful people you will walk many a mile,

when people meet you they see a brash outer shell,

if they look deeper, there’s a much softer tale to tell,

you will always defend your loved ones all the way,

because you know it’s always truth they will say,

I feel totally honoured to call you my true friend,

and I know our friendship is true and won’t end,

your family are the ones who saw you grow from a child,

they saw the moody, the unruly,the stroppy, the wild,

personally I have seen a true lady one that has class,

a lady who will ignore all falseness and also all crass,

just as with your brother and sisters I am glad we met,

and as with them I will always defend you on that you can bet.

Random thought.

When you sing add passion to your song,

with passion and music you cannot go wrong.


Immortatilty the one thing that we all seem to chase,

it seems it’s the one thing in life we all join to race,

we all fear our exit,we all wish we could defer death,

each one of us scared of taking that last terminal breath,

yet I ask, is this just another journey that we all must take,

is this alone the path that that each soul simply must make.

Random thought.

Our lives are either truth or they are lies,

we have either love or we have sighs.

Song of life.

Your precious song of life will never ever end,

if within it both love and kindness you blend,

and nothing but a pure heart to the alter you bring,

kindness,humility,truth,and love to life you do sing,

then and only then will your life be worthy,be true,

for then and only then can you be what is really you,

so now rejoice in your unique song of this world,

allow the true person you are to be fully unfurled.

Each night.

Each night I close my I see a picture of you,

you are in all that I say in all that I try to do,

so now each night alone in my room I will cry,

to move forward each day I alone can only try,

and to do this I shall be all that I possibly can be,

despite your opinion I shall try my best to be me,

for you broke me,you destroyed the man I used to be,

and sadly for me I still love you just because I am me.

Our heaven on earth.

We can all find our heaven right here on earth,

when we learn to appreciate our own value,worth,

but remember to set modest standards to live by,

keep them close and from them never ever shy,

walk tall and true,yet always be humble and kind,

do these things and then happiness you will find.

Humble life.

I am still growing and progressing in my humble life,

I am party to trouble,I feel I am also party to strife,

yet I try to boldly step forward and I try to be good,

always trying to live the life that I know I should,

however there are so many forces beyond my control,

and these forces would love my humble life to spoil.

The one I am.

My life is not always good, it’s not always right,

this I alone must address every single damn night,

I know that I must improve on the person that I am,

and yet so many look and say that I don’t care a damn,

from my humble heart may I say yes I do actually care,

and the love of my chosen few I shall without reservation share.

Chaotic thoughts.

So many chaotic thoughts running around my mind,

the answer to oh so many questions I need to find,

knowing that time itself must be against me now,

I shall still ask the questions when,where,and how,

one day soon all of these answers I shall myself see,

and upon that day my soul shall be set totally free.

I now choose.

Standing alone I wait for the answer to it all,

and now standing alone I will wait for my fall,

at times you have all laughed at what I am,

in all honesty I no longer give a solitary damn,

because in my own world I now choose to live,

yet to you all my love I will offer, I will give,

for it is only then that the man that is now me,

can as a man, as a human being be fully free,

Words I say.

Does anyone actually understand the words I say,

can anyone out there take a part in my life play,

does even one solitary person know how I feel,

or even with the solitude that some from me steal,

I was fifty seven and felt I needed a major change,

believing with help that my life I could rearrange,

five years on and I am still waiting i’m still alone,

I don’t ask for forgiveness, I will wait within my zone.


Listen to the music playing gently upon the breeze,

or the song of life resonating through bushes, trees,

if you listen carefully this wonderful music is all around,

it is the wonder called nature and such a beautiful sound.

The rebels.

Of people like me the controllers said steer well clear,

do not listen to their words, do not go anywhere near,

for these are the ones who do reject the control pill,

as they are the rebels that will dare to preach freewill,

telling one and all to question each and every little thing,

they flatly refuse the comfort,security,control will bring,

advocating for all love,peace,song,and of course dance,

they say ignore the controllers don’t give them a chance.

Home is?

Home is not always in the town that you were born,

because from that place one day you may be torn,

home is where people welcome you with pure heart,

and of you never tire,and from your side never part,

I have found my home, I personally have my place,

and I feel blessed,blessed with love,blessed with grace.

The clown.

The clown will hide his woe, his tears behind his mask,

because making the world happy,laugh is his given task,

the people do laugh never bothering to ask are you okay,

he doesn’t mind he knows what is what and who to pay,

when all alone he will climb upon his little comfort ledge,

“tomorrow I shall be strong” is the clowns daily pledge,

so day after day the clown will gladly play the happy fool,

secretly wishing that to him life had not been cold, cruel.

