Mesmerising Memories

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"When the pain from the heart will fade away, Mesmerising Memories will make their way." I like to write poems and this book is a collection of all those poems. Hope you enjoy it.

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With an eagerness watching the door,
Waiting for someone who she adore,
Silence so loud you can hear the clock,
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,
She waits and the time passes by,
With happy memories in her heart, she looks at the sky,
Thinking looking at the door,“I’ve waited too long,
When will you come?when I’m gone?,
My days pass by without a call,
First Summer and Winter then the Fall,
Your mellow voice I hear in my dreams,
Seeing the water flow in the stream, I think of you and how you moved on.
And then one day when the door opens,
To see her sick and heartbroken,
He sits down and cups her cheeks,
Examined her body so slender so sleek,
And seeing her take he last sighs,
Like never before, now with tears, he cries,
But are they real or are they fake?
Or did he came for goodness sake?
And if he loved her truly and endlessly,
Then why did he left her so carelessly?
He says he is sorry and he’s in pain,
But with his sorry she can never come back again.

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