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When Life is Dull

When I’m hit by boredom,

When life is dull,

My brain just shuts down,

I want to bang my head

against the wall,

I want to cry,

I want to shout,

I want to be a bird

and fly away from this boredom.

Sometimes I draw,

Sometimes I read,

Sometimes I just stare at a


And try to see things .

Like little faces,

Or tiny animals saying hello.

If you look at the ceiling,

Pretend the bumps are stars,

Shining in the night sky.

Or you can daydream,

About places far away,

And people who have come to play.

Other times I try to think

of something to make,

Last time that happened

It didn’t go too well.

There was cake batter everywhere,

On the floor, the counter and all over me.

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