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All aboard the rocket to the Moon!

By Madalina Catana All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Romance


This is a story about some people that walk into our lives to show us that our hearts can survive in their absence.

Luceafarul & The Moon Princess



-How are you?

-Fine, and you?

-I’m great!

-You’re not that tall in real life!

-Maybe because I was on the stage!


-What are you up to this lovely evening?

-Not much! I just got home from the concert and I’m forcing myself to sleep soon.

-Then allow me to be a gentlemen and since you’re not coming out tonight, I’d like to invite you out tomorrow evening, what do you say?

-Since you’re a lovely gentlemen that leaves me to be a lady of a kind and accept your invitation. Thank you!

-Great see you soon!

After awhile...

-Where’s my rockstar MC gone?

-Maybe back in her own world where normal people live their lives unaware of the magic that lives behind them...maybe.

-I’m a normal human, i’m so normal!

-Yes you are! That’s why i’m backing off, that’s why I have to go in this world where magic can’t touch me! You see, I’ve been wondering around for days trying to figure out what’s going on in my mind and with my feelings and I’ve come to this conclusion: there’s nothing wrong with them. They’re perfectly fine, but I don’t want to lose them again and aparently you being the sweet gentle human that you are, could possibly drive me off the stable road I’m on for quite some time now! I could say that all of this is nothing more that a stupid excuse to just abandon something really great or I can just accept that fact that it might not be that at all! I’m frightened! I don’t want to feel the things that drown me before and it seems like I can’t get a hold on the trust that I should feel coming from you! I can’t see it!

-I have some trouble coping with life lately...I understand.

-There is a good part in this story you know!

-Tell me!

-I get to have the same respect for this life encounter with you. You see, if we were to be losing our minds and bodies at one point, I would be feeling remorse and hate towards you and the music that saved’s something I can’t control! But since none of that happened, I can just feel content that I get to love the things you do and will do from now on! I’ll just slip in the fan ocean where every other girl slips in at some point...but I’ll be one in the middle of the audience, silent, observing and admiring the love and passion that only I know and I felt before! I think that this is more than enough for me to feel from now on!

"Luceafarul is offline"

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