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A collection of stories that are all in the same universe, and are organized in chronological order.

Poetry / Scifi
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Plant Life

Chapter 1: Stars

“Run!” “Abandon the castle!”

“There’s no point in fighting them!” “The plant people are too powerful!”

“Now, the power in this land is ours!”

“Yes! World domination will be next! Then, we’ll head to the stars!!”

Chapter 2: Battlin’ Da Humans

“Please!” Queen Dovely pleaded, “There may only be four of them now, which means it’s time to strike!

They are plants, which means that they’ll grow significantly in numbers if we give them time.”

The other world leaders (and messengers who represented world leaders) asked, “And how do we know that they won’t be content to just have your castle?

We’re fond enough of you and your people, but don’t see why we should fight your battle.”

“You didn’t see them!” Dovely raged, “They had this gleam in their eyes, and it was clear that they wouldn’t be settling for conquering bits and pieces of the Earth!”

“How about we draw straws, and the three losers have to send their armies in to try n’ defeat these plant people conquerors?”

“I’m telling you! Three armies won’t be enough!

We need all of the forces that humanity can muster up, and fast!”

“Okay… How about we draw straws, and we all go if the smallest straw is the last one chosen?

But, if the smallest straw chosen isn’t the last one, then we leave it to Queen Dovely and her people to try to undo their castle having been turned into a plant people garden.”

Unbelievably, the smallest straw was indeed the last one that was drawn, and the armies of Earth were soon launching a coordinated assault against the plant people!

The plant people watched as humanity advanced upon them, and uproariously cackled!

“These fools! We’ve been planting plant people seeds all over the place, which means that there’s no stopping us!”

“Not that their attack against us will be successful, mind you. It’s time to have a bit of battlin’ da humans fun!…”

Chapter 3: Friends

Sadine, Praw, Hurrp, and Waggle all valiantly defended their castle from the attacking humans, but to no avail.

Humanity really had put together a powerful collection of armies, and the plant people were going to get chopped up into bits if they didn’t bail.

The four of them stretched their bodies in just the right way, so that the slight wind in the air would be able to make

their jumps go high and long enough that they landed on the other side of the armies and were able to dash away.

This actually did set their plans back, somewhat, because a lot of plant people were growing in the castle.

Luckily, they also had a bunch growing in a secret part of a nearby forest, and that was where they were headed to now.

The armies of humanity entered into the castle, and were about to chop the plant people that were growing into bits, when Queen Dovely managed to get all of the leaders to get their people to stand down.

“We’ve got a while before they’ll grow enough to break away from their roots, and I wonder if we can convert them into fighting for us somehow.”

“They are pretty cute!”

one soldier noted, and another added, “Goochie, goochie, goo!”

And, so; many many humans spent lots and lots of time being very nurturing and kind to the growing plant people, which did indeed cause the plant people to be their friends.

So; now there were lots of plant people in the castle who were loyal to humanity, but there were also lots of plant people who were loyal to the plant people who were intent on committing the maximum amount possible of Earthly (and beyond!) conquest.

Waggle, Hurrp, Praw, and Sadine were disturbed when they discovered that humanity had the castle’s plant people on their side.

They’d assumed that all plant people would naturally want to conquer beings such as humans, and knew that this unexpected dynamic could make conquering humanity difficult (if not impossible), which was obviously not something that they liked.

Perhaps, they should just head to the stars; and let humans and the castle’s plant people rule Earth together.

Yes, that was probably for the best. Now, how exactly to travel into outer space was the next thing that was absolutely essential for them to discover!…

Chapter 4: The Leaf

After several years of hard work; Sadine, Praw, Hurrp, and Waggle had completed their spaceship!

They tried to get it to take them to other desirable planets, though, and were disappointed to find that its travel ability was too limited.

They flew back home, and set about creating spaceship #2 with renewed vigor!

This time, the spaceship would not only have further flying capabilities, but would also be bigger!

They completed the new ship in a few years, and proudly named it The Leaf.

They set off, and The Leaf did not disappoint with its impressive flying capabilities!

After traveling the Universe for years, they spotted a planet that looked like it might be worthy of being conquered by them.

They set the spaceship controls to race them towards it, slowed down as they entered its atmosphere, and prepared to land…

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