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A lifestyle,

A number,

An idea,

A disease,

One thing that can be all of these,


Five letters,

Something so small yet so large.

Something to strive for,

And some die for.

Though it is the latest craze,

The ‘only way to look’.

No one can define skinny.

For some it is the lifestyle,

Watch your calories,

Watch your activity level,

Be sure to lose weight over the fact of whether it is healthy or not.

For some it is the number,

Your BMI,

Your height to weight ratio,

A number that is faulty,

And doesn’t fit most.

The idea of skinny,

Even harder to define than the word itself.

The idea can be,

A number, anything under 100 lbs

An appearance, having a flat stomach, or getting rid of those ‘love handles’

Or anyone you are not.

The disease,

Includes every form of the word,

The lifestyle,

The number,

The idea,

And worships it like it’s gospel.

Though with all the inconsistencies it is unreachable.

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