The voice.

My mind is in turmoil, I don’t know what I should do,

not knowing what is false, not knowing what is true,

the hippie within my head says sit, embrace, be still,

yet the capitalist says go out there and get your fill,

which is the one voice that I should heed, listen to,

in total turmoil just what is it that I should really do.

Human shields.

Born into a land of bombs, where bullets do fly,

recruited young, used as shields, expected to die,

the pathetic men in masks behind the children hide,

such brave courageous men full of honour and pride,

brave men send the children home be your own shield,

and step up to your battle stand unguarded in the field,

for then those children will grow into women and men,

who hopefully will refuse your choices of war once again.

Faceless ones of the night.

He feels cold, feels lonely, feels old and weak,

no longer caring if to him people do not speak,

all he wants to do is retreat into his own shell,

within this world he now has no desire to dwell,

so into the dark of the night he’ll walk the street,

and it is only the faceless ones of night he’ll meet,

for like him they don’t desire, they don’t judge,

they like him through life blindly ramble, trudge.


Love is being there until the very end,

love is being real, not having to pretend,

love can be a battle for all the world to see,

love is allowing your loved one to be free.


And finally the people of the world spoke,

saying that only in peace shall we walk,

no longer shall we accept the loss of life,

from today we take peace as our husband/wife,

and no longer shall we allow the blood to spill,

no more will the generals have their fill,

from this day peace shall be the norm,

we have had enough of past wars weary storm.

Love / hope.

When speaking to people speak of love,speak of hope,

try your best to make vunerable people know they can cope,

always listen,but only listen to the words that are the truth,

be ever humble,be real,for humility, and reality need no proof,

follow the path of your heart,follow every single crazy dream,

for then life won’t give you curdled milk,it will give you the cream,

try your very best to do just one act of true kindness each day,

for then this will fulfil an integral piece in your personal life play.

Got the lot.

My one desire in life was no longer there,

however this did not mean that I did not care,

but I will look now at what I have actually got,

and I see ever so much,in fact I have got the lot.

An old mans lament.

And then she was no longer there for him to hold,

each and every night his bed felt empty it felt cold,

he knew that never again would he look into her eyes,

and never would he lie in the warmth of her tender thighs,

many others came along but sadly not one did compare,

he knew that never ever again his heart he would share.

His date with death.

He felt oh so weak and he struggled to catch his breath,

knowing that soon there would be his date with death,

so he was feeling frightened also feeling rather contrite,

spending his lucid hours trying to put his wrongs right,

for his every single wrong in life now he did so repent,

praying,hoping,for acceptance before to his grave he is sent,

death is what he knew he must accept for death is certain,

asking only for forgiveness before passing through deaths curtain.

A soldiers return ?

The dove,the symbol of peace should always fly high,

our world must embrace peace without ever asking why,

for far far too many people have been maimed or died,

far far too many soldiers poor mothers have wept,cried,

oh sommany wives,partners pray for their lovers return,

but sadly the warmongers care is only for what he can earn.

My refusal to grow up !

I’m only sixty two and a half still just a mere child,

refusing the seduction of “adulthood” running wild,

not walking but trampling through life being just me,

I don’t accept responsibility I prefer to live shackle free,

no mortgage, no wife and two, just living as all I now am,

and for the preordained plan that is life I don’t give a damn,

so to the ever watching world crack on and be as you wish,

one small request though don’t throw trouble into my dish.

Any given day


And upon any given day judgement shall call,

upon that given day the civilised world will fall,

but the zany,the wild,the rebels,will still be there,

because they are the ones who for the earth care,

this world laughed when in hair they wore a flower,

yet upon day of judgement they will hold the power.

They wept.

They wept as they looked down upon their creation,

mayhem,destruction,chaos,within each single nation,

seeing the children starve,the homeless mothers bleed,

people,animals kept in locked cages never to be freed,

faith,hope,and charity,it seems now discarded cast aside,

would they ever once again be able to try and turn the tide.

Our mam.

Mam named us Eve, Deborah, and Alana, our Mams name is Sue,

we would like to say to our Mam that we three truly do love you,

in our lives you always allowed us to live free, live our own way,

yet in your own style wise words of advise oh so often you’d say,

you yaught us each one of us be happy, to live a life that is free,

saying in your own way go out and the whole of the world see,

we don’t see you now quite as much as we would really like,

circumstance, and hectic lifestyles, make it seem quite a hike,

that apart within these three hearts of ours we do love you so,

as do all five of your grandchildren, yet this we are sure you know,

time, circumstance, life, may have moved us all so many miles apart,

however our Mam, from our unconditional love you’ll never part.

Your choice.

