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Night of Magic

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Join us beneath the evening blooms of the Cop Cot as magic comes to life with the binding of one to another.

Poetry / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

There had always been a sense of magic in the city of New York, and one fall night, the end of October, two souls would be changed forever. The year was 1992. The sun was starting to set as the wall between the worlds faded, creating the mystic atmosphere desired for the occasion; golden rays of warm light showering the city to temper the approaching chill of Fall evening. It was the eve Samhain, two families that never would have met gathered by the southern entrance of Central Park; at Sixth Avenue, Mid-Park at 60th Street they would find a path leading to the evening’s destination. The path fell among closed-in trees that seemed to step from the pages of Grimm or Shakespeare, Oberon’s court coming to life, all dressed in elaborate costumes; faces a mystery to all behind a masquerade.

The strange creatures sat before two mighty immortal giants, standing guard over a rustic structure perched among the trees, an old gazebo of dark branches and trunks, yet delicately placed together. A six-sided shape, no walls to prevent the eye from seeing all the park, yet enough protection against the elements. The smooth gray of the slack rock floor varies to the lush green of the park’s trees and grass. The charm enchanted by the natural flow of the tree branches, climbing wisteria woven into the gaping ceiling, adding elegance to the enchanting look of the organic design. A picture taken right out of an Scottish fairy tale.

While the night welcomed the visitors, the fall winds sent the leaves into a dance, passing through the airy interior, anticipating the coming joining, picking up the wild sweetness of orange, vanilla, and lush cassis. The wood creaked beneath the weight of the few seated on the interior red cedar benches as the rest took their place on the wide grass surrounding the Cob Cot. Seven o’clock. From its spot settled atop a large rock formation, sheltered by towering trees, offering both fantastical views of the city and privacy for romantic rendezvous. Beneath the last of the bluish lilac blossoms, vows of love bound one to another, two hearts became one, a new chapter for the structure to call to memory for this treasured landmark.

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