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You can't tease about this :) Maybe this is what really happened in the garden of Eden long ago.

Poetry / Humor
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Chapter 1

Eden’s leaves touched the ground

lush with the fruit it bore.

Nearby, a river ran with cool, clear water,

mindless of the coming dawn.

Eden turned and smiled at Eve

as she danced her dance for Adam,

knowing what would come.

And nearby, a snake slithered,

with its forked tongue hissing at the two

while it pondered what to do.

It spied an apple hanging ripe,

just above its head

and taunted them to eat.

Adam looked away

while Eve cocked her head.

God had said he’d feed them

and so she took a bite.

And so it was that when the cold wind blew

she looked at Adam’s body

and what was offered there

while her eyes gleamed at what she saw,

and winter gained more ground.

And so began the fable

about that fall from grace.

The woman took the blame

for what was freely given…

while the man was but a pawn.

Adam could have stood there naked

with a cold sleet raining down…

but instead, he wrapped himself in soft wool

and blamed it all on Eve.

In the meantime…

well God, he was somewhere thinking

about the new thing he’d just made;

while wondering which should come first,

the chicken or the egg.

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