Collecting Thoughts

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Procrastinate until you can wait no longer to do what you should. You could have finished hours ago, but something so confining within your head stopped you dead in your tracks. Another of those strange attacks plays pinball with your mind. All you can find yourself thinking is 'what if.' So you put the idea back on the shelf. Now you have no choice. Getting grip of your voice, you finally step outside. Rally your courage and leave your cage. Once this self-imposed obstacle is overcome, the first icicle you see wipes away the anxiety that's gripped your throat all day. Of your shackles stripped, you walk through the snow, and talk about the show nature's put on display. You went out of your way to avoid her beauty. Why? You try to remember, but sigh, and let it go. Too busy are you to forgo this spectacle, to wonder about what was plaguing you into isolation. It's odd how habits now formed by time seem so especially difficult to break, but find it was quite easy after all. Come outside, and see, we don't bite...

The agenda might, however, contain a snowball-fight...

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