They'll See One; We'll See Two

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A congratulations to my friend Justin and his lady on their new baby boy. Back in 2015, my friend Justin and his lady lost their baby girl in still birth. And now, three years and four days to the date, they have welcomed their baby boy. This poem is my gift to them and a message to others that even though this is a joyous time to celebrate what they have, they will not forget what they lost.

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Shei B. Mohammad
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They'll See One; We'll See Two

A breath of relief then we hear the cry
And tears of joy trails down our eyes
You’re gently laid upon my breast
My heart jumps with joy inside my chest

I look down at your perfect face
Your little fingers in mine laced
You look around in curious wonder
A big new world lies yonder

We’ll think about all the things you’ll do
While you lay here and sigh and coo
And we’ll think about what it’d be like
If our first could be here with us tonight

One day we’ll tell you about the other
One day you’ll know you’re a little brother
But for now, we are going to shower our love
Knowing that she’s watching from above

You’ll live and laugh and love and play
It'll just be you, but we’ll see two anyway
We love the little soul we got
And the one we lost won’t be forgot

When you take your little naps
She’ll be there, filling the gap
Let her spirit watch you tonight
As you drift calmly into the night

You’re life will fill ours with joy
With every bottle, diaper, and toy
And as they see our growing love for you
They will see one while we see two

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