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pounding your fists against the empty concrete walls that stare blankly at you,

taunting you with their vast openness, whispering to you and convincing you to try
and try to climb over you do but your nails have nothing to grasp onto and your cries for help

are just echoes that don’t form any footholds.

the wall stretches endlessly, but you follow it because climbing up didn’t get you any higher to the sky

and digging beneath it only brought you closer to the warmth and darkness that you’re so afraid of,

the warmth on your belly is at first comforting until it seeps into your brittle bones and starts to trick
you into believing you might just be okay after all.

and even though the thought of being okay is nice and comforting,

you can’t afford to believe it when you’re struggling to breathe, crushed between an infinite wall too high to see over and a world that is
so blind to see that all you need is a tall enough ladder to finally

have a chance at survival.

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