Falseness spoke and for the reaction did then wait,

hoping the words spoken would fuel the fires of hate,

truth then did speak and then just sat back a while,

knowing that right will always allow the people to smile,

falseness or truth it’s your choice alone which to choose,

your choice will truly define whether you win or you lose.

My one last shot.

I am but a mere man who at life is having one last shot,

my smile,my eyes,my honesty,my thoughts,all i’ve got,

and three score years on my thoughts do freely spill,

the smile is infectious and always my face it does fill,

my eyes they gaze around watching all taking it all in,

the honesty is there for all except for lies and also sin,

so all I can hope is my one last shot bears me so well,

for then within pain free comfort I may be allowed to dwell,

yet I feel sad that my adversaries will try to shoot me down,

ever insisting that I remain the fool,the dolt,the stupid clown,

as in the past I shall rise far above all that at me they throw,

knowing my past is my past and of my future I do not know,

my one last shot is all that in life I have left to really give,

this one last shot is why I function why I now really live.


Look into a mirror and see a true reflection of your face,

then remember that you are a brother,sister of a human race,

it matters not whether you’re white,black,yellow,or brown,

because one day we all must wear that funeral gown,

so live life,love life,speaking words of kindness to all,

remain humble help those who in life who stumble,fall,

then look back in the mirror to see the reflection of face,

and reflected back will be beauty,beauty and pure grace.

Random thought.

I often feel in life that my patience is growing thin,

and also feel that all the sadness there is lies within.

Random thought.

Truth, a pure heart, kindness, are all you will ever need,

without any of the above your heart will shrivel and bleed.


Almost called you today just to say a quick hello,

but I knew I would ask you why did I have to go,

all I ever wanted was to give my everything my all,

sadly all you wanted was to watch me stumble,fall,

why oh why could you not allow me to just be free,

why oh why could you not permit me to just be me.

His words.

He writes his words and knows many don’t really care,

and yet he has this strange compulsion his words to share,

he feels this weird obsession to completely empty his head,

knowing that this he must do before the day he wakes up dead,

believing his body although not his spirit has to one day die,

he believes his spirit will live on his spirit above the earth will fly,

so please do not lament at his passing gaze way up to the sky,

and as he passes overhead he will look down at you and say hi.

The risk of loving.

The risk of loving of loving is losing your tender heart,

you will give your all to one and then it doesn’t start,

and then all that you are is a slave to the others greed,

and all you can do then is give and give to the others need.

Share love.

To share love firstly you must love your own self,

do not hide your full pure heart upon some shelf,

stand tall,and proudly free saying love all that I am,

tell the world that only for your love you give a damn,

allow love and this world deep into your loving heart,

and then upon the path of happiness you shall start,

please please accept these humble words that I say,

for of both love won and lost the price I surely did pay.

My river.

A river full of memories go rushing,cascading on by,

at many I smile,laugh,grin,others want to make me cry,

these are my memories,and they only myself can define,

were they drinks some would be flat beer others fine wine,

viewing my river seeing those I lost,seeing those I found,

trying to concentrate upon my rivers happy joyous sound.

Child of the sixties.

Just a sixties child,still running free,running wild,

into “normal societies” pigeon box I can’t be filed,

if the mood takes me I wear my hair short or long,

but whatever my mood my heart is ever full of song,

my beads,bangles,necklaces I will always gladly wear,

and for glances of disaproval I don’t worry or even care,

this child of the sixties doesn’t need aproval to live free,

this ( still ) child of the sixties won’t apologise for being me.

Friendship / Loyaly.

With true friendship,loyalty walks there hand in hand,

for they are both as one and together with you stand,

and for all eternity by your side they will happily walk,

always helping you to clear away lifes troubled smoke,

false friends will often try to influence,alter your mind,

but true friends will always listen, always be true,be kind.

Dear world.

Dear world please do not tell us yet another lie,

I for one do not wish to see hungry childrten die,

no longer will I accept seeing a mother lose a child,

it seems for oil or gold you have upon us misery piled,

so no more into your hostile actions will we be drawn,

we choose compassion,and we refuse to be your pawn.

Me the man.

No one person can understand “me the man”,

even I cannot explain,I live life with no plan,

I stumble forwards,I often waver way off track,

yet I always move forward,I no longer look back.

Random thought.

For almost sixty three years music has been my life,

and for me music has,is,and will forever be my wife.

My guardian angel 2.

I have a guardian angel who for me is always there,

for my health,my well being she will always care,

when I feel bad,feel down,somehow she’ll know,

and then to me the road I need she will then show,

she will always offer me shelter from lifes troubled rain,

and without complaint will always soothe my pain.

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