Collecting Thoughts

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All I Need

I came home, and oh! woe was me!

I did not know all the things I would see.

The house was missing, when I returned.

In its place, just a few embers still burned.

In the neighbors' yard, there lay the tire.

The rest of my car, consumed by the fire.

My roof, I found, and my kitchen sink,

Two houses down. I needed a drink!

The hot tub, as I would find out later,

Was in the next county, housing a gator.

I blinked at the ruins. The mantel remains.

I vaguely remember complaining of stains

Gracing the surface of our dinner table.

Now it serves six in the mayor's stable.

Nothing could have prepared me for this.

All for two weeks of newlywed bliss.

I remain calm, but my legs do falter,

Just as they did when I walked to the alter,

But you hold me close so I can remember

As, with a sigh, you extinguish an ember:

For all I have lost, and all I've been through,

I don't need a thing, because I have you.

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