Grief, A journey.

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My name is Christine. Professional Psychic/Medium and spiritualist. I have published poetry. My youngest brother died from a motorcycle accident 2 years ago.

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Christine Levander
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A start.

Let’s get down to earth. Let’s be frank. Let’s stay grounded. Let’s have a heart. Let’s live life with meaning. Let’s be true. Let’s be sincere. Let’s be honest. Let’s be ourselves. Let’s get down to earth. Believe in each other. Be faithful. Let’s have faith. Have faith in everyone. Remember the good times and be grateful. Remind ourselves that we have our bad days but we are still amazing. Eat the fruit. Eat the fine things in life, for we may never have that chance again. Believe in ourselves to do what is on our to-do lists and conquer the world. Climb that terrifying tower and be free. Learn to live again with our hearts and souls. Breathe freely without doubt and regret. Have faith. Triumph and sail those seas. Fly like a bird that you see flying so freely in the beautiful height and skies. We can do this. We can break those chains and love again. Hate is a horrible word. I find it very hard to say or think. Live with our hearts and forget the past. For we are in the present and what we do right in our present ripples through tomorrow, the future. What we do today makes tomorrow. We can make tomorrow brighter and safer. Let’s try. We can and we will. Start the day with a positive thought and end it with a positive thought and during the day keep those positive thoughts flowing freely with no effort at all. Our hearts drive out the darkness. We are all in control. Bless us all. The light is here. The light never fades. Learn to relax. We are all spiritual energy. We all have souls. Bad things in our lives can and does change us, for the better or the worse. Pray, Love, Pray, Love. Never give up for you have so much good and great things to look forward to. Death, Is dark, for a while. Grieving is painful. Some effected more than others. I have known death all too much. It never gets easier. Death of a loved one or someone you know or a friend or family member or the person you met down the street is hard on us all. It hurts. We try to understand it. The fact is we just have to forget that and just accept it. We can’t stop it. There is a heaven. Heaven is all around us. We are still here with you even when you don’t feel us here or think we are not here. Our love is always with you. We are souls in a body. The body may die but the spirit does not. Just know you are not alone. You are never alone. It’s ok to cry. It helps and I have learned that when grief hits there is no way to stop it until you get it out of your system. Of course we grieve because we loved them so. And they know that. You are never alone in your grief your loved ones are near. In the next realm and they are here for you because you need them and you need reassurance. Bless your heart. Bless your journey. Fortunate people don’t understand pain and suffering as others do. Some lucky few have never had to feel the way we do. It hurts like no pain ever felt or imagined. The death of a loved one is unimaginable and breaks ones heart into many pieces. Maybe this has happened to me so I can write this book. I hope I can help others with what I do. That is my mission to be here for others. To use what pain and suffering I have endured to evolve and make a difference. I decided to turn to the light not the dark. I hope more people do it. What I do is pleasurable in the sense that I help others. I turn my journey into hope and goodness for myself and others. I have had so many here for me even the spirits of my loved ones and guides and archangels. Encouraging me and being positive for me to continue and get strength to help people I care about. We all have to care. Togetherness and inspiration is what make s us stronger and makes us fighters. I listen to what I get told. My grandmother always and I quote, ‘’Christine you are being selfish wanting to think about suicide’’!

Bless you, Francis May Sirrell. Her battle with cancer still burned in my mind and heart and sadly missed and she knows it. She was the world to me and I will always love her. Thank you my beautiful grounded and strong grandmother. I love you for eternity and forever. I still feel you here. Always will.

In times of grief and pain and suffering

Remember me

Remember us

We are here

We are with you

We are the light

The light at night

Never forget me

Believe my dear

Have no fear

For we are near

Right beside you

My happy fellow

We made it home safe

From this splendid place

In times of trouble and pain

Remember us

For we held you close

Tickled your toes

Keep us tucked inside your special place

Your heart my dear

So much in store

So many open doors

You are the light

We were there for that dreadful night

You are heaven sent

No need for repent

Troubles are over

Bad times forgotten

Take your time

Have faith

No doubt

I love you so much

Longing for your touch

We wipe your tears

We will never forget you

In safe hands

With god


Bless your heart

Take your time

We rest with god

Never letting go

Till tomorrow

We meet again

From the, mouth’s of angels!

