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Normal days, Normal feelings

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Some hearty poems I write in remembrance of someone. Credits: Book name - Daydreamer Cover - Original Creator

Poetry / Romance
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Just a normal day

Just a normal day where I am looking at those busy streets, endless sky, flowing river, chirping birds, trying to find a trace of you in those but where are you?

I craved for your heat in winter, wanted your shade in summer, I looked for you in raindrops whenever it rains. I wanted to smell your scent all spring but who knew you would be just like autumn.

The season where you left like spring, what you left behind was autumn. The season of those gloomy winds and dried up greenery.

You left me broken like those leaves who fall from the trees and gets stepped on during autumn.

But the season is not that bad. Even though I fell like a leaf, a small fruit was born inside me. The one who does not have a speck of hate in its taste but just taste of sweet memories which we created during all those seasons.

I know at the end of this season, there is going to be a beautiful winter where my heart will turn into a beautiful whiteland, where I will be able to use all my magic to heal myself.

Just a normal autumn day and its thoughts which remind me of you even after all this time.

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