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A Mother's Wrath

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A poem of a mother's wrath after her children were stolen from her.

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Winter Mother's Wrath

In the realm where shadows dwell, a tale untold, Of twin children stolen, their futures icy cold. Innocence snatched from tender hearts, entwined, By a villain's hand, a fate unkind.

Once they danced like winter's flakes in the air, Two souls embraced, beyond compare. But darkness came, its tendrils so sly, And snuffed their warmth beneath the frozen sky.

A mother's grief, a heart turned to ice, Her love shattered, a sacrifice. A vow she made, with fury ablaze, To hunt the thief through chilling haze.

Through barren lands and frostbitten morn, She ventured forth, with vengeance sworn. Her tears froze, cascading down her face, As she entered a desolate, icy embrace.

A relentless pursuit through frost-laden night, Guided by a mother's fierce, burning light. The moon, a witness, casting an eerie glow, As she braved the frigid winds that blow.

Her footsteps echoed upon frozen ground, Her breath a mist, a vengeance profound. With each icy step, her resolve grew stronger, To find her stolen kin, and right the wrongs no longer.

She sought solace in the embrace of shadows, Silent whispers, secrets only they know. With icy fingertips, she traced her children's name, Promising retribution, to ignite the flame.

The thief shall know the wrath of her despair, As cold as the snow, as sharp as the air. No mercy granted, no reprieve in sight, For a mother scorned, with vengeance alight.

She'll rend the darkness, pierce the bitter night, To reclaim her twins, restore their light. No matter the cost, no matter the pain, Her love, like ice, shall forever remain.

And so, she journeys on, heart full of strife, Bound by a promise to bring back their life. Through icy gales, her courage holds true, For a mother's love, no obstacle she can't subdue.

In frozen realms where despair takes hold, A tragic tale of children stolen, so bold. But beware, thief, for your fate is near, As a mother's wrath draws ever near.

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