By Brandi Batten All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Other

Chapter 1

Today I learned the meaning of a prayer.

Today I prayed with my soul

because today emotion took a heavy toll.

And that’s why today my thoughts weighed so heavy

I couldn’t help bowing my head to pray

not only for my sisters child ready to see

not only for my sister who is the only sister to me

but for my whole family so broken but yet so sweet.

As we await the angel we’re so eager to meet

but as my sister was being rushed into surgery,

I thought to myself, “I didn’t even get a chance to tell her what she couldn't see,

and that was all the love I had for her in me."

what if she didn’t make it back from that operating room?

I then realized how easily that could have been my last chance.

At that thought the regret and fear took over completely.

right there in the parking lot of a hospital, I pleaded to the lord on his throne in heaven,

God guide the hand of the doctors and nurses who were to be my sister’s savior

and my nieces deliverer and I begged lord be with her.

Lord be with my mother and father who are worried for their girl.

Be with her for granny because Michaela’s her world

Be with cam awaiting his darling new daughter,

who a few moments before looked at my sister as his world.

watch after this family i love so much,

and just give me one more chance to see my sisters face,

to tell her i do love her and give her one more awkward embrace,

god i want only this as long as i live,

even if i get nothing more the rest of my time on this earth,

just let me tell her how much she’s worth.

let me tell her she is my sister,

and i don’t know what i would do if i lost her,

and as i said amen, and lifted my head,

and walked to her room draped in dread

hoping to hear some new word,

but that’s when i heard something better than a word,

a baby’s cry echoing through the hospital hall,

though only a cry, to me sounded like an angelic call,

and minutes later what entered the room,

was not a messenger delivering my worst fears,

but it was my sister, the mother, my heart finally remembered it needs to beat,

and it almost knocked me off my feet,

I came close to falling to my knees, today i prayed,

Today God gave me his aid and that gift can never be repaid,

Today i seen an angels face,

that made my heart forget its pace,

and today i learned the power and strength of a real prayer,

I learned today why god is my savior,

Thank you lord, for my sister, Thank you lord for walking with her,


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