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Even When I’m Gone

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When yours is putting themselves through it not by choice, You wait. That’s not a question. That’s just what you do. No other option. Always you. 🖤

Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Stay with me, darlin’.”

“Even when you’re gone?”

“Especially when I’m gone.”

I’m not going to make you remember me,

my dear.

Oh no,

I’m going to make it where you can’t remember anything else.

It pains me how your mind can betray you so.

Never again would he be left alone with the dark; because the night was when our demons come to play.

Our demons play nicely together, leaving the two of us alone.

The worst part of caring too much,

of feeling too much,

of having too much to give,

was that eventually you drain from being too much for too long.


The responsibility he harbors pains me.

Time heals what reason cannot. Reason heals what time cannot.

The mind is trained by trauma.

Doctors saw imperfections,

a mental illness,

but all I saw was strength:

a powerful mind and the ability to protect the rest of himself from it when needed.

A survival tactic.

The two slowest deaths are absence and time.

He silenced the world with his voice,

but he was able to halt time with his lack of verbal volume;

his voice.

You say you lack a sense of wonder.

I find that curious.

If reality becomes unbearable, close your eyes.

We were made with an imagination.

I suffer from the heart of a saint with hands of a sinner.

Good intentions.

Bad outcomes.

You can lose your mind


You’re not losing me.

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