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Poetry (Noun): literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature

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A Guide to Being a Better Boyfriend

No, she doesn’t want to see your dick

And that doesn’t make her a bitch

No, she doesn’t want to send you nudes

And that doesn’t make her a prude

Maybe if you talked more about her personality

Instead of what she’s willing to do sexually

You’d be less lonely and insecure

Cause even though you try to hide it, we know you are

You need to treat her with respect

And don’t expect a blowjob from her

She’s more concerned with making a living off 80 cents to your dollar

Than making sure your “needs” are met

A woman is not an object

Not some sort of toy to mess with then move on

Don’t treat her like leftover dessert

Only eating the sweet stuff and discarding the rest

Don’t you understand you’re breaking her heart?

While you use her as your personal punching bag

And make her the target of verbal warfare

Whenever she tells you “no”

Just because you’re insecure doesn’t give you the right

To make her even more insecure than she already is

Because that’s what happens when she is told

She’s worth nothing more than the organ between her legs

She isn’t happy when you berate her into sending nudes

Then forward it into a group chat

And then brag about her body as if it’s your property

Treating her like something to be shared, when she should be special

And maybe it’s a little bit of society’s fault?

We teach girls to watch how they dress

And to cover up their shoulders, boobs, collarbones, etc

Instead of teaching boys the meaning of consent

She wants to be successful one day

And whatever her dreams might be

They don’t involve tending to your needs

And pleasing an appendage you care about more than her

Instead of only loving the way she looks from the back

Because associating her with a dog is your favorite

You should take more time to admire the fire in her eyes

And instead of blowing it out, pour in kerosene to make it brighter

So if you want to be a good boyfriend

Treat her as your equal and respect her boundaries

And love her with all your heart

And when that happens, she’ll love you too

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