Collecting Thoughts

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Priceless Wonder

the desert after a rainstorm
miniscule droplets of dew twinkling like diamonds on a butterfly's wings
whispers to share a treasured secret
hearty laughter with a friend
the spontaneous, earnest hug of a child
hearing your name mentioned in prayer
the tartness of fresh green apples
the display of lightning racing through a mass of dark clouds
the agility of those tiny birds sipping from the flower of a cactus without impaling themselves
the happy purr of a kitten rolling around in a patch of fresh catnip
the wagging tails of puppies roughing about in the yard
the majestic "flight" of ancient creatures through the depths of the oceans
the closeness of the stars when no other light is present
early morning fog clinging to the ground around your ankles in the summer forest while fireflies still play in the air
a meadow blanketed in wildflowers
the untold stories held silently by the oldest living tree
the history buried in sacred grounds long forgotten
mighty waterfalls frozen solid for the winter
the shimmering awe of the aurora borealis
the scent hanging in the air just outside the bakery at 5am
the strength of a horse sprinting for fun
the sweet taste of a lover's lips
the comfort in a rhythmic beat at your ear as slumber draws near
dreams to relive a great day
the nearness of those dear to you
the sunrise over the mountains, casting shadows of clouds onto the earth
the sunset over the ocean, glittering in bejeweled beauty
the creativity of nature, and man
the honor of samurai held in such high esteem
visions of angels holding your heart
the indescribable sensations of love in all its forms
the list is infinite as long as eyes are open, and imagination serves...

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