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Chapter 9: Do You Know Love

Do you really know how to love? You claim to know what you want from a relationship, but when you receive what you ask, you take for granted the one that would be kind and treat you how you deserve to be treated. You wonder why you can never find a mate for your soul. You don’t even know your true desires. I am tired of hearing such cries of woe when you know within yourself the true reason born out of materialistic wants and lust. The trust easily broken are you joking with yourself or with me as this is not how it should be. Outer beauty instead of inner values, and morals of a person that would lead to a lasting meaningful relationship worth having and keeping. It seems that the love is lost when we get comfortable and forget to do the little things we used to do when we first met and falling head over heels for each other. If you truly understood love, then it would never die, lie, or cheat. Unimportant matters would take a seat to what truly is important—the well-being and support of each other in hard

times and good. It would be understood that supporting you is supporting me and vice versa.

Whatever it took in the beginning to keep your partner satisfied and in love would never stop, change, or leave. You would not deceive or leave for another if truly in love. Instead of taking the easy way out and giving up, not living up to the qualities of being a man or woman and taking care of home. In this day and age, as the sexual intensity to satisfy one’s hunger for more is made harder, unfortunately, the fact seems to be those that do try are taken for granted and efforts are unappreciated.

So, how do you treat one who would meet you at the door with fresh roses and have your bath water prepared when you came home from a hard day’s work and massage your feet after working all week? One who would never tire of expressing his desire to please you in every way? Everyday doing the best that he can to show how much he appreciates and cares for the trust and love you have placed in him, even though he may not have the monetary means to fully support you, but brings enough to the table that suffices surviving and maintaining a household together. Treating you like a queen, but you do not treat him like a king, but continuously bring him grief. Caring for your emotional and personal needs, but greed as you’re thinking that the grass is greener on the other side when it really is not. As you complete me and I complete you, what do we do? Does it matter to you at all to stand tall at my side or leave by the wayside?

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