The Children of Summer

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A poem about summer, childhood, and a wish.

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The Children of Summer

The soft and lazy smother-heat of the summer

Is approaching ready to twine itself around

Your face and legs and arms to create

Half-lid eyes and slow smiles and a warm heart.

The sun-scorched blush of laughing cheeks

Is not here yet but the air whispers Soon

And it’s not long until you stop only existing and

Start feeling and living once again.

Music plays soft in still air stirred only

By the heavy breeze that makes its way

In through screened windows and

Blustering curtains that sweep like dancing.

Cold ice and sticky syrup melt down

Hands darkened by the season only

To be licked up a moment later with

A smile bright and light as the stars.

You are beautiful like this

My smiling summer girl and

My laughing summer boy and

I want you to stay like this while you can.

You deserve everything the summer brings

All the grins and memories and adventures

That come from sun and water and rain and

You deserve above all to be happy.

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