To Bury Their Child

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I wrote this about 3 years ago today, March 26. A good friend of mine and his girl friend lost their first born child in stillbirth. Losing a child is the absolute worse thing that can happen to you as a parent. It does not matter if it is your first child or your last, the pain of that loss is the same and the void it leaves in your heart is ultimately un-fillable. Words cannot fix it, prayers cannot reverse it, and saying things like "I know how you feel" or "They are in a better place" is like rubbing salt in the wound. But words are all I can give because that is the gift with which I was born. I can form a one thousand-word story in five minutes that can blow your imagination wide open. I can write a four line poem that can move your soul. I can soliloquize with the best of Shakespearian actors, but there's one thing I can't do with my words. I can incite pain, anguish, fear, hope, love, and joy with words. I can provoke anger or mercy. I can create and I can destroy. I can bring calm in chaos and even prevented a suicide with words. But here is where my words fail, and yet they are all I have. ...they won't bring you comfort, nor mend the hole in your hearts, but perhaps, in some way, it may bring you strength and courage. For what it's worth, here is my Gift of Words.

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Shei B. Mohammad
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To Bury Their Child

It is so unfair. This pain is burning deep
The darkened void forever lurks
On the fringes of our dreams...

We never got to meet before you closed your eyes
We never got to say hello
Instead we said our goodbyes

You were our hopes and dreams, in a little, tiny ball
But like the rain upon the world
Our hopes began to fall

We almost had you; what games we would play!
But just as you were given to us
You were quickly taken away

Will we see you again? We’d like to believe
But until then it’s unlikely that
This hurt will ever leave

We can’t wait to see you again, but judge us not for this
We feel robbed and cheated
Of our angel who will never know our kiss

We will be strong even as we continue to grieve
Thinking of all the memories we could have made
We may even smile, though the tears are on our sleeve

A note to friends, should you feel so inspired
Choose your words carefully and understand
No parent should have to bury their child.

“In memory of Rivers Elkins, 03/26/2014”

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