Do you ever wonder and think how it could’ve been or imagining or intrigued or curious or dreaming of better things and better circumstances. That is what I was like and with grief this is common. We wonder and reflect on the memories and the events that unfolded in our lives and try to understand ourselves of the times that happened before the death or heart break. What and should I have done better or what I should not have done. Sometimes blaming ourselves for things that were out of our control, don’t blame yourself these things happen. Life and death is unsettling. Trying to come to grips that our loved one has departed us without our permission is a part of it. I was always like, ’you didn’t ask me if you could die ’. How dare you leave us how dare you leave me! You had no permission from me. You didn’t even say goodbye first. Death mostly is out of our control and I have come to learn it is just there time. There will come a day when you will pass on without asking anyone’s permission or acceptance or approval. Your loved ones will feel the same way. It’s the circle of life. We live and we die and reincarnation. It’s evolution unfortunately. We can’t stop it. It will get better and you will become a stronger person from it. You just must never give up on yourself because your loved ones here and passed on do not or ever will give up on you. You have the will you have the way. Grief is and can be a very lonely road for us because we all have our own special times and memories of a loved one. This is our own piece of heaven. This keeps us all tied together. Don’t take any memory for granted because it makes us who we are. We all have our life line our journey. We are very lucky to have something like that that sort of separates us all and makes us unique. This is our gift to be cherished so that we all have different stories to tell which is so enlightening. Try not to judge because we all have our own life path try to think before speaking because words can be so harmful and destructive and damaging. Consider other peoples feeling before doing or saying something that can alter a person life so drastically and long term and may even force a fragile person to the edge where they would or could end their life. Say sorry often. Love with your being. Help others and be compassionate and have an open mind. Always, be there for our fellow others. As they say, one small act of kindness can change a life. Well that’s what I say. Make a difference cause a ripple effect. Be kind. Forgive really quickly. Resolve issues with compassion. Understand one another. Live with your heart in mind, not with your mind. It will get better. Manifest a greater tomorrow with your vision. Do your best because that is all that matters at the end of the day. You have tried and that is more than good enough. You are making a difference. Not everything is your fault or doing. Heaven is a place thought of often, written about and in the media. It’s an absolutely beautiful thought. Heaven for me is a nice place to think of when feeling down or not loved. We feel love from heaven for as I am assured by what I do is closer than some think or realize. Heaven is real and heaven is here. Some people have connections with heaven for it is a realm to be contacted when doing readings with a medium or psychic. The sole purpose for this is to bring comfort to those still here on the physical plane, for people that have not transcended as yet. For those needing comfort and closure mostly when someone they love passes away. Some people want that extra love and support from their loved ones in heaven. Some want to get information to help their situations. People come to me for guidance and clarity and honesty. I am really very blessed to help these people that appreciate me and my work. Do you notice some people live in the past and hold grudges for mostly nonsense and mistakes. This is because these people are not happy with their own lives and want to bring others down to their level. Stay strong and just let them be naive and don’t let them bring you down. They want to be disrespectful or insecure that’s their problem. A lot of people are living in the darkness and want others to live there with them so they are not all alone. All you can do is your best and continue on your journey. You are doing very well. Some people have issues and no respect and one day these people will have no choice but to do better and be the best version of themselves and nothing less. When parents have kids they are supposed to set a good example. All you have to do is, try and do your best not what they are doing. ‘’Haters going to hate right’’! They are seriously just stuck in their own darkness and the hell in their minds. That’s their problem not yours.

Love, one word the answer to all life’s adversities and troubles love is the heart and mind and spirit. The answer to peace is love and only love. We are born loved. We are here to love. To love ourselves and one another, Love is togetherness and faith. With love we can conquer fears hate and all the dark stuff that is around. Put your hands on your chest for one moment and feel your heart the centre of life and all there is. Faith and love is sowed into all of us we are born loving. Don’t forget that. Love is the life force, the energy and the air. Love is our spirits. Our hearts speak one language and the only language. Love is the language. We can have hard times but you know what we all do have hard times. Reach out for one another. Pain is a thing of the past. Life is a gift we have to cherish and appreciate. We all have a light inside of us bright and sparkly and the light is love. Believe in one another and yourself. Love is what we need to believe in. If you die today that is not the end we continue to live in spirit and that is what we all have a spirit. We all have strength and courage and determination. We are all patient. Have faith that you are not alone you have loved ones and you have god. God is and always will be here. God is the light and love is the light. The light is god’s love for us and that is what we have inside of us. “God”! Death is not easy. I loved my brother and mother so much. As my father says to me with all the love for me in his heart and voice, Christine you can’t save every soul on the planet. I want to because I love so much and so deeply and I love people. Believe me if I have intuition or visions about the people I love and care about I will do my best to prevent them from dying or suffering or being in pain. I am here for the people and my family. I believe that what I have is for the sake of the people in my life and the world. Why don’t people listen to me! I am just trying to prevent bad things happening to people. I wish people would listen to me and stop being so egotistical and self involved and realise that they have people that do not want to live without them. If you do reckless things or things that are illegal it’s not worth the pain and heartbreak or the carelessness of destroying your life and the people that love you. Do you sometimes get upset when you hear about people dying or getting hurt even if you don’t know them, it’s because you care and sometimes can understand the pain because you are empathic and have a heart. You are human with a spirit. We all come from heaven but some people get lost along the way. If you knew what others go through after your dead you wouldn’t do some things. It’s not just about you. People love you more than you realize. Reach out in hard times and just relax and stay grounded and don’t give up on you or your loved ones. You are loved. We are all connected by spirit and the heart. The spirit and heart are the cores of our being and structure. You are worth saving because you’re loved. We are angels and have god.

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